Saturday Night Live

Season 39 Episode 14

Jim Parsons/Beck

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 01, 2014 on NBC

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  • an average episode

    New anchor desk co-host made his first appearance, moving from head writer to on screen. He was more than a little stiff. Cecily had good energy, but not enough to balance how awkward he seemed. The over all episode was only alright. Nothing really stood out except for Taran and Cecily interacting as the 200 year old critic, which had a few moments that were funny, and Keenan and Jay as Shaq and Charles Barley. their jokes weren't all that funny, but it was clear that Keenan was having a problem not laughing at Jay the whole time. And a behind the scenes look at the casting for the slave masters for 12 Years a Slave, with all of the white actors being extremely uncomfortable with being seen as racists. Apparently the writing staff spent the whole Olympic break actually watching the Olympics instead of writing jokes.

    hopefully next week isbetter.