Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 11

Hugh Laurie/Kanye West

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • I'm a cousin of a friend...

    Wow, we're already half way through the season! My god, things are going by fast. Granted, the second half will be 5 months long, while the 1st half is only 3 months, but still, time is going by fast. As far as SAG news, we will get our January 10 and January 17 episodes in, before even thinking about anything, so don't worry about that.

    Tonight is Amy's last show. Yes, it really is, this time. It was kind of expected that she'd come back for the Christmas episodes, so, it's good to have her back while we can. Amy has been an awesome cast member, and even though we can think she has a big ego at times, she will be sorely missed.

    This week's host is Hugh Laurie, who did a magnificant job hosting last time, so I'm really looking forward to the show. Kanye West is back after a little bit more than a year from his last visit.

    Blagoevich in Congress: Jason playing Blagoevich? Wierd choice. Hader or Armisen would have been my first two choices. The sketch did drag on, and that bleeped out swearing stopped being funny the first time Sudeikis unexpectedly did it. I would have prefered a Nancy Grace cold opening for Amy's sendoff.

    Monologue: I have to say once again, Laurie is a very funny guy. This monologue was all over the place, but in a good way.

    Bronx Beat: You've gotta be kidding me. Seriously? And a lead off sketch? The sketch itself wasn't as bad as the Braff and Manning Bronx Beat sketches, but not as good as the Brian Williams sketch. I kind of felt bad about how Maya got NO applause at all. But, then again, that sketch never gets applause. I kind of feel bad for them.

    Dysfunctional Family: Right when this started, I knew it was a dysfunctional family sketch, yet I was still laughing on the floor by the time this was over. Just those stupid little things are all so true! That ironic ending was awesome, too.

    Wedding Toasts: This was a silly sketch, and I enjoyed it. Hugh's character was hilarious, and so were most of the other ones.

    Musical Performance: Wow, this was a really cool stage set-up, but, I can not stand this song. Maybe it's just me, but Kanye was much better a year and a half ago when he was on.

    Weekend Update: Most of the jokes were funny, while Fred as the governer KILLED! It was hilarious! Fred is so freakin talented, it's not funny. Right down to Amy's heartfilled goodbye, and Fred interrupting it was hilarious!

    Lamps: Dancing lamps. I thought the premise was clever and witty: Lamps holding owners hostage, but it really didn't go anywhere, at all.

    Cat Letter: This was actually somewhat entertaining. Hugh, once again, was great in this, and so was Kristen.

    DS: Lay-Offs: Eh, it was a 10-to-1 digital short. What ever. It wasn't terrible.

    Musical Performance: Kanye West performs once again, and it's an underwhelming song. Don't get me wrong, Kanye's talented, (a lot more talented than T.I.) but maybe it's just me.

    No skating rink tonight. Bummer. Somebody pointed out, that New York City, and all of New England, was at most 20 degrees last night. I totally forgot New York City was a real place for a second. Never entered my mind, plus they, and I, just got an ice storm, so it's probably even worse out there right now.

    Tonight was a decent night, yet at the same time, it was an off night. I guess doing 11 shows in 14 weeks (14 broadcasts in 14 weeks to be exact), the cast was kind of looking forward to this break. Everything was just kind of off. Steve Martin was not here to sing "Not Gonna Phone It In Tonight", so I guess that's what did it. Hugh was a great host. Even him starting to chuckle in Bronx Beat had me laughing. Kanye West, as I stated, was just not as thrilling as he was on his last visit. Maybe it's because his new album is more love songs (i guess?), but I don't know.

    I really will miss Amy. She was great on the show. I am looking forward to the evolution of Michaela, Abby, and Casey (yes, even Casey). Speaking of Abby, she really hasn't done anything to prove herself, yet. Michaela has been doing all kinds of stuff. I really do think she's another Kristen Wiig, which is a good thing. Abby still has yet to show off why she got on this show. Casey has slowly, but surely, risen up to fill Amy and Maya's voids, but she can still go much farther. As for Kristen, I just hope she keeps it up. She's doing a fantastic job.

    I'm taking it our next episode is January 10. No confirmed host. No confirmed musical guest.

    On January 4, we have a special (not sure what time), called SNL Sports Extra. If it's live, and new, then I'll review.

    Next week is a rebroadcast of the uneven Josh Brolin/Adele episode, while the week after is the strong Ben Affleck/David Cook, and after that, the uneven Paul Rudd/Beyonce episode.

    Wow, I can't believe I'm not reviewing for 2 weeks. It just feels like yesterday I was making reviews right back to back. Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!