Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 11

Hugh Laurie/Kanye West

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • Amy Poehler's last show. She'll be missed!

    All were awesome, funny sketches. A great end of a great year!

    Sketches: Blagojevich Testimony (the SNL folks are at their best in these political sketches), Bronx Beat (it's back, I love it!), Sarcastic Christmas Dinner ("sit DOWN!"), Culhane Wedding Toasts (Hugh Laurie's old man, Bob Kemp, was hilarious!), Magical Lamps (completely ridiculous!), Cat Christmas Letter (Kristen is just awesome with that cat voice!), Cookie Crimes (digital short) - oh my god, I laughed at Fred nonstop wathing this!

    Hugh Laurie was really funny, he's one of my favorites on TV. Great actor + SNL = a good time! ^^

    - Amy Poehler
    This is Amy Poehler's last show on SNL. I'm really sad that she's leaving, she's my favorite, but then again - I totally get that she wants to be with her family.
    Oh, and by the way - the name Archival is hilarious!
    The baby's probably super cute, having good genes from both mommy and daddy. (Amy's husband Will Arnett is hooot!)

    - I wonder what's gonna happen to Weekend Update?
    It's gonna be really exciting to see who will be replacing Amy (if that's even possible ;)
    This episode's Weekend Update was of course a great one, here are some of the best quotes:

    Seth: Same-sex marriage supporters urged people to skip work by "calling in gay on Wednesday, as part of 'Day Without A Gay I thought about doing it, but I do not want to use up all my gay days.

    Amy: Barack Obama this week named Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steve Chu as his Energy Secretary... unless he was just sneezing.

    Amy: The FDA this week unanimously approved a less costly version of the female condom. Hear that, ladies? The female condoms you wouldn't use in a zillion years are now cheaper!

    Amy: Walmart has announced plans to sell a $99 version of the iPhone at their stores. However, it will be lacking some of the iPhone features, like the camera, and the touch screen, and the ability to make calls, and it's just a calculator.

    Seth: It was announced this week that Michael Jackson's famous glittery glove will be auctioned off next week. Man, if that glove could talk it would probably apologize to a lot of kids.

    Amy: Three emplyees of a KFC in California have been suspended for bathing in a deep sink used to clean dishes, which makes me wonder: where is this magical, mythical KFC that has dishes?

    Amy: KISS announced that next year they will record their first new album since 1998. "That's awesome!" said the guy who still lives in your hometown.

    Amy: According to new research, obese women have more sex than thin women. The study was conducted by the prestigious Sir Mix-A-Lot Institute For Big Butt Sciences.

    Seth: Police in New York arrested two co-eds from the Fashion Institute of Technology for allegedly dealing cocaine from their dorm room. Though, in fairness - at FIT, that is a major.

    And here's the entire last 'Really!?! With Seth & Amy'

    Seth: Despite his recent arrest on federal corruption charges and calls from the Illinois attorney general for him to step down, Governor Rob Blagojevich has yet to resign, which brings us to a segment we like to call 'Really!?! With Seth & Amy'.
    Really, Blagojevich? Really? You're not gonna resign? Because you should resign. Even Illinois politicians are saying you should resign, and when Illinois politicians think you're too corrupt, you're too corrupt! That's like Amy Winehouse telling you to go to rehab! Really?
    Amy: Really? And really, it's 2008, did you not know that people tap phones? Really? You've never seen a TV show or a film? When you're doing something illegal, you need to speak in code. When I call up my weed dealer and I ask for $50 worth of circus tickets, you know what he doesn't give me? Circus tickets! Really!
    Seth: And really, how did you think you'd get away with this? George Ryan, the governor before you, was in jail for pretty much the same thing. When people are burned, they become vigilant. Really? My friend once brought a girl home who turned out to be a dude, so every time he meets a girl, you can bet he checks for an Adam's apple!
    Amy: Really? Really, that really happened to Seth's "friend". And you know what, it's beside the point, but the hair?! The hair? Really? It looks like your wearing a toupé that's also wearing a toupé!
    Seth: Really. It's like you have a proceeding hairline. Is that really your hair, or did you grow out your eyebrows and comb them up?
    Amy: Really? It's like someone put the hair on backwards on one of those Fischer Price (?) people! Really? The first time I saw you, I thought you were walking away.
    Seth: Really? Blagojevich, you're supposed to put the Rogaine on the crown, not the forehead! I thought you had a bad temper, but maybe your head is just hot from being under that bear skin rug.

    Bye Amy! We love you!