Saturday Night Live

Season 3 Episode 3

Hugh Hefner/Libby Titus

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 15, 1977 on NBC

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  • Hugh Hefner guest hosts with a special appearance by Andy Kaufman.

    Funny episode better than the Kahn episode. You know this be a special episode with Andy Kaufman here.

    The comedy skit he has near the end culminating with his Elvis performance is enough to watch alone.

    Hefner was a smart choice, he was actually entertaining for the most part. The skits were all funny. "Playboy Party Jokes"-Pretty much a difference to Hugh and the Playboy empire. Not that funny but an expected opening.

    "Planet Of The Men vs. Planet Of The Women"- A sketch taking place in outer space with sexual innuendo. SNL has done many of these over the years but this was funny considering it's one of the first one.

    "The X-Police"- A politically incorrect sketch about bad cops and marijuana. Nicely done. "Circular Bed Sex Research"-Hef playing himself trying to woo Jane Curtin. Ok for what it is.

    "Listening To Great Music"- Basically an excuse for Belushi to go crazy and destroy stuff. Lame on paper ,but Belushi's presence does what it can with it.

    "Sex In Cinema"-A spoof an old film with sexual inserts. Basically all you see is the bed floor with alleged characters going at it. Again a lame sketch but gives you a giggle.

    "The Story Of H" (film)- Hef takes a look at his own life and despite all the wealth, and the women he's slept with, he says he ain't happy. Nicely done. Hef is a bit of an oddity like most celebrities. I mean when this was filmed, you envied the guy, now you think about the guy basically a grandfather still fooling with young ladies, you laugh at the guy because it's a bit pathetic. However, he is who is as the film showed.

    A very nice entertaining episode. The skits were all memorable. Andy Kaufman's presence here also sold this episode.
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