Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 2

Jaime Pressly/Corinne Bailey Rae

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 07, 2006 on NBC

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  • For me, this was special. Ignore my reason, but Andy in that jogging skit was very enjoyable for me. The rest of it was average though.

    This week on SNL was a combination I didn’t care for much. But, as always, I watched it open mindedly. Now, my mom accuses me of being bias when I rate the skits. She says that if Samberg is in a skit, I’ll give it a higher rating. Well, that actually is true. Andy gives me something to look forward to in a skit. So while everyone else might have hated a skit, if Samberg was in it, I’ll be happy with it. I thought I’d just say that, though it might be unfair. And now I will start the review.

    HOST: This week’s host is NBC’s own Emmy nominated actress Jaime Pressley, known as the sexy white trash ex-wife of Earl on “My Name Is Earl.” I’m not a fan or her or the show. But to say, Jaime wasn’t that bad. She was actually pretty good. I really enjoyed her monologue. The actors on the show were all stereo-typical Southerners. My favorite part is when Kenan left and Fred decided to follow because he needs a friend and puts on his hat/hood, and we see he is wearing a KKK costume. Even though Miss Pressley hates the stereotypes, ya gotta find them funny. The best part was when Andy played the theme from “Deliverance,” and the banjo started before he did. Plus, I would enjoy him being shirtless. Back to Jaime, she did well, better than I expected. B-

    This week’s musical guest was British songstress Corrine Bailey Rae. I like to call her the female James Blunt. She is British as Blunt is, a songwriter that seems to be a Grammy winner, and has very boring music, as Blunt has. I watched both performances, and was not impressed by either. She did perform well with “Put Your Records On” and “Like A Star,” and does have a lovely voice, but she just isn’t exciting. C+

    Cold Opening: Rep. Dennis Hastert – So, according to Mr. Hastert, it is everyone’s fault that Foley got dirty with some pages via the Internet? Including the Clintons? Huh. This skit taught me that Foley is very considerate when it comes to those young boys, taping them that is, and very crafty and organized. Funny skit I thought. A-

    Nancy Grace – When this started, I was figuring they’d interview a page, and who else but Andy Samberg would be the page. Well, I was right! However, he looked more mature than I thought, not a 19 year-old page. My favorite part was when Nancy (Amy) accused the man in charge of windows for the problem because his company made Windows and congressman are looking through those windows at young attractive pages. Loved that! Sadly, Nancy could not get over the chair being moved. I feel for ya Nancy. I hate when people move my stuff too. A

    NYC Stories I – First we have Martin Scorsese and Rosie Perez. I liked Amy as Perez, but I would like to ask why they didn’t make her look more like the actress. Face it, Rosie is not flat chested as Amy mostly was in this. I learned that the Big Apple has memories for Scorsese. B+

    Jon Bovie – This was undoubtedly the funniest skit of the night. It’s two dudes that sound exactly like Bon Jovi. My mom pointed out that Suds has Jon’s 1980’s hair in it. This was very funny. It was a great music parody skit. And I was half expecting Jon to walk out. This was the best skit of the night, not my favorite, and you’ll find out why, but the best. A+

    WVIR News – So, in this, Jaime won a car dealership contest and Wiig, as a reporter continuously hits on her. It had funny moments, and wasn’t annoying, but it wasn’t that great either. B-

    NYC Stories II – Again? This time we have 1970s punk one hit wonders Lou Reed and Patti Smith. Well, I think they were one hitters. I saw them on VH1’s 100 Greatest one hit wonders. The only funny part I found was when Reed said the water tower was his apartment. But all the stuff about CBGBs was not that great. C+

    Mrs. Hastings – I know girls like Jaime’s character. Jaime is a white girl in a private school acting like she’d go to my old school, and the school they shows did in fact look like Riverside. Anyways, Jaime has gone from prep school girl to ghetto white girl. And she sounded like a ghetto Britney Spears. Kenan played her mom, who first danced with “SexyBack” with her, but then made her go back to class, and the mom flirted with the principal, Bill. It was funny. I liked it. A-

    NASCARettes – This was funny in the beginning, but got weak at the end. But it wasn’t an annoying skit either. I don’t why they had to keep killing everyone. B-

    NYC Stories III – Another one? All I can say about this one was that Yoko Ono, played by Amy, looked more like Sharon Osbourne. And whoever else was in this I mostly forgot. C+

    Big Wigs – Well, I was glad to see Andy in another skit. This was kinda funny and kinda dumb. It is a literal skit, the girls have big wigs and end up dying in a horrible fan accident. Next time is the ball busters, women with baseball bats. I’d wanna be one of those. B

    His Kuado – Ya know, Andy would be the creature. Normally I am glad to see him in a skit, but maybe I could have done without this one. In the end, it wasn’t about a date with Bill and Jaime, ruined by the creature, but in fact an ad from the governator about immigration. Interesting. Now, how can we fit the terminator into all this I wonder? B-

    Cider Chat – Two suburban women are drinking cider and reveal the strangest thing. I didn’t think this was funny, so much a time filler. But that cider made me realize there must be a cider out there that makes ya very truthful. I better stay away from that. C-

    A Moment With The Out Of Breath Jogger From 1982 – Long title. Now, this was a skit that was an obvious time filler, but man, I was not complaining. First of all, it was Andy as the jogger. And he was wearing these little shorts. I enjoyed that a lot. More than I am willing to explain I tell ya. This was my favorite moment, not the best skit, but my fav moment. It will be cut, but I’ll have the memory of Andy is those shorts. I’ll shut up about it now. B+

    There were three best moments. The first was the Jon Bovi skit because that was hilarious. The second was Bill Hader as Peter O’Toole during Weekend Update. That was hilarious! I love him explaining what a drunk is compared to a racist and a perv. The monologue was totally great too! That was so funny. I must add a last. And finally, you guessed it, was that out of breath jogger. Mmm, Andy. Mmm!

    Too many NYC moments, the first was the best. I didn’t enjoy Corrine, but there wasn’t really a bad moment. I can’t think of one.

    Jaime was better than I thought she would be and I was not expecting that last skit. I’ll stop talking about it, but Andy in that did take me by surprise.

    SKIT AVERAGE – 2.9/B-

    SHOW RATING – 7.5/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    We return on the October 21st with John C. Reilly, an actor who you might have never heard of but you have probably seen in a movie, like in “Chicago” and “Talladega Nights.” And for musical guest we have New Jersey’s famed Goth band My Chemical Romance, a band who gained popularity at the beginning of 2005, around the time Fall Out Boy was. I like the song “Helena” a lot. I love it actually. But they are promoting their new album. I figure there will be many teenage girls tuning it because they find Gerard Way one of the hottest rock stars out there and one hot Goth. I guess I am looking forward to seeing MCR perform.
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