Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 13

Jesse Eisenberg/Nicki Minaj

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 29, 2011 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Kristen Wiig!

Sketches include "Michele Bachmann's Second Attempt," "Estro-Maxx," "Mr. Wizard's World," "Don't Forget The Lyrics!", "WXPD News," "The Creep" (Digital Short), "TCM: Bride of Blackenstein," "Skins," "Spa Talk," and "El Shrinko."

Nicki Minaj performed "Right Thru Me" and "Moment 4 Life."moreless

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  • Jesse Eisenberg hosts

    Some people say Jesse Eisenberg is a bad actor, not funny and is a Michael Cera-lite. I disagree with all of those statements; he's carved his own niche out in the comedy/drama world, and he certainly has his own style of acting that some people hate but that I just happen to like. However, I felt like this episode was extremely uneven in the way it portrayed him. There were moments that caught his neurotic behavior at its best and others that seemed unable to find anything to do with him.

    The monologue was pretty funny, and I thought it was pretty ironic considering they all had "berg" at the end of their names.. that made for my favorite line of the night by Andy Samberg ("Awk-berg!") After that, it was pretty hit or miss. For instance, we had another really lame commercial that seems to only act as a placeholder while everyone prepares for their skits. Then we get a weird Nickelodian skit where Bill Hader hosts a science show and Jesse Eisenberg and Nasim Pedrad rub balloons on each others naughty parts. It was slightly funny, nothing more. However, any time Bill Hader brings out the old reporter named Herb, I'm in hysterics. It's not even laugh out loud funny, but Hader plays the role to perfection.

    To be honest, my favorite skits involved Nicki Minaj. The Digital Short this week was catchy as hell, exactly what a Digital Short should be. Watching the "Dudes" act extremely creepy and build up to the entrance of Nicki Minaj, who is equally creepy, was awesome.. and it was a random but cool John Waters cameo bookending the skit. A little while later, we get Minaj again, this time in an actual speaking role, and while she certainly wasn't the best actor, she did a great job for a woman who doesn't have a huge amount of acting experience. And Jay Pharoh is going to be a star when he escapes the shadow of the current stars of SNL.. a great job all around here.

    The second half of the show, however, was pretty weak.. I wasn't a huge fan of the Weekend Update.. I felt like a lot of Seth's Egypt jokes were just falling flat. Yes, we know it's a controversial subject, but there's no need to drive the point home. Also, the final two skits of the night were terrible. The "Skins" spoof led to no laughs from me, and that penis shrinker" thing felt so forced into the end of the episode that even the audience wasn't laughing at it.

    Overall, I suppose it wasn't too bad, but for the most part, I was left waiting for more.moreless
  • What did we learn about electricity?

    Tonight's show is host Jesse Eisenberg and musical guest Nicki Minaj. Both of them together make me unsure of how tonight's broadcast will go. I'm not too much of a fan of Nicki Minaj, and Jesse Eisenberg just says to me "I'm a good serious actor... but comedy is not my alpha." But, I guess that's what SNL is for. We'll find out.

    Michelle Bachmann's Second Response: I thought this was a good way to make fun of what happened with the hilarious technical gaffes. The way Kristen talked off camera the whole time was so great.

    Monologue: This was a pretty funny monologue to start off with at first. Then the real Mark Zuckerberg walked on. Kind of awkward, just because he was so stiff. But, it was an alright monologue anyways.

    Once Daily Estro-Maxx: This was a pretty funny commercial parody. Kenan's face at the security gate was great.

    Mr. Wizard's World: Now, this was a hilarious sketch. Nasim and Jesse's facial expressions while they were ... rubbing.. eachother were hilarious. And, the vibrating machine was a great way to end the sketch.

    Don't Forget the Lyrics!: I thought the guy from Who's Line Is it Anyway?! was the host of this show? Well, either way, it was a good sketch.

    WXPD News: I was a little hesitant to see this character back, but it was just as funny as the first time. Bill's facial expression when he'd pop his eyes to the camera, while yelling at Jason, was hilarious. And, when he started cracking up, it was great.

    The Creep: This was a decently funny musical digital short. Nicki was actually pretty good in this.

    Musical Performance: Nicki performs "Right Thru Me". Now to my question: Who was actually doing the background singing? The two girls in the back weren't, and neither was Nicki.... so I'm assuming they used a taped back ground singer?

    Weekend Update: Update was good tonight, as usual. Fred's Egyptian president was very funny, as was Kenan's Tyler Perry.

    Bride of Blackenstein: This sketch was probably the best sketch of the night, just because of how much talent was featured in it. Nicki was really good in this. I laughed at all the lines Jay and Jesse had to comment on when she'd say something. Also, Bill's ghetto voice was unbelievably brilliant.

    Skins: This was a great parody of this sadly serious show, Skins. Skins actually is facing a child pornography charge, for the record, if that doesn't say anything about the stupidity of the show. But, the awful acting in this was great.

    Spa Talk: I know i know. Everyone's freaking out. Another sketch that stars Kristen?!? Another stupid character? I have to say, this was so stupid, that it was funny. The way Kristen portrayed this character of being in La-La land, and floating around the room was absolutely hilarious, even with the dysfunctional families fighting.

    Musical Performance: Nicki performs "Moment 4 Life". Nicki was a good addition to the show, but not in a musical aspect.

    El Shrinko: This was actually a really funny premise. I loved the ditzy girls asking what they were talking about and such.

    Tonight's show was a surprisingly really good show. Jesse was a very good host, and Nicki was a good addition to the sketches she participated in. Her music, however, was nothing too much for me. She definitely was theatrical in her performances though, which I have to give her credit for. But, anyways, with no help from the musical aspect, the comedic aspect earned this show a very good rating, which is pretty impressive.

    I'm very impressed with this season thus far, and hopefully we'll keep it going. January is usually the drab month of the season, and this January was really good. so, hopefully it just keeps on getting better and better.

    Next week, I have a feeling, won't be a let-down. Dana Carvey returns after a 10 year hiatus, to host, with musical guest Linkin Parkmoreless
  • Bring on the Berg's.

    I haven't really watched many SNL shows, however I get the feeling that they would be best seen while in bed, with some sort of snack and some alcohol to wash it down with. I saw this ep on my computer in an uncomfortable chair, which didn't really help the viewing experience. But wow, I really can't beleive they got Zuckerburg to do it, (and I also wonder if they paid him - I doubt it), but seeing him and Eisenberg and Samburg all together in weird kind of awkwardness was really great. So if I'm lying down on a Saturday night and happen to turn this on, I'll probably tune in.

    *Fav sketches: Nickelodeon classic tv show and MTV skins commercial*moreless
  • 1/29

    Jesse Eisenberg is your host tonight. The idea that he is considered an "actor" is an absolute joke, but I digress. He tried to play a variety of different characters here tonight, but this is the same problem that Gwyneth Paltrow faced in that he is just not funny. His opening monologue felt like a poorly-scripted Damien Spinelli rant, not something I expect from a comedy sketch.

    They also exploited their musical guest once again, this time Nicki Minaj's bottom. It got a laugh out of me, but the sketch was quickly ruined when it turned into a very racist depiction of black people.

    I apologize for the lack of a scene by scene writeup here, but honestly, this episode didn't deserve it.moreless
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