Saturday Night Live

Season 25 Episode 7

Jennifer Aniston/Sting

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 20, 1999 on NBC

Episode Recap

DONALD TRUMP'S ADDRESS: Reform party candidate Donald Trump announces that Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? winner John Carpenter will be his running mate. (John Carpenter, Hammond, Parnell (VO), Tim Herlihy (VO))

MONOLOGUE: Jennifer Aniston showcases her own fight club with the female cast. (Aniston, Dratch, Gasteyer, Oteri, Shannon, Tina Fey)

PRETTY LIVING: Joyologist Helen Madden introduces her self-esteem teachers, an unhappily-married couple. (Aniston, Sting, Gasteyer, Shannon)

NICK BURNS, YOUR COMPANY'S COMPUTER GUY: Computer support technician Nick Burns makes fun of employees' lack of understanding. (Aniston, Fallon, Kattan, Sanz)

WAYNE PORTER: Softspoken castaway gives his reasons why one should vote him leader of island. (Hammond (VO), Parnell)

PRIVOLIN: Executive breaks fourth wall in imaginary genital herpes commercial. (Aniston, Dratch, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Hammond (VO), Meadows)

SEX AND THE CITY: Carrie runs into animalistic bar patron Mr. Peepers. (Aniston, Gasteyer, Kattan, Oteri, Shannon)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Wired George W. Bush denounces any cocaine allegations and reads from his book; Colin Quinn and Tracy Morgan's gentle discussion on race relations shows true colors in subtitles. (Ferrell, Morgan, Quinn)

"BRAND NEW DAY": (Sting)

CHRISTMAS URCHINS: 19th century British street urchins entertain a family on Christmas. (Aniston, Dratch, Fallon, Gasteyer, Hammond, Kattan, Parnell)

KIM PLUNKETT: Delusional castaway lashes out at opponent. (Ferrell, Hammond (VO))

POKEMON PARENTS: Parents chastise their child for not being interested in Pokemon phenomenon. (Aniston, Hammond)

"DESERT ROSE": (Sting)

ROBERTA'S THANKSGIVING: Roberta ruins a family get-together at Thanksgiving by inviting herself. (Aniston, Gasteyer, Hammond, Oteri, Parnell)
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