Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 6

January Jones/The Black Eyed Peas

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 14, 2009 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis! Sketches include "Biden's in Control," "Today," "Rear Window," "WIIX," "A Lady's Guide To Throwing a Party" (film), "Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde," "Toilet Encounters" (Digital Short), and "Cloud Watching." The Black Eyed Peas performed "I Gotta Feeling," "Meet Me Halfway," and "Boom Boom Pow."moreless

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  • The phrase "Last JANUARY, I ate BLACK PEAS" would make more sense.

    Before I start, I'd like to point out that, for some reason, EVERY sketch felt short to me.

    1)For the past few weeks, the cold openings have been getting better. This week it returned to the same. They use every posible politics reference a not enought humour.

    2)HOW TO PLAN A COCKTAIL PARTY would've worked a lot better if they had just made a direct parody of MAD MEN.

    3)WEEKEND UPDATE was 1/3 funny as usual. I applause Seth's improv ability, but he's the least funny of the show. I was glad to see Jon Bovi again.

    4)If someone had told me I was going to watch this clever show make a sketch full of fart jokes... REAR WINDOW ended up not being bad, although after 10 farts in a row it stopped being funny. They should've had one fart at a time.

    5)It was hard for me to understand SHAPES OF CLOUDS. Still funny.

    Overall, not the typical S.N.L. episode, but the typical modern S.N.L. episode. I never take away points if someone laughs during a sketch, and January won't be the exception.moreless

    Really enjoy the current cast of SNL, each of the comedians usually has a great bit or quirky character. However, last night's January Jones show was a snooze. Yes, there were a few funny moments, but you didn't walk away from a skit feeling it was great. January wasn't used much at all, seeming to be added just because she was there...not sure who's decision that was, hers or the writers. Plus, the abundance of commercials, while terrific for NBC, is a huge distraction - especially if the show is dull. I'll continue to hang in there with SNL because I love these guys, but am wondering if this episode felt as uncomfortable for them as it did for me.moreless
  • The bottom of the barrel is almost completely visible now.

    I can't understand why some shows overuse a particular performer. Tonight it was the talentless Jason Sudeikis that we had to see in nearly every sketch. He is a one-note performer, playing every character with a tough-guy attitude-- even his Jimmy Stewart, which started out fairly good, but fell into thug voice by the end of the sketch. He is simply not funny.

    Once again, we keep being forced to sit through sketches that weren't very funny the first, second or third times. The "Today" show? The weird newscaster lady? Jon Bovi? Really? Enough, already! It's an endless cycle of regurgitated garbage.

    The digital shorts become more and more painful to watch every week. It's as if Andy Samberg sits in a room with a bunch of 12-year-olds and they come up with an idea for a movie. Tonight's was embarrassingly bad, particularly after we'd already sat through the fart-joke sketch (which, by the way, featured one of the absolute worst Hitchcock imitations ever, by the "just-as-useless-as-Jason-Sudeikis" Moynihan).

    Remember... the Coneheads and the "wild and crazy guys" and Wayne's World were really funny the first time. We were tickled to see more of them because our memories of them were good ones. Stop churning out the crud, writers!moreless
  • The Boredom, the boredom! This was the worst show from the last 5 years.

    Terrible show. I won't go into the several skits, cause they are all completely forgettable. Nothing funny in this show. The guest host showed no talent whatsoever in the sketch/comic department. The whole thing was just dreadful. Musical guests the Black Eyed Peas were ok. Not much of a fan myself, but it was a solid performance, as far as i remember.

    Please, please come up with an exciting host and some good skits. I love SNL, but this episode was just terrible. Bottom of the barrel.

    Seriously, I can't find ANYTHING ggod about this weeks show. In the middle i stopped watching and started later on angain. but i was just skipping through it. Never rated an episode of SNL with 1. this is a first for me. but that's how bad it was.Stay away from this episode and hope for a better future.

    I'm usually quite optimistic, but i fear, there is more dreadful stuff on the way. The writers have to step up in their game, otherwise SNL will really come to an end in the future. And that would be a bad day for entertainment imho.moreless
  • Not much to say here. About what you expected going in.

    So, two attractive blondes host SNL. One draws the highest ratings of the year, and while just barely getting a passing grade from me, compliments from a lot of people in the media. The other messes up two lines within 30 seconds of the monologue, and shamelessly giggles throughout. Those two people were Taylor Swift and January Jones.

    Cold Opening: Kind of amusing, but Joe Biden is best served as the guy who interrupts Obama, not the star of a sketch. Sudeikis can be the lead, just not as Biden.

    Monologue: As many expected, some people dressed as Mad Men characters asked questions from the audience. Not much here.

    Today Show: Kristen Wiig is infinitely talented, but she needs a male counterpart for her sketches to survive. For every one slightly amusing Kathie Lee joke, there were about four that just fell flat.

    Rear Window: A sketch about farting. I have to commend Sudeikis for saving this from being a complete disaster, but it certainly came pretty close.

    Dairy Queen: The return of Kristen Wiig's overzealous and bisexual newsreporter character. Mildly funny, but a bit too awkward as I think the audience missed what she was trying to do for the most part and didn't get the subtlety of some of the jokes.

    How to Plan a Cocktail Party: As expected, January Jones played a circa 50's housewife in a pre-taped segment. Not funny at all.

    Weekend Update: A few good lines from Seth, but definitely one of his weaker offerings this year. The guests (Jon Bovi, Kim Kardashian and Lou Dobbs) were pretty boring as well.

    Dr. Jekyl: Kind of amusing, but the writing felt a bit rushed together. This sketch could have been stronger but this felt like something they were not planning to put on and decided to throw it in at the least moment.

    Digital Short: Funny? Sort of. Immature? You betcha!

    Miscommunications: For the first time, a little personality from January Jones. Unfortunately it was in the final sketch of the night. Good way to top off the show, and almost made me forget the rest of the horrendous episode.


    Taylor Swift will probably host again somewhere down the line. January Jones? Yeah, probably not.moreless

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