Saturday Night Live

Season 3 Episode 14

Jill Clayburgh/Eddie Money

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 18, 1978 on NBC

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  • One of the most bland hosts from Year 1 returns!

    Back in Year 1, Jill Clayburgh hosted one of the episodes mid-way through the season (I gave it a 5.5), which resulted in one of the more bland flavourless episodes that whole year. She was nothing special for a host and that makes one wonder why they would bother inviting her back a couple years later. However, the musical guest is Eddie Money, the man behhind "Baby Hold On", a rock classic as far as I'm concerned. Still, can Clayburgh finally helm a broadcast of Saturday Night Live without being bland and boring as watching paint dry. Let's take a look and see how she fares.

    Host: Jill Clayburgh
    Musical Guest: Eddie Money

    "Bowling for Medicine"...ehh.

    Cold Open: Danny Boy (Morris) (3:16)

    --Garrett, in leprechaun-type garb, sings "Danny Boy" with a scroller written by Morris himself that plays over it. I usually like Garrett's song bits and this was no exception.

    Monologue (Clayburgh) (1:51)

    --Jill brings up her hosting stint from two years ago and talks of how her monologue wasn't that great last time...and isn't this time either. Wow, she's right.

    Commercial: Royal Deluxe II (Aykroyd, Morris, Radner) (1:30)

    --A repeat of the classic commercial bit from Martin/Browne.

    The Olympia Cafe (Clayburgh, Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Murray, Newman, Radner

    --The second appearance for the crazy Greek restaurant sees a new waitress (Clayburgh) get hired on and trained by another (Newman), while a woman (Curtin) attempts to advertise a benefit in the window. Not as good as the first one, but still pretty funny.

    Sybil III (Clayburgh, Curtin, Newman, Radner) (5:25)

    --Dr. Wilbur (Clayburgh) tries to convince three people named Sybil (Curtin, Newman, Radner) that they are one person with schizophrenia. Pretty clever take on that old TV movie with Sally Field.

    Bad One-Man Theatre (Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Murray) (3:26)

    --Another edition of Leonard Pinth-Garnell's (Aykroyd) presentation of typically bad institutions. This time out, he introduces bad one-man theatre, particularly bad because there is more than one person performing in it. Entertaining as usual.

    Eddie Money sings "Baby Hold On" (3:09)

    --HELL YES! Money performs a classic and sounds great doing it on a live show too.

    Commercial: Nutrifix (Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Newman) (1:48)

    --Introducing America's fastest breakfast in needle form! Hilariously daring bit with a great performance from Jane Curtin.

    Weekend Update with Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin (also: Laraine Newman, Gilda Radner, and Al Franken) (9:08)

    --Jane pokes more fun at Roman Polanski's preference of the younger ladies and does a great riff on horses having venereal diseases as the highlights this week. Laraine Newman talks with miner Lester Crackfield (Franken), who talks of the safety of the mine before it collapses on them both and then Roseanne Roseannadanna stops by to talk about how to file your tax reports. Another solid edition of Update in this episode.

    Everything's Blurry (Clayburgh, Belushi) (3:25)

    --A passenger (Belushi) with blurry vision talks of all the places he's seen that are out-of-focus and fuzzy. Didn't really go for this.

    In The Shower (Murray, Radner) (3:26)

    --Richard Herkiman (Murray) makes his second appearance with wife Jane (Radner), hosting his talk show in the shower. This time, he invites neighbour Morty Coony (Belushi) and then surprises him with the appearance of his wife (Clayburgh). A great sketch because it allows Murray to show off his terrific personality.

    The Coneheads on Earth (Clayburgh, Aykroyd, Curtin, Murray, Newman) (6:28)

    --This time out, Beldar (Aykroyd) has an affair with another woman (Clayburgh) while Connie (Newman) prepares for another date with Ronnie Getsetter (Murray). Coneheads are always good for a laugh.

    Celebrity Crackup (Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Murray, Radner) (5:45)

    --Jane welcomes Robert Blake (Belushi), Tony Orlando (Murray), Claudine Longet (Radner), and Richard Pryor (Morris) to talk about their foibles so as to prevent future celebrities for suffering the same thing. I loved Murray's manic-depressive impression of Tony Orlando and even though Morris' Pryor impression isn't great, I enjoyed it anyway. Hell, everyone's celebrity impressions were fun.

    Eddie Money sings "Two Tickets to Paradise" (3:25)

    --Ahh, I forgot that he did this tune. Some interesting camera work highlights another fantastic song by Money.

    Relationships (Clayburgh) (4:02)

    --Jill takes center stage and sings about how people act during relationships. Not as boring as I was expecting and a pretty decent way to close the show.

    Jill does the usual spiel with the cast, saying goodnight to the audience.

    Best segment: Sybil III
    Worst segment: Everything's Blurry

    Host: Jill Clayburgh - 7/10
    Musical Guest: Eddie Money - 9/10

    A vast improvement over the last time Clayburgh hosted, this time it felt more like she was actually trying in the sketches and not like she was going through the motions. While she wasn't amazing, she was still a solid host this time around and the writing sure didn't hurt either. Eddie Money was terrific as a musical guest, singing two of his classics and having a really commanding voice on the stage. Overall, this was a very solid episode and would be a good continuation of one of the best years in SNL's history.

    Rating: 7.5/10