Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 11

Jim Carrey/The Black Keys

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Jan 08, 2011 on NBC

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  • An okay episode, but at least Carrey was in just about every skit

    Jim Carrey has aired in some pretty dumb movies over the years, but one thing I've always enjoyed is how consistently hilarious he is in most of them.. even in the more serious ones, he has a certain charm that is impossible to ignore. Tonight's episode was sort of like his career: hysterical in parts, super-awkward and awful in others.

    Cold Open: Started off promising, got super-lame very fast. If they could've found a way to tell this joke without driving the point home twenty million times, it would've worked more. Plus, as somebody who lives in Maine, where it's always snowing, it's easy to understand what the skit was saying. That's what my entire city and state is like.

    Monologue: Actually very good.. sometimes, the writers have no clue how to play to the strengths of the host, and today, they did a great job. The way Carrey interacted with the audience was superb.

    Black Swan: I don't even know what to think.. by rights, it should've been stupid, but Jim Carrey's energy can sometimes make me forget how dumb a skit is. It was also just one example of how dirty Carrey was willing to be.

    Finding Your Power: Stupid. Why show the same thing over and over again? I understand that SNL finds it funny to take one little skit and drive it into our skulls over and over again, getting more and more ridiculous each time, but this was just dull. Not even Carrey could save it.

    Grady Wilson: Funny but tasteless.. I can see this being a love or hate skit. Jim Carrey was awesome in this. I'm surprised at how raunchy they've let Jim Carrey be in this.. already, for me, this is one of the best episodes this season (that's not saying much though)

    Soul Train: I hate half of this skit and loved the other half.. Triangle Sally and Ocean Billy both made me laugh while the rest made me either lightly chuckle or remain silent. But there was enough to make it far from a total trainwreck. Oh and Jim Carrey's show stopping song was AWESOME.. unfortunately, I can't repeat it here, but still.. it was good. Trust me.

    Weekend Update: Not really that funny.. I still think Bill Hader and Andy Sanburg are hilarious, but boy, they give them some pretty stupid skits to do.

    There were a few more, one of them being Carrey impersonating a bunch of celebrities, but they were just sub-par at best. All in all, I was glad that Carrey was in a majority of the skits, but I don't think the writing matched his comedic abilities. Not bad though.
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