Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 3

Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 09, 2010 on NBC

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  • It's Sunday Night Football on NBC...

    Tonight's host is Jane Lynch, who currently stars in the Fox show, Glee. She is very experienced in comedy, so I'm excited to see her on the show. Musical guest is Bruno Mars. He got caught with crack or something earlier this week... nice. I'm sure he was just holding it for a friend. Anyways, lets let he show begin!

    Ask Gloria Alred: This was a really good cold opening. The ridiculously offensive questions they asked her were hilarious, and Nasim's way of portraying her happy responses to the awful questions were great. I especially loved her violent smiles after she answered he questions.

    Monologue: This was actually a pretty funny monologue. I knew it was going to be musical, some what. I was wondering why Jason and Fred's hair looked so weird, but now I get the fact that it was for the next sketch.

    My Mom's on Facebook Filter: This was a funny way to address facebook, and mom's being on. I enjoyed all the photo edits.

    Glee: I've watched Glee here and there when my sister is watching it, and they were actually pretty spot on with the characters. I was wondering where this sketch was going, but I have to say, once I did figure out where this was going, I wasn't too pleased. I'm not a fan of Gilly. A character like the A-Holes or something would have been good, though. But, it was okay, I guess.

    The New Boyfriend Show: This was a really hilarious sketch. It was well written, and all the guests who were talking to her were hilarious.

    Elect Christine O'Donnell: This was a decent enough commercial to feature Wiig's O'Donnell. I loved the witchcraft talk she was saying throughout the whole commercial.

    Secret Word: This was somewhat of a copy and paste from the last few sketches they've done with this. Jane was energetic, and added to the sketch, but the writing wasn't anything too special.

    Relaxation Therapy: This was an alright digital short. It wasn't too funny, just bizarre. I don't have really anything against it, I guess.

    Denzel Checking In: Yes, Jay's Denzel is extremely impressive. I already like Jay a lot, and I can tell that this is going to be a good fit for him. But, the writing in this sketch was pretty weak. Whoever wrote this probably thought "Oh, Jay's impression will carry this... We don't need to try."

    Musical Performance: Bruno Mars performs "Just The Way You Are".... I'll give him props that he used all real instruments, from the violins to the piano. But, yeah, didn't do much for me.

    Weekend Update: Update was pretty good tonight, with Andy's Zuckerberg being the highlight. Fred's commentary wasn't anything to remember.

    The Suze Orman Show: This was a pretty weakly-written sketch for the Suze Orman Show, although I did like Jane Lynch's counter-part.

    Sunday Night Football: Jane Lynch's impression of Faith Hill was pretty good, but this sketch's premise was pretty one-note.

    Musical Performance: Bruno Mars performs the beginning of the B.O.B. song, "Beautiful Girls", and then turns it into "Grenade", which, I'm sure will be a song we will get well acquainted with on the radio soon.

    Tax Masters: I've actually seen this day-time commercial, and this was such an odd twist on it, that I have to give the writers credit for being creative.

    Tonight's episode had a "creative burn-out" feel. It wasn't a bad show, just somewhat below average, or just average. The musical guest, Bruno Mars, didn't really help out the score at all, so this score was made by the quality of the comedy aspect of the show. Jane was a suitable host, and was happy to be there, and I hope to see her host again, maybe when there's a better initiative to write original stuff.

    Taran Killam, thus far, is just the funny guy in the background who adds a second of laughing into a sketch. I want to see what he can actually do though. Anyways, as for the tired-like writing tonight, I'm just going to say that having the season just have started, and it being the 3rd episode in a row, the writers were just tired, because they're still getting used to the show. Let's see how right I am.

    In two weeks, we have host Emma Stone, and musical guest Kings of Leon.
    Next week is a repeat of the Amy Poehler show two weeks ago.
  • 10/9

    After two strong episodes to start the season SNL dropped the ball big time. Here me vent below:

    Cold Opening: A ridiculously stupid concept for a show that merely produced a few bad laughs based on how bad it was.

    Monologue: Horrible. Simply horrible. Jane Lynch was not funny at all.

    Mom On Facebook: That commercial where they did this concept was funny. This was not.

    Glee: Horrible parody of the show. Fred Armisen made me laugh, but that's about it.

    The New Boyfriend Show: Mildly clever concept, but poor exeuction. Sudeikis did his best with the weak material.

    Christine O'Donnell Commercial: Someone must be a Bill Maher fan on the writing team, I keep saying it, but that's the only reason to continue to mock O'Donnell. Not terrible, but really childish.

    Password: This game show needs to end now.

    Digital Short: Horrible. I do not ever want to see Jane Lynch in a bra again.

    Denzel Washington at Macy's: Jay Pharaoh's Denzel Washington impression was decent, but this was pointless.

    Weekend Update: Disappointing effort by Seth Meyers.

    Tax Masters: Not a good one at all.
  • Despite a comedic host and an excellent musical guest, the show fell incredibly flat this time.

    SNL has been in a slump for a while. I'm not sure what's up with the writers, but they just can't seem to get their act together. Jane Lynch is an incredibly funny and talented actress, and it showed in her monologue. However, the rest of the episode was boring and almost painful to watch. Lynch was basically used as a talking prop in most of the scenes, instead of actually playing a funny character. "The New Boyfriend Talk Show" was the funniest sketch of the night, but even that was mediocre at best. The digital short, which can usually be counted on to be funny, was hardly worthy of a chuckle. Even weekend update wasn't very good. SNL might continue to snag great hosts, but if the writers can learn to write for those specific hosts, the show's going to go down faster than the titanic.
  • Some promising skits, but man, there were some big duds here.

    SNL is so hit or miss nowadays that you'd be better off to just watch the individual clips instead of the full episode. Tonight's episode proved this: Jane Lynch was pretty solid throughout the episode, but that doesn't condone the bad skit choices and awful writing in some cases.

    The cold open was pretty bad, as usual, but at least it wasn't a political one. I'm sick of those.. I liked the monologue, and it was indeed nice to see that Jane Lynch doesn't really have a horrific singing voice. From here, it's a slew of skits that somewhat work and some that are just plain dumb. For instance, the Suzie Orman skit didn't click once, and the final skit, involving Jason Sudekis' deformed head felt tacked on their.. there was really not a single redeeming quality about it.

    However, the Digital Short was slightly entertaining, despite being a little weaker than normal. I really enjoyed all of Bill Hader's parts as well as Fred Armisen as the Mexican president of Tourism.. ("did you see beaches?"). Jane Lynch was solid with what she was given, but for the most part, this episode felt unbelievably rushed.
  • 10-09-10 SNL with Jane Lynch and Bruno Mars showcased the talents of guest host Jane Lynch well. Often paired with Andy Samberg to good effect, and of course, early in the show, the obligatory Glee parody.

    The cold opening was a parody of Gloria Allred by one of the newer cast members. Was that Abbey Elliot? I didn't like it very much because it was just an attack on Gloria Allred, and it deflected attention from the target of her latest case, and just kind of said that she was pushy and obnoxious. Andy Samberg played Jane Lynch's son in two sketches, and in a third she was his therapist. First, in the fake commercial that they always have right after the opening monologue, Andy was perplexed when his mother friended him on Facebook. The solution was to buy the mom filtering software. Then, there was a segment where Andy was a kid who had a TV show called My Mom's New Boyfriend where he interviewed her latest. This week, it was Jason Sudekis with a really bad helmet of bed hair. He is playing along with it pretty well until he hears that it is their 100th episode. He starts to wonder just how many people Andy's mom has slept with, and it is a lot. When the celebrity guests like Fred Armisen as Gene Simmons and Kenan Thompson as Magic Johnson congratulate her, Sudekis really starts to worry. It might have been in poor taste to mention Magic Johnson, as he is HIV positive, but anything for a laugh. Gene Simmons, the bass player of KISS known for his extra long tongue and his collection of polaroids of himself with hundreds of groupies, was perhaps fairer game. Fred was funny as his Gene Simmons told Andy's mom, "thanks for keeping it real, and keeping it moist." I think though that the sketch that pushed the envelope the furthest was the one where Lynch was Andy's therapist trying out some most unorthodox visualization techniques. The Glee parody was fun, just to see the SNL cast as the characters on Glee. It was kind of a rehash of Kristen Wiig's Gilley character, so it didn't really go anywhere. There was a segment though that was pretty good where Bill Hader was the MC for a game show called Secret Word, and Kristen Wiig was an overly dramatic actress, and Lynch was a comedian modeled on Phyllis Diller. Wiig and Lynch were also good together in a parody of financial advisor Suze Ormand and Lynch as her "roommate" from college. You can guess what the gist of this one was. At one point Lynch says that Wiig looks like "a vagillion dollars." The best joke I heard on Weekend Update was that the Lady Gaga costume popular for Halloween, but by the time you are finished putting it on, it's November 23rd. Andy was in a segment on Weekend Update where he played Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, and he really nailed it. Andy Samberg really owes a lot to the Internet, YouTube, and social networking, as that is how he got SNL to notice him. Is this is way of paying them back? He and Kristen Wiig are currently the King and Queen of SNL. Kristen Wigg did a parody of Christine O'Donnell's political ad where she says she is not a witch. This is an obvious target, and I think they have already done it. But this one really took the idea and slowly developed it. Christine O'Donnell has said so many crazy things, that it is a shame to just focus on the witch angle. But I can see how it would prove irresistable to a show like SNL. Jay Pharoah did get a chance to do his Denzel Washington impersonation, but it was in a very weak sketch. Was that the best idea they could come up with? Denzel was supposed to be researching a role where he played someone who worked in the returns department at Macy's by working there.

    Musical guest Bruno Mars didn't impress me much at first, but he is a fantastic singer. In his first number it built up to a line where he said "You're awesome just the way you are." It was too much like the Billy Joel song. If you substitute "I love you" for "you're awesome" then it is identical. I guess his fan base doesn't remember Billy Joel, so he feels safe. I will say that Bruno Mars is kind of a throwback. His hair is puffed up into a pompadour that wouldn't be out of place on Fabian or Frankie Avalon. He is wearing a blue blazer with a tie, as are his band. In the second number he was playing electric guitar with a clean sound. He played it really well, but then he stopped his retro sounding number and said, "that was then, this is now." He put the guitar down and then launched into the more modern sounding part of the song. It was a good showcase for his vocal abilities, but I would have liked to have heard more of his guitar. I would have liked to hear how he would update his guitar style, and integrate that into his new sound. I guess the age of the guitar has been over a long time now, but you never know when it will make a comeback. Bruno Mars is a much better guitarist than Lil' Wayne, though. That's for sure.