Saturday Night Live

Season 37 Episode 7

Jason Segel/Florence + The Machine

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 19, 2011 on NBC

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  • Pretty bad for a thanksgiving episode.


    Don't get me wrong it was still worth my time I just expected more from a thanksgiving episode.

    Mitt Romney, raw and unleashed: making fun of how Mitt Romney is boring. He calls a lady a sharp dresser, unbuttoned his shirt, said Obama hair and wore a leather jacket. CRAZY! 7/10

    Monologue: It is hard to boo the muppets. This monologue would of been nothing without them. 6/10.

    Kelly auditions: Pretty boring but was saved by Fred Armisen's George Lopez and Abby Elliot's Zooey Deschannel. 6/10

    Kemperpedic me time mattress: Hilarious commercial parody. Had me rolling on the floor. 8/10

    Vogelchecks: Their the Vogelchecks, what can you say. Usually i don't like them but I got to admit seeing Kristen Wiig shooting food into Andy Sambergs mouth had me laughing. 6/10

    Weekend update: Unusually great weekend update. Seth had some good jokes about Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich. A good one liner about the new lego movie. Jon Huntsman showed up( the real one, not Taran Killam) and joked about how New Hampshire is the best state. Really with Seth and Kermit was hilarious. Not Seth but Kermit. 9/10

    Retirement Party: Random Kristen sketch. BORING. 3/10

    A New Jack thanksgiving: I love these sketches. Kristen redeems her previous bad sketch with one of my personal favorites, Triangle sally, Andy Samberg was hilarious, Jay Pharaoh was sweaty and Kenan Thompson filled up on booty. 10/10

    SNL Digital Short: Wonderfully weird short where Andy plays a helpless instructor trying to seduce women through chess. Jason Segal in drag. 8/10

    Andre the Giant Orders Ice cream: Short but sweet(pun intended). Spot on impression that didn't run on to long. 10/10

    The Blue Jeans Committee: Was there something I missed here? I didn't even understand the joke. I guess it was a rock band who wore jeans. Shouldn't have made it past dress rehearsal. 1/10

    Best Sketch: A New Jack Thanksgiving

    Worst Sketch: The Blue Jeans Comitee

    Best Castmember: Andy Samberg

    Worst cast member:Kristen Wiig