Saturday Night Live

Season 10 Episode 13

Harry Anderson/Bryan Adams

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 09, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

ROBERT LATTA IN CONGRESS: Robert Latta breaks into Congress and wanders around President Ronald Reagan. (Hall)

MONOLOGUE: Harry Anderson admits he's a changed man, and won't do any more "geek shows." (Anderson)

THE KATE AND ALI VALENTINE'S DAY SPECIAL: Katherine Hepburn and Muhammed Ali share drama and love in a Valentine's Day special program. (Crystal, Short)

AMERICAN PROFILES: Novelty artists Al and Herb Minkman go to New York Mets fantasy camp. (Crystal, Guest, Louis-Dreyfus)

DUELING MAGI: Doug Henning's illusions are matched by Harry Anderson's ability to show how he did them. (Anderson, Hall, Stephenson)

WHILE YOU WERE GONE: After leaving to go to the store, man finds that his wife has moved on with her life. (Anderson, Belushi, Gross, Guest)

RONALD REAGAN JEANS: Ronald Reagan footage of him wearing his tight, shrinking jeans. (Hall(VO))

RICKY & PHIL MOVIE TALK: While playing Trivial Pursuit, Ricky and Phil predict Oscar winners. (Crystal, Guest)

SATURDAY NIGHT NEWS: Caspar Weinberger threatens to hold his breath until he receives $285 billion; montage of several famous people smooching with others; Buddy Young Jr. does stand-up about his Hawaiian experience and insults celebrities in the audience. (Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash, Waylon Jennings, Christopher Reeve, Crystal, Guest, Hall)

"SOMEBODY": (Adams)

SALEM WITCH TRIALS: Suspect doesn't stand a chance against witchcraft allegations. (Anderson, Belushi, Hall, Kroeger, Short, Stephenson)

HATS: Harry Anderson shows how he was able to make several hats with a single piece of felt. (Anderson)

SMALL TIME AGENCY: Singer has to involve her aunt in her performances because she saved her life. (Gross, Kroeger, Louis-Dreyfus)

"RUN TO YOU": (Adams)