Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 10

Jeff Bridges/Eminem, Lil' Wayne

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 18, 2010 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Kenan Thompson!

Sketches include "Christmas Eve in Washington, DC," "Mark Zuckerberg and Julian Assange," "The Miley Cyrus Show," "I Just Had Sex" (Digital Short), "Larry King Live," "Crunkmas Karnival," "This, You Call a Wonderful Life?!," "Jeff'd," "Tunstall General Store," and "A Holiday Message from The Kardashians."

Eminem and Lil' Wayne performed "No Love," "Won't Back Down," and "Six Foot Seven Foot."moreless

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  • So, yeah, it's pretty cool!

    It's hard to believe that in one calendar year, we have the record for longest time period between hosting gigs broken twice. In January this year, we had Sigourney Weaver host, when she hadn't hosted since 1986. And, now, Jeff Bridges hosts, who hasn't hosted since 1983.

    So, yes, Jeff Bridges is hosting tonight, which I'm sure will be good. Eminem and Lil Wayne are musical guests tonight, which I'm sure won't be anything too too special.

    Washington, D.C. on Christmas Eve: This was a really good idea for a sketch. I loved all the things they were imagining, and it was all pretty accurate.

    Monologue: I enjoyed this. I like "Silver Bells", and even though there was more music than comedy, it was still good.

    A Message From Mark Zuckerberg: In what seems to be a Facebook sketch, Julian Assange, yet again, interupts. This was probably the weakest out of the past 3 installments of Julian Assange, but it was still good.

    Miley Cyrus Show: I think that maybe it was too soon to bring this sketch back again, but with the whole Salvia thing, I guess it was appropriate to do it this week.

    I Just Had Sex: This was pretty funny, I guess. I was surprised with the Akon appearance. The tune of the song was actually something to brag about, too.

    Larry King Live: Larry King has the Judds and Dog The Bounty Hunter on. This was a really funny sketch, and I enjoyed all the impressions.

    Christimas Karnival: This was a really funny commercial actually. These characters have always been just alright in my book, but this one was so out there, that I have to give them credit for this.

    Musical Performance: Eminem and Lil' Wayne perform "No Love". Yup.

    Weekend Update: Tonight's Update was an enjoyable. Kenan's Michael Steele was okay. I enjoyed Brad Pitt doing the weather with Angelina Jolie. And, the best part was "Oh Christmas Tree" by Snooki, Stefon, and Governor Paterson.

    You Call This A Wonderful Life?!: This was an okay sketch. It was kind of long and drawn out.

    Jeff'd: This was a funny sketch. It was somewhat dated to do though. Punk'd stopped airing how long ago? But, the impressions that were used were pretty funny.

    Musical Performance: Eminem performs "Won't Back Down", and then Lil Wayne performs "6'7". Good stuff.

    General Store: I actually thought these characters were really funny, just because they were so weird. Jeff's facial expression the whole time was hilarious, along with his hair.

    A Christmas Message From The Kardashians: This was a funny last sketch of the night. All of their whiny voices get so annoying, but, they're accurate.

    Tonight's show was pretty good. Jeff did a good job, and the writers did a decent job at avoiding the "Christmas tired" feeling. Eminem and Lil Wayne weren't really enjoyable to me, but, whatever, I guess.

    In 3 weeks, Jim Carey hosts with musical guest The Black Keys.moreless
  • Wow...

    Jeff Bridges is a fantastic actor and has been acting for longer than a majority of Hollywood actors, but he just didn't mesh well with the SNL cast. It's getting old to keep blaming the writing, because while the writing is certainly sub-par and completely ridiculous, I have to say that it felt like Bridges shouldn't have been there. He's certainly a comedic actor in some cases (Big Lebowski stands out the most), but he's a dramatic actor in my eyes, which made many of these supposedly funny skits fall flat on their face and seem very awkward.

    For one, the monologue was just painfully strange. He refers to his old role as "The Dude" and sings a stupid cover of a Christmas song with... the Cookie Monster?! Maybe I'm missing an inside joke or something, but this was just weird and lame. I liked Bill Hader as Julian Assange, and while I can see this skit already losing its humor.. I liked the TMZ parody with him a few weeks ago, but it's just getting lame now.

    Jeff Bridges just fell flat on his face in the skits he was premiered in too. The Punk'd skit was funny at least in its idea, but Bridges didn't do enough with it. And his appearance in the Larry King Skit with Fred Armisen was just dumb. But I can tell you the two things I did like about this episode. The musical guest-stars were decent this week, and Eminem and Lil Wayne definitely put on an entertaining show. Also, I loved the Digital Short. Completely ridiculous, yet catchy at the same time, the things The Lonely Island does best.

    Let's hope that after the new year, we get a good first episode with Jim Carrey. Fingers crossed!moreless
  • 12/18

    Jeff Bridges is your host. If you expected a good episode, shame on you.

    Cold Opening: Various political figures imagining the headlines they would like to see in 2011. 2 minutes of me groaning.

    Monologue: Jeff Bridges reminds us of the gap between his last hosting stint. That's about it.

    Mark Zuckerburg: Bill Hader interrupts as the WikiLeaks guy. Eh, I guess it doesn't harm anyone.

    The Miley Cyrus Show: Another run of this? Without Bryan Cranston as Billy Ray it just is not the same.

    SNL Digital Short: Somewhat catchy song featuring Akon. I am sure this is what people will be talking about tomorrow.

    Larry King Live: Fred Armisen returns with his sub-par Larry King impression, most likely for the last time. Train wreck of a segment.

    Under Underground Christmas: The "ghetto" white people and random lists took place here again. This time it was actually a new one, but outside of a few bizarre random ones, not a lot to laugh at.

    Weekend Update: Ran for too long and was not even funniest in the least. Not a good line on the whole show.

    This You Call a Wonderful Life: A Hannukah take on It's a Wonderful Life. As dumb as it sounds. Jeff'd: Jeff Bridges hosts a parody of Punk'd.

    Final Segment: The end of the show and an incredibly stupid segment.moreless
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  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Midway through "This, You Call a Wonderful Life?!," the director cuts to the wrong camera for roughly two seconds, resulting a brief shot of the actors' feet.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • Sketches/segments not shown in the 60 minute version: the Michael Steele segment on Weekend Update, "Larry King Live," "Jeff'd," "Tunstall General Store," Eminem's performance of "Won't Back Down," and Lil Wayne's performance of "Six Foot Seven Foot."

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal: "Baby Spanx" (rerun from Emma Stone/Kings of Leon); human resources (Andy Samberg, Abby Elliott) interview a slew of horrible mall store Santas; a teenage boy (Paul Brittain) behaves badly at a holiday party; during drama class, Bedilia (Nasim Pedrad) constantly annoys her teacher (Jeff Bridges).

    • For the third time in less than one calendar year, the record for the longest period of time between first and second hosting stints is broken. Jeff Bridges previously hosted in February 1983 --27 years and 10 months before this show's original airdate-- surpassing the record held by Sigourney Weaver (23 years, 3 months).

    • With this episode, Enimem joins the Five-Timers' Club.