Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 11

Jim Carrey/The Black Keys

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 08, 2011 on NBC

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  • 1/8

    Jim Carrey tried, but the fact is that Ace Ventura Pet Detective should stop looking for dogs and start looking for some new writers.

    Cold Opening: Fred Armisen again as a tanned character, this time Michael Bloomberg. Huh? He didn't look or sound anything like him, but that hasn't stopped SNL before. Weak cold opening.

    Monologue: Jim Carrey growing crazy for 2011, overweight men in the audience and proposing to a woman before leaving with the aforementioned man. He is excited to be there, but he left his comedy back in 1993 on In Living Color.

    Black Swan: A parody of the "popular" movie with Jim Carrey appearing as a ballerina that the instructor liked. Nothing to write home about.

    Finding Power: Jason Sudeikis hosts a talk show about people who are afraid of confrontation and cry instead of yelling. Not worth going farther into it.

    Grady Wilson's Sex DVD: They dug this segment up from the grave and Jim Carrey appeared as well. If you laugh during it you probably laughed here. I don't and I didn't.

    Soul Train Performances: Bobby Moynihan (unfortunately) hosts a commercial for a collection of songs. Worse than the MTV 3 segments.

    Weekend Update: Seth Meyers has been in a slump lately and this did not help. Bobby Moynihan (unfortunately) stopped by as the second hand news person and Andy Samberg in a bird suit again. Want that quarter of an hour back.

    Ride: Kenan and Kristen go on a ride where the singing robots end up attacking him. Yeah.

    Spiritual Guide: Jason, Nasim and Vanessa visit someone who they believe will help them communicate with the dead. Jim Carrey ends up claiming to contact past celebrities and does impressions of them. Not exactly Jay Pharaoh.

    Taste of New York: Fred Armisen's wedding band is repackaged here as three grunge people in NYC. Bad even by last segment of the night standards.