Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 12

Gwyneth Paltrow/Cee-Lo Green

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 15, 2011 on NBC

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  • Some good parts but Gwyneth Paltrow was a terrible host.

    This episode a lot of bad parts and a couple of good parts.

    Embracing Civility:This episode had an okay opening only because of Abby Elliott's Rachel Maddow and Bill Hader's always funny James Carville.7/10.

    Monologue: Worst monologue I have ever seen and I am not joking. Gwyneth did not say one funny thing.1/10.

    NBC: Good skit mainly Andy Samberg as The Leg Warmer.8/10

    Secret word: This recurring sketch has never really been funny to me and it wasn't funny this time.3/10.

    SNL Digital Short Andy and Pewees night out: Funniest sketch Pewee Herman and Andy Samberg make great drinking buddies!10/10.

    Bar Mitzvah: Vanessa Bayer playing a 13 year old boy is probaly the creepiest thing tonight.2/10.

    Record Meeting: Okay I guess but it got annoying after a while.5/10

    Weekend Update: Seth had some good jokes and Kenan Thompson's Jimmy McMillan was funny. Vanessa Bayer interviewed Cher, Christina Aguilera and Chaz Bono, The only funny impression was Chaz Bono played by Bobby Moynihan. And then the never funny Garth and Kat showed up to make us not laugh.6/10

    Globe Theater: Very funny sketch. Andy Samberg and Jay Pharoah were funny.8/10

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Jay Pharoah has a very funny Will Smith.10/10

    ESPN Deportes: Funny spanish ESPN sketch.8/10

    Overall best sketch: Andy and Pewees night out
    Runner up: Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Worst sketch: Monologue(not really a sketch but whatever)
    Runner up:Secret Word

    Best Cast Member: Jay Pharoah
    Runner up: Andy Samberg

    Worst Cast Member: Vanessa Bayer
    Runner up:Kristen Wiig

    Overall okay to bad episode.
  • Get the forget out....

    We begin the 2nd half of the 36th season of SNL tonight. Gwyneth Paltrow is our host tonight, with musical guest, Cee-Lo Green. Gwyneth performed a cover to Cee-Lo's "Forget You" on Glee a few months ago. So, it would only make sense that they'd be on the show together. I was coming into the show half expecting them to perform the song together.

    Fox News: I'm glad they're continuing this sketch this season. It was, once again, funny. I enjoyed James Carville being on the show. Kristen's Greta will always make me laugh.

    Monologue: I know this was a musical monologue, but, I enjoyed it. It was good. She did a good job really acting like she didn't know any of these lines. I loved Kristen's crazy variation of Dolly Parton running around in the back ground. Take note, this is the first mention of "Forget You".

    NBC: This was an okay parody on NBC. The fake shows they cam up with could have been more comedic, rather than trying to micro-focus on the stupid objects they use.

    Secret Word: I know I have not really approved of this sketch in it's past airings, but tonight, I got a kick out of it. I know it was essentially the same, but just the ways they said the words they weren't supposed to say had me laughing.

    Andy and Pee-Wee's Night Out: This was pretty funny. The contrast that kept on happening between scenes was pretty funny, and Pee Wee's friends being on the short were pretty funny.

    Bar Mitzvah: This was a pretty funny sketch showcasing the impressions. I liked Gwyneth's Taylor Swift. I didn't really think that Cee-Lo needed to come out to sing the Hebrew version of Forget You though. By the way, 2nd mention of Forget You.

    Record Meeting: This whole sketch was about "Forget You", which is appropriate, because it was leading into the performance, but I just wanted to let the reader know that "Forget You" was hyped up 3 times before the actual performance. I found that really over-the-top, but still funny. Anyways, the actual sketch was funny, with the obscure replacements of the swear words they were saying.

    Musical Performance: Finally, the over-hype ends with Cee-Lo's performance of "Forget You", which was pretty good, I guess. I do wish, though, that Gwyneth sang it with him.

    Weekend Update: Update was good again tonight! I know I am saying how Seth should leave soon, but that's just because of his time length on the show, but he really has made Update an enjoyable, consistent part of the show. The jokes were good tonight, and I enjoyed all the commentaries. I liked Gwyneth's addition to Garth and Kat.

    Globe Theatre: This sketch was hilarious. Everything about this was great. I loved Bill's voice for announcing the upcoming previews, and I loved the audience's reactions to certain limits, like recording the play.

    Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Is it okay that I laughed when Kenan said "Mr. [whatever his name was] touched me."? It was just so out there and random. But, yeah, this sketch was very funny. I loved Jay's Smith, once again, and I loved the awful reactions Will Smith gave to the bad news.

    ESPN Espanol: This sketch was really nothing too special. I didn't really chuckle or anything, but it wasn't awful.

    Musical Performance: Cee-Lo performs "Bright Lights Bigger City". I probably will never hear this song again.

    Spitzer Auditions: I enjoyed this sketch a lot. This was a good 10-to-one sketch. I had a feeling it was going to end with David Paterson, though.

    Tonight's show was a pretty good one. Cee-Lo was alright. He participated in the show a lot, which made me like him better, especially after his stand-offishness to the SNL digital short back in the 2008 Ashton Kutcher show. But, he doesn't really seem to have any other good singles other than "Forget You".

    Gwyneth Paltrow was a very good host, and brought good energy to tonight's broadcast. I think she should host again, under 10 years from now. The show was fun, and I hope that the cast can continue with this streak of good episodes.

    In two weeks, we have host Jesse Eisenberg, from the Social Network, and musical guest Nicki Minaj. I'm not really excited for either guest, but maybe things will change.

    Next week is a repeat of the Robert Deniro show. Maybe I'll clean my room instead.
  • 1/15

    Gwyneth Paltrow is your host tonight. I am not exaggerating when I say that she might be the least funny person to host this show. Every joke she said just failed miserably, and that's not just my opinion, the live crowd didn't laugh at anything she did.

    Cold Opening: Another political open, but this one was not even smart. Sudeikis' Glenn Beck was the only high spot, but even the usual guarantee for laughs, Hader's James Carville, disappointed.

    Monologue: As I said, there is not a funny bone in Paltrow's body. Hearing the crowd be silent during her monologue did get a chuckle out of me though.

    The Cape: Mocking the new NBC series The Cape, they showed a bunch of advertisements for new shows titled after clothing items. Secret Word: I actually laughed here a few times at Kristen Wiig's character. Usually doesn't get me, but it was better than the segment usually is at least.

    Digital Short: Pee Wee Herman appearing automatically makes me hate this. Not that I needed that bias to disapprove of it though. Bar Mitzvah: An excuse to get some impressions in the show. Jay Pharaoh's Jay-Z continues to be one of the best, but his problem is that he really isn't funny, he can just mimic voices well.

    Cee Lo Green: A segment about his song not being safe for radio play. Nothing to this. Cee Lo Green needs to stop appearing in every sketch too.

    Weekend Update: Seth had a few good lines here, and the return of Kenan's "The Rent is too Damn High" character was good, even if he wasn't given much time here tonight.

    Shakespeare: The origins of Shakespeare's plays. Nothing to comment on here.

    Fresh Prince: Jay Pharaoh shows off his Will Smith impression in a segment mocking Smith's over the top acting during the sitcom. Not my cup of tea despite the fact that I loved Fresh Prince.

    Spanish SportsCenter: Mocking the ridiculous catch phrases the anchors say and how they only clearly speak the players' names. Jay Pharaoh had a good Kevin Garnett impression here, but this segment has been done to death in different variations on this show.

    Parker Spitzer: Hader as a perverted Spitzer, searching for a new co-host. Not much to comment on.
  • Yawning for a clue

    SNL is approaching the yawn-worthiness of their late night talk show host equivalents. I'm tired of all of these left wing skits. I'm tired of them ignoring actual news. I'm tired of them not being funny. I'm tired of them. They have become their own joke. There's always some leftist skit in there, and seriously- if you don't live on the coasts- you won't get it. I get it because I do. They are race obsessed socialists that think government should own them like slaves. I don't find it funny. It's sad.

    Now some of the stuff if apolitical, and most commonly based of Jews. I don't get that either. You can go for months without seeing a single Jew in the rest of America, and yet they harp on it. SNL should only be broadcast in New York City and Los Angeles. That's their audience. They were funny decades ago. Now their finger is no longer on the pulse of this Country, but shoved right up their ass.
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