Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 2

Jaime Pressly/Corinne Bailey Rae

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • The chair has moved.

    A Review by "HelloStuart," Amateur Critic and Disgraced Florida Congressman

    I try to avoid discussing politics in my reviews, but I can’t help and stare at awe with what is now being referred to as "Foleygate." Everything that has occurred so far reads like a bad SNL sketch in itself: a congressman gets caught making lewd comments to a former page on instant messenger, the GOP head honchos learn of this information, then sits on it for three years, then said congressman makes a bunch of bullcrap excuses before finally admitting that he’s a Log Cabin Republican and resigns from office. The fact that SNL would draw inspiration from this scandal was like shooting fish in barrel; so what if "The Daily Show" approached the comedic value of this controversy not only punctually but with more aplomb? SNL still has that reputation of feeding topical humor into pop culture, as scattershot and as clumsy as it might be.

    This week’s host is Jaime Pressly, the actress-model who recently scored a much-deserved Emmy nomination for her work as Joy on the NBC comedy “My Name is Earl.” The musical guest is Corinne Bailey Rae, a British singer-songwriter that might remind some people of an early Nelly Furtado, or at least an updated Joan Armatrading.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (DH) makes his first SNL appearance to address (yeah, you guessed it) Foleygate. The pride of Yorkville, Illinois tries to put a positive spin on the situation before the GOP loses any more seats in the upcoming midterm elections, going as far as to say that Rep. Foley was “helpful” and reached out to his lonely, insecure underlings. You hear one double entendre, you’ve heard them all, am I right?

    MONOLOGUE: Joy Darville Hickey Turner’s attempt to thwart Southern stereotypes with a sultry rendition of Peggy Lee’s “Fever” is retaliated by every redneck cliché you can think of, right down to the Ku Klux Klan and a palpable “Hee Haw” homage. Hey, at least Andy plays a mean banjo.

    "Nancy Grace": The condescending attorney-cum-news program host (AP) obsesses intermittently between the Foley fallout, identity theft, and the rationale behind her recently adjusted chair. Even the Headline News janitor (KT) is thrown into her web of self-deluded paranoia. Kudos to Amy for stepping up so far this season as a celebrity-impression artist, not to mention making the most of the best-written sketch of the evening.

    "New York City Stories": Martin Scorsese (FA) and Rosie Perez (AP) point at random things on the street that have allegedly fond memories attached to them. At least Amy got another impression down pat.

    "Jon Bovi": An incredibly atrocious pair of musicians (JS, WF) with a yen for unimaginatively rewriting Bon Jovi and Scorpions lyrics fail to impress a no-nonsense record label exec (Jaime) ...or do they? Though the concept was fine, I found it odd that all three actors stared at cue-cards for the duration of the sketch, with little if any eye contact between the three leads; were the rockers supposed to be borderline autistic (which I guess would provoke sympathy but would almost certainly kill the joke), or was this just plain old indolence?

    “WVIR News”: The winner of a contest at a local car dealership (Jaime) finds her victory tainted by a nervous, potentially bisexual news reporter (KW) and her awkward flirting. Kristin was utterly hilarious; it’s nice to see that rare character-driven sketch that doesn’t pander or potentially gets on the viewers’ nerves.

    “New York City Stories”: I had a feeling there this was going to be a wraparound sketch. In part two of a series of short films spotlighting Big Apple-based celebrities commenting on their dwellings (yes, it’s a spoof), ‘70s art-rockers Lou Reed and Patti Smith (FA and AP again) bemoan what has become of the legendary nightclub CBGB’s. As much as I’m endeared to the subject matter (I have a great affinity for late ‘70s punk and power-pop), this went way over my head.

    “Mrs. Hastings”: The ghetto-poseur daughter (Jaime) of an apparently affluent man gets in trouble at her private school, but before the book can be thrown at her, the little brat’s stepmother (KT) intercedes brings the sketch to a screeching halt. Sadly, I think this sketch has “recurring character” written all over it; this was also hurt by its painful dearth of plot and direction.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Corinne gets simultaneously sultry and virginal for her breakthrough hit “Put Your Records On.” There’s just something about a black strapless dress…

    WEEKEND UPDATE: After a promising start, reality comes down like a big, unfunny hammer. Amy makes an obvious fat joke about Rep. Hastert, and Seth's jab at Bill Frist was more of a groan-inducing shared opinion than a real joke. The two commentaries weren't much better; Hader's Peter O'Toole impression would've been much more effective if it had been better-written, and the NBC ripoff "Fugly Betsy" (FA) was nothing more than a lazy jab at NBC's ratings woes. I personally don't tend to dwell on the past, but I'm already starting to miss Tina.

    The NASCARettes”: Live from the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the racing league’s first-ever dance team makes its debut with disastrous, casualty-heavy results. The troupe’s one male member (FA) seemed tacked on, as was the subdued, catty tension between the other performers.

    "New York Stories": Yay, a trilogy! This time around, author Fran Lebowitz and Yoko Ono (FA and AP once more) act disruptive and whiny as they lament the non-corporate NYC of years past. "Season of Glass," indeed.

    "Big Wigs": Well, it's truth in advertising- two upper-management stiffs (Jaime and AP) enliven the lamest pun you can think of. Then, after they die in a ceiling fan mishap, they\'re replaced by two women (MR, KW) with baseball bats calling themselves -yeah, you guessed it- "Ballbusters." Oof.

    "His Kuato": The torso-dwelling alien dude from "Total Recall" (AS) fails to impress a girl (Jaime) at a party. This sketch is salvaged only by an arbitrary topical ending, when Governor Schwarzenegger (DH) turns the Smint-obsessed freak into an allegory for the immigration debate.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: The lovely Brit strums through the acoustic ballad “Like a Star.”

    “Cider Chat”: Two upper middle-class, seemingly white-bread women (Jaime, KW) discuss random occurrences, then share a few disturbing comments to a soft, almost poetic beat while sipping apple cider on the porch on a cool Autumn night. I’ll admit that I was torn on this particular skit; it was hard to decide whether or not this was a satire of the doldrums of suburban life or just an excuse on the writers’ part to throw random comments at a wall to see what sticks.

    “A Moment with the Out-of-Breath Jogger from 1982”: Yep, that’s the entire sketch; no need to explain it, because it’s exactly what it sounds like.

    Wow, what a train wreck. It\'s funny that they recycled the Ebersol-era logo during the opening credits this week, in that this broadcast was like a throwback of that period; a strong cast was hampered by some incredibly pedestrian writing. Though I cut the new Weekend Update some slack last week, this week seemed like a sad indication of things to come; the one-liners that staggered out of Amy and Seth\'s mouths were heavy on clichés and more often than not deafeningly imprudent. Not even the heightened presence of the four much-ballyhooed \"newbies\" (Suds, Wiigy, Bill, and Andy) could prevent this from being a misfire. This is not how the second episode of the season is supposed to be, unless this is an unfortunate harbinger of SNL’s near-future.

    Sketches/segments that will probably be removed from repeats: "Mrs. Hastings," Weekend Update, at least one of the “New York City Stories” filmed pieces, and "Big Wigs."

    Next week: a repeat of last weekend’s Cook/Killers broadcast. Yes, already.

    In two weeks: Academy Award-nominated character actor John C. Reilly (a.k.a. that dude you see in every other movie) with musical guest My Chemical Romance. Oh please, let Mr. Cellophane be funny…

    Contact "HelloStuart" at If you don’t, he’ll simply make the assumption that you agree with him unilaterally, and that makes him happy.
  • Man, I think this episode needs a friend right now. [puts on Ku Klux hat]

    Now, since we've pretty much reached a summer hiatus, I decided I'd do a periodical review over episodes from last season. So, here's my first edition.

    Now, the beginning of season 32 was both exciting, yet awkward. Many mediocre, and fair episodes were produced, and the cast seemed to take a while to come together. Jaime Pressley, My Name is Earl/model hosts this episode with musical guest, Corinne Bailey Rae.

    A message from Dennis Hastert: Speaker of the house, Dennis Hastert, talks to us about the then-recent Mark Foley scandal. Now, season 32 had many uneven cold openings. This was one of them. Even though there were a few good lines, the whole sketch itself seemed to stretched out, saying the fact that Mark Foley was doing more business than he should have.

    Monologue: Jaime Pressley wasn't expecting to be made fun of due to her southern accent/stereotyped lifestyle. The whole cast (sans Seth)tries doing a sketch without her permission. This was very well written. The Ku Klux Klan joke with Fred and Kenan was great, along with Amy's impression of Minnie Pearl.

    Nancy Grace: Even though most of the writing in this episode was mediocre, it was the start of one of Amy's favorable iimpressions of season 32, Nancy Grace. Once again, many good one-liners, but no cigar.

    New York Stories (I): Martin Scorsee and Rosie Perez tell stories about their experiances in New York. I thought the impressions were enjoyable.

    Jon Bovi: This sketch could be tied of the worst sketch of the night. The one premise sketch of "We are not copying Bon Jovi" moved on throughout the whole thing. Jaime was also unenjoyable in this sketch.

    WVIR News: Kristen Wiig's bicurious newscaster tries to flirt with winner of the hands on a hard body contest, for a free Toyota. I thought this had it's shining moments.

    New York Stories (II): Lou Reed and Patti Smith talk about New York. They talk about how all the good clubs have closed down. This was probably my favorite of the 3.

    St. Ambrose School: When a girl is in trouble for starting to dance in school, her step mom, Virginica Hastings tries to stand up for her. She gets flirtatious with the principal. Average sketch, really.

    Weekend Update: The jokes were mostly enjoyable in this edition, but Peter O'Toole's visit was not. Fugly Betsey was silly to watch.

    Nascarettes: When girls decide to put a dance skit in the middle of the NASCAR race track, they get ran over. It's basically a one premise sketch. But, this wasn't the other worst sketch of the night I was talking about.

    New York Stories (III): Fran Lebowitz and Yoko Ono talk about how annoying New York is, especially with tourists. This was my least favorite out of the three.

    Big Wigs: A very wierd sketch, to say the least. It was also very short. It was a good premise, with bad writing, and could have been better.

    Kuatos: This was bad. It was just bad. Especially when Arnold gave his monologue at the end. This was the second out of the worst sketches of the night.

    Porch Talk: Two women talk about inappropiote things, such as liking their farts, or peeing in the tea. I thought this had it's bright lights.
    A Moment with an out of breath jogger from 1982: I never liked this sketch premise. That's it. He talks about current events while out of breath.

    Overall, a pretty mediocre episode. Technical glitches were everywhere, but the writing was just off. This was a good example of how awkward season 32 SNL could get.

    Many thought it was because Tina left, so Seth couldn't handle it. But, the truth is, it was just adjusting time. When Tina was writer, 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 weren't up to par seasons. It doesn't matter who head writer is. It's just the chemistry. The musical guest provided good music, and the host, Jaime Pressly was just mediocre. Like many hosts before, and after her, her cue card reading was a huge noticeable flaw.

    My next summer review (which doesn't count the upcoming episode, Steve Carell/Usher) will be John C. Reilly/My Chemical Romance. I'm not going in season order, that's just the next episode I want to grade.
  • not that funny.

    i swear that SNL has "laugh" signs up while their skits are on because the audience is always laughing, even when the skits are not funny at all. this was especially true in this episode. i think the only bit i liked was the "fugly betsy", which was cute. other than that, the big wigs skit was not funny, as well as the apple cider skit.
  • Meh...

    Wow, its really sad of how SNL is losing all of its comic geniusness. I preferred the cast when i was younger, with Phil Hartman, Will Ferrel, Cheri Oteri, etc. More of that generation. Now all of the jokes are getting pretty lame, and you can really tell that a lot of the actors are reading the cue cards, adn it seems like they havnt practised much...
  • ...Rebound.

    What the hell happend... I was excited for this episode because if Jamie was as funny as she was on Earl then this episode would of been great. But I was let down. Now I would like to discuss something, I was mad about Congressman Foley's little IM's [and he was one of the people who got the "Child Saftey Act" passed a few months ago for gods sake]. But this information was withheld for 3 years, and we are 28 days from the election. I know that a Democratic Congressman had sex with a Paige and got a Standing Ovation from the Democrats while everyone is mad at Foley and Billiam had a sky high approval rate... where are America's priorities. At least people dont care that ne person said ****** his poll numbers are doing good he has a 7 point lead.

    Sketches include "Rep. Dennis Hastert"-4: enough already... you should be going after the people who withheld the IM's, "Monolouge"-5: another "southerners is are be dumb" skit., "Nancy Grace"-5: Amy stepped up in one of the high points, "New York City Stories I" (film)-3: god that is a worse show than 'Lazy Sunday', "Jon Bovi"-6: lust a mediocore parody of music today, "WVIR News"-7: Kristen carried this sketch, "New York City Stories II" (film)-4, "Mrs. Hastings"-5: Kenan crossdressing yet again, "Weekend Update"-6: Some poor jokes and a terrible "fugly betty" thing popped up, "NASCARettes"-6: as much as I enjoy people being hit by cars this dosent do it for me, "New York City Stories III" (film)-4, "Big Wigs"-2: this was god awful, "His Kuado"-6: Kill the Kuado, "Cider Chat"-5: just randomnness comments, and "A Moment with the Out-of-Breath Jogger from 1982."-3: history lesson please?

    Corinne Bailey Rae performed "Put Your Records On" and "Like a Star."
  • For me, this was special. Ignore my reason, but Andy in that jogging skit was very enjoyable for me. The rest of it was average though.

    This week on SNL was a combination I didn’t care for much. But, as always, I watched it open mindedly. Now, my mom accuses me of being bias when I rate the skits. She says that if Samberg is in a skit, I’ll give it a higher rating. Well, that actually is true. Andy gives me something to look forward to in a skit. So while everyone else might have hated a skit, if Samberg was in it, I’ll be happy with it. I thought I’d just say that, though it might be unfair. And now I will start the review.

    HOST: This week’s host is NBC’s own Emmy nominated actress Jaime Pressley, known as the sexy white trash ex-wife of Earl on “My Name Is Earl.” I’m not a fan or her or the show. But to say, Jaime wasn’t that bad. She was actually pretty good. I really enjoyed her monologue. The actors on the show were all stereo-typical Southerners. My favorite part is when Kenan left and Fred decided to follow because he needs a friend and puts on his hat/hood, and we see he is wearing a KKK costume. Even though Miss Pressley hates the stereotypes, ya gotta find them funny. The best part was when Andy played the theme from “Deliverance,” and the banjo started before he did. Plus, I would enjoy him being shirtless. Back to Jaime, she did well, better than I expected. B-

    This week’s musical guest was British songstress Corrine Bailey Rae. I like to call her the female James Blunt. She is British as Blunt is, a songwriter that seems to be a Grammy winner, and has very boring music, as Blunt has. I watched both performances, and was not impressed by either. She did perform well with “Put Your Records On” and “Like A Star,” and does have a lovely voice, but she just isn’t exciting. C+

    Cold Opening: Rep. Dennis Hastert – So, according to Mr. Hastert, it is everyone’s fault that Foley got dirty with some pages via the Internet? Including the Clintons? Huh. This skit taught me that Foley is very considerate when it comes to those young boys, taping them that is, and very crafty and organized. Funny skit I thought. A-

    Nancy Grace – When this started, I was figuring they’d interview a page, and who else but Andy Samberg would be the page. Well, I was right! However, he looked more mature than I thought, not a 19 year-old page. My favorite part was when Nancy (Amy) accused the man in charge of windows for the problem because his company made Windows and congressman are looking through those windows at young attractive pages. Loved that! Sadly, Nancy could not get over the chair being moved. I feel for ya Nancy. I hate when people move my stuff too. A

    NYC Stories I – First we have Martin Scorsese and Rosie Perez. I liked Amy as Perez, but I would like to ask why they didn’t make her look more like the actress. Face it, Rosie is not flat chested as Amy mostly was in this. I learned that the Big Apple has memories for Scorsese. B+

    Jon Bovie – This was undoubtedly the funniest skit of the night. It’s two dudes that sound exactly like Bon Jovi. My mom pointed out that Suds has Jon’s 1980’s hair in it. This was very funny. It was a great music parody skit. And I was half expecting Jon to walk out. This was the best skit of the night, not my favorite, and you’ll find out why, but the best. A+

    WVIR News – So, in this, Jaime won a car dealership contest and Wiig, as a reporter continuously hits on her. It had funny moments, and wasn’t annoying, but it wasn’t that great either. B-

    NYC Stories II – Again? This time we have 1970s punk one hit wonders Lou Reed and Patti Smith. Well, I think they were one hitters. I saw them on VH1’s 100 Greatest one hit wonders. The only funny part I found was when Reed said the water tower was his apartment. But all the stuff about CBGBs was not that great. C+

    Mrs. Hastings – I know girls like Jaime’s character. Jaime is a white girl in a private school acting like she’d go to my old school, and the school they shows did in fact look like Riverside. Anyways, Jaime has gone from prep school girl to ghetto white girl. And she sounded like a ghetto Britney Spears. Kenan played her mom, who first danced with “SexyBack” with her, but then made her go back to class, and the mom flirted with the principal, Bill. It was funny. I liked it. A-

    NASCARettes – This was funny in the beginning, but got weak at the end. But it wasn’t an annoying skit either. I don’t why they had to keep killing everyone. B-

    NYC Stories III – Another one? All I can say about this one was that Yoko Ono, played by Amy, looked more like Sharon Osbourne. And whoever else was in this I mostly forgot. C+

    Big Wigs – Well, I was glad to see Andy in another skit. This was kinda funny and kinda dumb. It is a literal skit, the girls have big wigs and end up dying in a horrible fan accident. Next time is the ball busters, women with baseball bats. I’d wanna be one of those. B

    His Kuado – Ya know, Andy would be the creature. Normally I am glad to see him in a skit, but maybe I could have done without this one. In the end, it wasn’t about a date with Bill and Jaime, ruined by the creature, but in fact an ad from the governator about immigration. Interesting. Now, how can we fit the terminator into all this I wonder? B-

    Cider Chat – Two suburban women are drinking cider and reveal the strangest thing. I didn’t think this was funny, so much a time filler. But that cider made me realize there must be a cider out there that makes ya very truthful. I better stay away from that. C-

    A Moment With The Out Of Breath Jogger From 1982 – Long title. Now, this was a skit that was an obvious time filler, but man, I was not complaining. First of all, it was Andy as the jogger. And he was wearing these little shorts. I enjoyed that a lot. More than I am willing to explain I tell ya. This was my favorite moment, not the best skit, but my fav moment. It will be cut, but I’ll have the memory of Andy is those shorts. I’ll shut up about it now. B+

    There were three best moments. The first was the Jon Bovi skit because that was hilarious. The second was Bill Hader as Peter O’Toole during Weekend Update. That was hilarious! I love him explaining what a drunk is compared to a racist and a perv. The monologue was totally great too! That was so funny. I must add a last. And finally, you guessed it, was that out of breath jogger. Mmm, Andy. Mmm!

    Too many NYC moments, the first was the best. I didn’t enjoy Corrine, but there wasn’t really a bad moment. I can’t think of one.

    Jaime was better than I thought she would be and I was not expecting that last skit. I’ll stop talking about it, but Andy in that did take me by surprise.

    SKIT AVERAGE – 2.9/B-

    SHOW RATING – 7.5/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    We return on the October 21st with John C. Reilly, an actor who you might have never heard of but you have probably seen in a movie, like in “Chicago” and “Talladega Nights.” And for musical guest we have New Jersey’s famed Goth band My Chemical Romance, a band who gained popularity at the beginning of 2005, around the time Fall Out Boy was. I like the song “Helena” a lot. I love it actually. But they are promoting their new album. I figure there will be many teenage girls tuning it because they find Gerard Way one of the hottest rock stars out there and one hot Goth. I guess I am looking forward to seeing MCR perform.
  • It's like a train wreck, you don't want to stare, but you just can't look away...

    I had fun writing my review last week and while I still plan on reviewing several older episodes when I get the time, I almost didn’t review this week’s episode. I’ve enjoyed the show more than most have the past few years (probably because I’m a big fan of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler which I don’t have any problem admitting) and I honestly almost fell asleep during the show despite still being energized from the Tigers’ victory earlier in the night. The Review:
    Cold Open: Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (DH) addresses the recent revelation of Rep. Mark Foley’s electronic indiscretions with young pages and tries to place the blame on the Washington Post, Al Qaeda and the entire Clinton Family before highlighting Foley’s helpfulness with the page program. The audience seemed to find some of it funny but I didn’t laugh once either time.

    Monologue: Jaime Pressly, Joy on My Name is Earl, wants to avoid Southern Stereotypes much to the surprise of Jason, Maya, Will, Kenan, Ku Klux Amy and Kristen (all ready for a hillbillies sketch) by singing a rendition of “Fever”. She is interrupted by Colonel Sanders (BH) and the others (including DH and AP ready for a “hee haw”). Jaime then insults the band’s banjo player by stereotyping him (AS). Not as bad as I originally thought but it wasn’t very good ether.

    “Nancy Grace”: It’s no surprise that I enjoy Amy’s NG better than Ana’s (who happened to appear on tonight’s CSNL) and this was honestly the best skit of the night thanks to her performance. Eddie Hunter (AS) appears to try to salvage the integrity of the page program in light of the Foley scandal, Nancy blames Microsoft for creating computers, confusing a tech person (Pressly) and interrogates her startled janitor (KT) about movie her chair.

    "New York City Stories": Martin Scorsese (FA) and Rosie Perez (AP) talk about their memories of a random New York street corner. Another good impression by Amy and another parody that seems like it should work but really doesn’t.

    “Jon Bovi”: I couldn’t even sit through this sketch a second time. 2 horrible rockers (JS, WF) mess up a bunch of Bon Jovi and Scorpion songs in attempts to get a producer (Pressly) to sign them.

    “WVIR News”: Crystal Duggler (Pressly) wins the “hands on a hard body” contest and is interviewed by an anxious reporter (KW). Lots of uncomfortable flirting occurs as the contest winner gets really freaked out. The sketch was awkwardly funny and I enjoyed Kristin a lot (I wasn’t impressed with her the first few times out last season but she has grown on me a lot, especially though repeats). Not really essential to the sketch but another sketch with Suds as a news anchor is kinda making me wish he had gotten the Update job (more on that later).

    “New York City Stories”: I could have lived with one story but the eventual three really killed it. This time Lou Reed and Patti Smith (FA and AP again) talk about the demise of the nightclub, CBGB’s. “Mrs. Hastings:” A nanny turned step-mother (KT) has obviously influenced Nicole (Pressly), who is in trouble for her cell phone ring tone and subsequent dance moves during her pre-calc midterm at a wealthy private school. As unfocused as it was unfunny. Musical Performance: Corinne Bailey Rae sings her hit “Put Your Records On” as I hit mute and open my iTunes

    Weekend Update: Two mishandled commentaries (Bill as Peter O’Toole and Army as “Fugly Besty”—ugh) and several lame jokes make this an update I’d like to forget. Seth and Amy have chemistry but it doesn’t make up for the bad writing. Seth’s forcefulness in his delivery is coming off as him trying too hard to be funny (the inappropriateness of the Bill Frist joke killed the entire segment). I won’t give up just yet (watching Tina and Jimmy’s first go around again reminded me that their start wasn’t pretty either) but as I said last week, I miss Tina.

    “Charlotte Motor Speedway”: The first NASCAR dancing team experiences the dangers of dancing on a track full of speeding racecars. The writing just wasn’t there.

    “New York Stories”: Author Fran Lebowitz and Yoko Ono (FA and AP yet again) appear in the most pointless sketch in this three-piece parody. “Big Wigs”: The corporate Big Wigs (Pressly. AP) attempt to solve the numbers problems facing three business guys (JS, BH, AS) and end up losing their heads (literally) to a ceiling fan. The boys aren’t off the hook as the Ball Busters (MR and KW) show up with baseball bats. I can’t put the absurdity of this sketch into words.

    "Kuato": A mutant from an old Schwarzenegger movie (AS) lives inside Danny (BH) and frightens off a potential girlfriend (Pressly). Arnold (DH) appears to discuss the parallels between the sketch and immigration. Right.

    Musical Performance: This was when I seriously felt like nodding off last night as Corrine performed “Like a Star”.

    “Cider Chat”: Two women (Pressly. KW), drinking warm cider on a fall night, appear very mellow during a subdued discussion that turns into random and ridiculous comments. “A Moment with the Out-of-Breath Jogger from 1982”: Andy as the title character in this awful filler sketch.

    Good-nights: Just a random observation but how small did the cast look up on stage?

    Unlike last week, the show didn’t get better during the second viewing. I don’t know what else to say but I haven’t been this disappointed by the show in a long time. To top things off, they’re already repeating Dane Cook/The Killers next week, so I’ll be back in two weeks (unless I find some time for one of the CSNLs episodes).
  • Jaime Pressly hosts.

    I actually laughed about five times or seven times in the show which was far more than I expected. I didn't expect to laugh at all, but Jaime did the trick. I guess I like Southern girls.

    Anyways while I didn't think the show was great, I didn't feel it was as bad as some others made it to be.

    I mean come on that monologue was passable and I loved that "Song of the South" refrence. I loved the opening, I'am glad they made fun of that Republican. I don't like Republicans in general especially with George W. Bush at the helm so this skit was pure gold. The monologue was great, I'am always up for jokes on dumb hicks and redneck because honestly these type of idiots are still around in this day and age, I know I've met them. Kudos for SNL for doing it.

    The New York City Stories sketch was ok. They tried to be funny and serious at the same (first the characters acted like they hated the city, then tried to wrap it by saying it's the greatest city in the world). An ok sketch , but I didn't find it quite that amusing.

    The sketch with Jaime playing a serious record producer of sorts was ok. She showed some depth in here and in the show in general. I laughed once or twice in the sketch, because nowadays you always about these types of guys trying to be famous.

    I really liked the Mrs. Hastings sketch. Pressly being thirty one and all still looks young for her age and can pull this sketch off. LMAO at Kenan Thompson dressing up as a big black blabbering woman (man he does this well). Anyways, a good sketch another one of those teen references where the mom tries to cover up for her daughter.

    Weekend Update was pssable. I got a kick out of the Ugly Betty reference (a shameless attempt by ABC to ripoff a Spanish tv show, so why shouldn't NBC make fun of them? Kudos for that. Amy was great as always and as lame as that Wham joke was , it was still funny. Amy has always been funnier than Tina Fey.

    The sketch with the Total Recall reference obviously made to make fun of Arnold Schwarzenegger was pure gold. I mean if you watch any of Arnie's press conferences , much like George W. Bush you really do laugh your butt off because you realize how really warped these politicans really are.

    All in all a decent show, and that Uncle Remus joke (another shot at Disney) was a nice shot. Jaime did an ok job. This was fun to sit through. Yeah some skits were bland, but others were decent. I've seen far, far worse shows than this.
  • Terrible, Just Terrible

    The entire show was not funny from start to finish. The opening sketch for the second straight week was boring and not at all funny. Jamie Pressley is pretty but her monologue was not. The best thing from the episode was the silly Big Wigs sketch but even it fizzled near the end with poor writing. Seth Myers must be replaced in the Weekend Update chair. It's not that his lines are not all that unfunny, it's just that he cannot deliver the lines to make even the studio audience laugh. I can't think of a worse episode than this one in the 32 years I have watched this show. Even during the terrible seasons you could find a laugh or two mixed into the dreadfulness. Hopefully they can get an injection of funny soon or the 32nd season might be their last.
  • It\'s the second week of the season. No cameos this time but I\'m loving the cast already this season.

    Jaime Pressley hosts SNL tonight with musical guest Corinne Bailey Rae. It\'s week 2 of Saturday Night Live. I\'m pretty sure that there will be a Mark Foley sketch.

    Cold Open - Addresss from House Speaker Dennis Hastert: Dennis is played by Darrell Hammond and focuses on Mark Foley and his email correspondence with former pages. Blames Clinton, Washington Post, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, and that terrorist group\'s leader #2. Acknowledges Foley\'s work with the Congressional page program and how much he cared about. Foley never forgot any pages. Foley would have a camera in hand and lend his support. Now that\'s he gone, there is no one quite like him except for maybe on the Democratic side...they\'ve already checked. Live from New York, it\'s Darrell Hammond!

    Monologue: She plays Joy on My Name is Earl and talks about the south being full of Southern Hillbilly rednecks with shotguns. Fred Armisen, Kenan Thompson, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, Maya Rudolph, and Kristen Wiig are all upset because they are dressed like what she said the south was characterized. She starts singing a Peggy Lee song. Bill Hader is dressed like Colonel Harlan Sanders. Also, in the sketch were Will Forte, Amy Poehler, and Darrell Hammond. Andy Samberg has a banjo ready, playing \"Dueling Banjos.\" AS says he\'s in the band.

    Headline Prime with Nancy Grace: Grace is Amy Poehler. With her is Eddie Hunter, a former Congressional page played by Andy Samberg. He speaks of the positives of the page program. She asks him about resolution 620. Resolution 620 was an appropriations bill addressing highway maintenance. She asks him if he lives in fear? Grace calls the bill grotesque. Microsoft Customer Service Representative Bethany Blake (Jamie) is asked about online predators. She\'s complained 3 times baout the chair. Kenan Thompson is Darren the night janitor and he\'s asked about his job description. He doesn\'t know.

    New York City Stories: FA and AP are in this pretaped sketch filmed outside. AP has dark hair and sounds like she may be a foreign character.

    Jon Bovi does not sing the hits of the Scorpions: Jamie Pressley plays Jackie Downs. Her next hit record is WF and JS. The band\'s name is Jon Bovi. They sing a song in hppes of signing a contract. The song sounds like a Bon Jovi song. Downs kicks them out. Security has been called. She offers a 50 year recording contract. As a result, Jon Bovi does not sing the hits of the Scorpions is released.

    WVIR News: Jason Sudeikis is a news anchor named Gil. He goes to Michelle (Kristen Wiig)at Bob Gibson Pontiac with Crystal Duggler (Jaime). Both call Crystal very pretty. Crystal\'s been standing on a truck for 3 days. Michelle says Crystal should model. Crystal waves hi to her niece. I am getting the feeling that Michelle is coming on to Crystal. To make matters worse, she got bird droppings on her. New York City Stories: Patti Smith (Amy Poehler) and Lou Reed (Fred Armisen) are in front of C.B.G.B.\'s. They talk about old times.

    Bill Hader plays the principal tells Nicole (Jaime Pressley) that she\'s in a lot of trouble. Kenan Thompson (in drag) plays her old nanny. Cell phone went off in class. Another phone goes off and they start dancing.

    Now we have an actual commercial break.

    Corinne Bailey Rae sings \"Put Your Records On\"

    Weekend Update: Hastert denied claims about Foley\'s emails that he was unaware until the date he forgot to knock. If he steps down, he\'ll go through the floor. Condi Rice\'s plane was delayed due to a fire and bulletproof hair. Couric finished in 3rd, so she\'s now Dan Rather. The date of the Iraq celebration is now Feburary 8, 3046. Peter O\'Toole (Hader) comments on drinks. He\'s an alcoholic. He\'s commenting on Foley calling himself an alcoholic. O\'Toole is proud to be a drunk, and not a pervert. Mel Gibson can say he\'s an alcoholic but everyone know he\'s a racst. Alcoholism is not to be confused with racism or pervertism. KISS alumnus lost a Supreme Court decision. Dems accuse Frist of waving a white flag. Things must be bad if Frist says he should give up. Iran supreme leader says that masturbation during Ramadan voids the fast. Hollywood Paws is being sued for failing to turn their pets into stars as they refused nude scenes. Ecstasy was seized from Jimmy Buffet. Kids failed a treadmill test. Pumpkins are being affected by a shortage and will be replaced by a spinach-o-lantern. NBC is adding Fuggly Betsey (Fred Armisen) to counteract Ugly Betty on ABC. Maya Rudolph is the executive producer. An eye surgeon is offering eye surgery for Mets tickets. A Bulgarian survived a car crash thanks to her breast implants. A 379 foot redwood is the world\'s largest tree...scientists discovered it by looking. George Michael got arrested again. The population will hit 300 million.

    Charlotte Motor Speedway\'s Nascarettes: Fred Armisen is the only male on the dance team. Amy Poehler, Kristen, Jamie, and Maya are the only cast members in the sketch. The other females are extra. E.P.T.H.D.S.S.E.W.A. Randy doesn\'t get off the track and doesn\'t make it. Amber (Kristen?) doesn\'t make it the second time. Amy\'s gone. Nascar Dance team is not a good idea.

    New York City Stories: Yoko Ono (Poehler) and Fran Leibowitz (Fred Armisen) are in this one.

    Big Wigs: Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg are nervous about the Big Wigs visiting. The Big Wigs are Poehler and Pressley. Sudeikis doesn\'t like the look of the ceiling fan. Samberg smells disaster. All hair is fallen off and next week, there is a funeral. Maya and Kristen are ball-busters that corporate sends.

    Almost all the cast is in this sketch. Danny (Hader) has a quado where a mutant lives inside him. Quado is Samberg. Sudeikis helps out with food. Jamie is hurtng his feelings. He keeps calling them Quaid because that\'s Arnold\'s character in Total Recall. Kristen and Jason are probably a couple in this sketch. Hammond comes in as the Governator and he wants to talk about the importance of immigration.

    Corinne Bailey Rae sings \"Like a Star.\"

    Drinking Cider: Kristen and Jamie are relaxing outside drinking their cider. They are talking about depressing things and then drink the cider.

    A Moment with the Out of Breath Jogger from 1982: Samberg is the jogger and gives a shout to my St. Louis Cardinals for winning the World Series.

    In two weeks on October 21st, John C. Reilly hosts with musical guest My Chemical Romance.

    On October 14th, it\'s a rerun of Dane Cook and the Killers.