Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 11

Jim Carrey/The Black Keys

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 08, 2011 on NBC

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  • Half-Year Review

    Tonight's show brings host Jim Carrey. He hasn't hosted since 1996, and I've heard SNL kept on trying to get him back, so I'm not sure why he'd all of a sudden accept now. But, it's good to have him back. Musical guest is The Black Keys. This also marks the half-way mark to the season.

    A Message From Mike Bloomberg: People hated this opening, but I thought it was pretty good. New Yorkers don't know the real harsh winter that us Mainahs do. So, yeah, it was funny.

    Monologue: This was a lot like the Jeremy Piven monologue. It was really funny, and it worked well.

    Bosely Restoration: Yes..... again. Out of all the commercials they've aired, they couldn't have aired another one?

    Black Swan: I'm glad they spoofed this movie. I saw it over Christmas break, and it truly was messed up, but still good at the same time. Jim's "sexy" antics were hilarious.

    Finding Your Power: This sketch was pretty good. The irony of "well, we taped it" was never really ironic, though.

    Grady Wilson's Tantric & Tasty: Yes... Grady Wilson again... Jim did make this funnier though. But, the movies are just way too animated to be disgustingly funny anymore.

    The Worst of Soul Train: I was surprised this sketch was put so high up in the show. It wasn't too funny. There were some hopeful comedic moments, but, otherwise, it wasn't anything too big to laugh about.

    Musical Performance: The Black Keys perform "Howlin' For You", which was a good performance.

    Weekend Update: The Pelosi/Boehner commentary was probably the funniest commentary of the night. Bobby's Anthony Crispino and the Bird/Fish interaction were both funny too.

    Merryville: This sketch was absolutely hilarious. The facial expressions when the men stopped were great, and everything about this was hilarious.

    Psychic Medium: This was a great way to feature Carrey's talents at his impressions. It was another hilarious sketch.

    Musical Performance: The Black Keys perform "Tighten Up" which was another good song.

    A Taste of New York: Yet again, another hilarious sketch. Kristen and Jim were both so convincingly depressed that it was great.

    Tonight's show took a while to warm up. Post-Update was a lot better than before Update. But, it worked out to be a decent enough show. Jim Carrey was a great host, once again, and hopefully he'll host another time... maybe a little sooner than 14 years from now. The Black Keys were good additions to the show.
    And now, for the half-way mark, my thoughts on Season 36 so far.

    Best Rookie-Cast Member (Minus Nasim):
    It was definitely a toss-up between Jay Pharaoh and Vanessa Bayer... Vanessa has been more constant throughout the whole season with her appearances and is just always funny with the way she delivers, but when Jay shows up, which is less consistent than usual, he hits it out of the park usually. (Meanwhile, please know that this year, I like all the new cast members thus far. They seem to be fitting in pretty well)
    So, my nomination shall be Vanessa Bayer.

    Best Digital Short:
    3. Ronnie & Clyde (10/30/10)
    2. Rescue Dogs 911 (10/02/10)
    1. Broke My Arm (10/23/10)

    Worst Digital Short:
    Toss-up between Boogerman and Relaxation Therapy, but I'll go with Relaxation Therapy (10/09/10)

    Best Cold Opening:
    3. Christine O'Donnell Opening (09/25/10)
    2. Ask Gloria Allred (10/09/10)
    1. Wiki-Leaked (12/04/10)

    Worst Cold Opening:
    China Conference [Can we say "Re-write"?] (11/13/10)

    Best Cast Member Thus Far:
    Bill Hader. No contest.

    Worst Cast Member:
    Abby Elliott would be my least favorite at the moment.

    Cast Member(s) who have overstayed their Welcome:
    Yes. There are multiple. Fred's time has officially expired on the show. I feel that Seth can stay as head-writer, but his time on Weekend Update needs to end after May. And, I feel bad that many say Kristen needs to go, since, in year's measurement, she hasn't been around for an extremely long time, but, yes, her talent has become too much for SNL. She needs a TV Show, or a movie. She definitely deserves some sort of contract when she eventually leaves.

    Those are my three. People will say Kenan, but, as long as he's not always trying to ham it up, and he plays an even amount of straight-men characters, and main characters, I won't mind his stay.

    Worst Host:
    There really hasn't been any bad hosts this season, yet. I feel all of the applied themselves. But, Robert DeNiro was probably the weakest out of the bunch.

    Best Hosts:
    In no real order, the best ones so far are Jon Hamm, Emma Stone, Amy Poehler, and Anne Hathaway. The rest were good too though.

    Worst Musical Guest:
    3. Eminem & Lil' Wayne
    2. Katy Perry
    1. Diddy Dirty Money (All because Diddy didn't even DO anything his whole second performance.)
    Best Musical Guest:
    This was a hard bunch to choose from. Here we go.
    3. Kanye West
    2. Paul McCartney
    1. Arcade Fire

    Worst Episode:
    Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars (10/09/10)

    Best Episode:
    It's a toss-up between Stone/Leon, and Hathaway/Florence.... but I'm going to say Hathaway/Florence.

    This season so far:
    Season 36 is looking up. People are incessantly complaining about it all over, but I like it. I hope the 2nd half does not go through the usual mid-season low as bad as it did last year. It's usually late January to mid March that such a low occurs. But, season 36's overall quality is better than season 35's. Most of the episodes that have aired this year would have been considered in the top 5 episodes of last year.

    All the newly hired cast members are showing huge promise. Last year, Jenny Slate was struggling very badly around this time. This year, all 4 seem to have some sort of energy they add to the show.

    Can't wait for part 2. Next week is Gwenyth Paltrow and Cee-Lo.
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