Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 11

Hugh Laurie/Kanye West

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • A pretty big disappointment. As with Malkovich, the writers did not rise to the occasion and instead turned in a rather lazy holiday episode which also turned out to be the anticlimactic finale for Amy.

    Blag cold open – A timely poke at the unbelievably corrupt Illinois governor. I like the use of the constant profanity especially in light of the bleeping remarks he made on the wiretap. Sudeikis did a good job as the smug and idiotic Blag. Loved the bit when he tried to extort the senators. Grade: B

    Hugh Monologue – Hugh has the charisma to shine in these kinds of settings. Nice reference to his previous appearance with mention of Sweetcheeks. A good gag to give away Chapstick and ask for the bow back. The Christmas medley was also a delight. Grade: A-

    Bronx Beat – I guess I shouldn't complain too much because it is the last one we will ever have to endure. But it is odd that Amy chose this sketch as her big farewell sketch. Hugh didn't have much to do and the ladies treaded upon familiar territory. At over 8 minutes long, this sketch was a little hard to watch. Bye Amy. Grade: D

    Christmas Dinner – Very similar to some of the tense dinner sketches with Ferrell, especially the one where there are long gaps of silence punctuated by clattering silverware. Everybody performed well, but it was just a little too predictable to be really amusing. Grade: C

    Culhane Wedding – Another rehashed concept that got old quickly. Other than Hugh's amusing ramblings, there wasn't much to enjoy in the other guest speakers. Andy is now the king of "irritated faces" at SNL. He seems to do it at least once every episode. Not much of a calling card though. Grade: C-

    Weekend Update – Better than usual with some snappy jokes and a great David Patterson impression by Armisen. The Really! segment had a lot of good Blag jokes and Amy's farewell was heartfelt and moving. I could have done without the usual gag of Armisen blocking the camera, but I think Amy wanted it in there to keep her from crying on camera. The "joke" about Obama having no connection with Blag was kind of weird. Relax SNL writers; there is no need to perform damage control. Your man has already been elected. Grade: A

    Lamps! – Perhaps Limps! would have been a better title. The costumes were fine and even the premise wasn't too bad. The sketch was doomed by the songs and the plot line. Was it really necessary to kill the grandfather clock? Grade: D

    Christmas Litter – Anybody who knows a "cat person" can relate to this sketch. The phrases were horrible in a somewhat amusing way. I just didn't like the way the sketch was executed. It was very static with all of the "action" taking place around the computer. Kristen is the obvious choice to play these kinds of roles, but there should have been something more to it. Grade: C

    Digital Short – Kind of weird to see a digital short without Andy. Still, Fred did a great job as the cookie-obsessed employee. The sketch kept building up to what I hoped would be a great conclusion, but instead turned out to be a pedestrian "twist" with the cookies actually stool softeners. Hugh and Fred were both great, but the ending was very weak. Grade: C