Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 16

Jennifer Lopez (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 27, 2010 on NBC

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  • Remember? I used to hold the orange juice...

    It's quite generous of NBC to air Saturday Night Live, even though the winer olmpics of aught-10 are still going on. Instead of the usual 4-week break, we only had a 3-week break until we viewed another new episode.

    Our host tonight is Jeniffer Lopez, who is also our musical guest. She seems like a decent enough host from her last stint a decade ago, but, I'm not too much of a fan of her music.

    We Are The World 3: This made a very good point of the "We Are The World 2" 'disaster'. I, personally, could not stand "We Are The World 2". They should have just never done that. But, anyways, the impressions in this sketch were great. Kristen Wiig's Gwen Stafani was right on, as was J-Lo's Rihanna.

    Monologue: Yes, people do grow up. It was a pretty funny monologue. Kenan, Bill, and Jason walking off was funny.

    Curling World Cup: These sketches still make me laugh. But, maybe we should put a stop to this sketch, until May sweeps or something. I am loving the trend of doing feminine hygeine products too.

    Flags of the World: A silly premise of some sorts. Nothing to special. The "Oh No You Just Didn't" "Oh Yes I Did" flags were funny.

    Hollywood Dish: This was a funny return. It was okay. I laughed a few parts. The ironic way they turn it around is pretty funny.

    Vancouver 2010: This sketch wasn't anything too special.

    Undercover Boss: This was a funny take on that show I've been seeing all these previews to. Kristen as Martha Stewart was the best part.

    Musical Performance: J-Lo plays out "Pieces", which didn't do much for me!

    Weekend Update: Update was pretty decent tonight. Bobby's commentary was a good idea, and Fred as David Paterson was pretty funny.

    Besos Y Lagrimas: They've done this sketch 2 times before this. One of them being funny (originally with Christina Aguilera), just because of the irony, and the true spirit of Spanish soaps. This was pretty bad, and unfunny. It's just unoriginal, and screamed 'recurring'.

    Eternal Spark of Love: This is another example of an undriven, recurring sketch. I don't know why so many nearly carbon-rewrites of recurring sketches have aired tonight. But, as the night goes on, they get more and more lazy.

    Musical Performance: J-Lo performs "Starting Over". ...Yeah I didn't really enjoy this.

    Smash Mouth: Yes. This sketch was, by far, the best sketch of the night. It was original, and Nasim made this sketch awesome. I really liked the originality in this sketch.

    Car Horns: I don't mind seeing Jenny bring this character back. It's pretty funny, and maybe this will help Jenny get more acquainted with SNL (finally). It was a little bit more original, I guess.

    Closet Organizer: The magic's gone with this commercial, since it had a follow-up. I also noticed they cut the Jon Hamm part out, which was probably the best part, since it was so unrelated to the actual commercial.

    Tonight's show was right around average. There were some real good sketches that showed creativity. But, for all those creative sketches, there was some recurring sketch that was just a re-write with some minor changes. Jennifer Lopez proved to be a good host. I wasn't a fan of her being the musical guest, as I dont like her music, I guess. But, nothing against her. She performed it well. Anyways, I'm going to give this show the benefit of the doubt, and give it a slightly above average grade.

    Next week: Zach Galifianakis and Vampire Weekend. Yes. This will be good.
  • Jennifer Lopez hosts.

    Jennifer Lopez is your host tonight. While she can still turn heads at 40 her music and films haven't really been relevant in some time. Could she bring the laughs tonight on SNL?

    We Are The World: "Well, that was pretty bad too." Nice, clever take on the stupidity that was the We Are The World remake. A different way to open SNL is never a bad thing either.

    Monologue: Lopez seems to be ready for hosting duties. But will she be funny? We'll see.

    ESPN Classic: Another one of these. One of the writers must really love this sketch concept. Flags of the World: Sometimes these digital shorts are a bit too creative. This was one of those cases.

    Hollywood Dish: Another segment that has been redone too much this season, but Hader and Wiig together is difficult to top. Telemundo Olympic Coverage: As expected, there would be a lot of spanish-themed segments today and this was one of them. Undercover celebrity Boss: "Because I'm Martha ****** Stewart!" Dumb parody of Undercover Boss. Weekend Update: "Gatorade officially dropped Tiger Woods as its spokesperson this week after realizing that his thirst would never be quenched." Bobby Moynihan combatting the SNL Studio's awful Wi-fi was kind of funny, but after three years I'm still not a fan of his yet. And what would it be without some NEW JUHSEE!! hate?

    Besos y Lagrimas: If you like Conan O'Brien telenovelas, you probably liked this. I don't, and I didn't.

    Romance: Another recurring sketch, marking the second appearance of Kenan as a 70's-esque love guru first done during Taylor Lautner's episode. "They both like kids and we all know there's only one way to make them."

    Tina Sells Carhorns: Jenny Slate now has a recurring character? That shows you how desperate this show is. I hated her doorbell skit and this carhorn one was even worse. Closet Organizer: Surprised to see this make a return but then again Edible Pampers aired three times so nothing should shock me now. ---

    Final thoughts: Jennifer Lopez really tried here, but this episode just felt thrown together. Not enough material for her to work with, but her energy was appreciated.
  • I can see their soul patches

    "Jenny from the block" Lopez takes her second turn as host and musical guest a little over nine years after her previous one.

    Cold Open- We Are the World 3- After his previous disasterous assembly at remaking the 1985 charity song, Quincy Jones (Kenan) finds his third attempt not much better -- featuring everyone from Rihanna(Jenny), Gwen Stefani (Kristin), Adam Lambert (Jason), David Crosby (Bobby), Eddie Vedder (Bill), Willie Nelson (Will) to Carlos Santana (Fred). This was a great edition to those parodies of the like minded song the show during the early '90s.

    Monologue- Jennifer talks to her former orange juice holder (Kenan) and lookalike drag queens (Bill, Jason). Eh.

    Gyne-Lotrimin Women's Championship of Curling 1987- Greg Stink (Will) and Pete Twinkle (Jason) provide more off-the-wall color commentary and bizarre pun-laden sponsor shout outs during a curling match. I am beginning to enjoy these more and more as time passes. Its not the premise, its Jason and Will performance in these that make these things work.

    Flags of the World (Digital Short)- Various flags of different countries are showcased as well as non-nation flags -- Black Flag, We love Betty White flag, etc. I like bizarre, so this worked me.

    Hollywood Dish- Hosts (Kristin, Bill) ask Jennifer bizarre questions on the celebrity chat show, then edit the footage to make her look crazy. Pretty much carbon copy of the one from the Taylor Swift episode, even down to the disgusting spit-take. Telemundo on the Winter Olympics- Telemundo anchors (Jennifer, Fred, Jenny, Bill) are intrigued by the winter games and their winter atmosphere. I got the joke, but it wasn't that funny.

    Undercover Celebrity Boss- a take off of the cable reality show finds well known CEOs, Steve Jobs (Fred), Richard Branson (Bill), Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen (Nasim, Jenny) and Martha Stewart (Kristin) spending some time working in the various trenches of their respective corporations. The impression were funny and spoof of the premise worked.

    Jennifer transforms from back side wiggling into soccer mom on the bland AOR of "Pieces".

    Weekend Update- great jokes from Seth, including the Waffle House and Tiger Woods jokes, and to discuss the decision to not seek election to a full term as governor next November, is the New Jersey-joking New York governor David Paterson. Solid edition

    Besos y Lagrimas- The overdramatic Univision telenovela finds nun Josefina (Jennifer) having an affair with Carlos (Fred) only for him to be killed by his wife (Kristin). I love the previous editions of these and this was no exception. Puppet loving co-worker= At the office, a man (Jason) has a conversation with his co-worker (Jennifer) about her puppets while being punctuated by a smooth sensual voiceover of a man on a conveyor belt (Kenan). A second go around for this sketch was unnecessary like the aforementioned Hollywood Dish.

    Jennifer continues her soccer mom balladeering with "Starting Over"

    Smash Mouth in the Closet- a young girl (Nasim) is continuously frighten by pop band Smash Mouth (Fred, Bobby, Bill) whom come out from hiding in her closet and jumping through walls to perform their big late '90s hit. Sketch of the night, delirious and bizarre.

    Car Horns and More- Tina Tina (Jenny) goes from hawking doorbells to car horns, and with her cousin (Jennifer) in tow, all feature their deadpan voices. For a second time around, I enjoyed this. Closet Organizer- a repeat from last month's Jon Hamm episode. Still holds up.

    Decent show overall. 6.5/10