Saturday Night Live

Season 21 Episode 20

Jim Carrey/Soundgarden

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 18, 1996 on NBC

Episode Recap

NIGHTLINE: Despite Bob Dole's best efforts to help his campaign, Bill Clinton happens to do him one better by resigning as president. (Hammond, Hammond, MacDonald)

MONOLOGUE: Jim Carrey sells out by doing all of his recognizable traits for an audience member. (Carrey, Adam McKay)

SPARTANS WRESTLING TOURNAMENT: Foreign exchange student and cheerleader helps Craig Buchanan and Arianna in their cheers. (Carrey, Ferrell, McKinney, Oteri)

THE ROXBURY GUYS: The Roxbury guys go out on the town after being kicked out of the nightclub. (Carrey, Breuer, Ferrell, Hammond, Kattan, Koechner, Oteri, Shannon, Walls)

JACUZZI LIFEGUARD: Spastic lifeguard protects a man trying to relax in a jacuzzi. (Carrey, Ferrell, Meadows)


"PRETTY NOOSE": (Soundgarden)

I'LL SEE YOU IN HELL: Employee uses the phrase "I'll see you in Hell" so often, it starts losing all meaning, or does it? (Carrey, Ferrell, Hammond, Kattan, McKinney, Meadows, Shannon, Walls)

SPADE IN AMERICA: David Spade makes fun of all of the castmembers and takes a look back at some of his Hollywood Minutes over the years. (Spade)

THE JOE PESCI SHOW: Jim Carrey annoys Jimmy Stewart. (Carrey, Breuer, McKinney)

"BURDEN IN MY HAND": (Soundgarden)

JIMMY TANGO'S FAT BUSTERS: Sweating and anxious creator explains that his weight losing method was because of heat-beads and crystal meth. (Carrey, Ferrell, Walls, Wolf)