Saturday Night Live

Season 37 Episode 10

Jimmy Fallon/Michael Bublé

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • really enjoyed it!

    I have to admit I am somewhat of a(n?) SNL newbie .. when I lived in NYC, I had no idea what it was .. I just got in when Tina Fey was doing her fantastic Palin impression ... and ever since I kept watching ... I think to get in tune with SNL... it is not always the most cracking joke, but the art or delivering comedy on many levels .. every week ... i.e. I hate Kristen Wigg and I think Fred as that musical couple on news update ... but one has to respect their ability to do improv.

    This ep I found especially charming .. maybe because of the musical numbers. The opening was great (and i guess even greater for people who know the characters), the monologue was cheerful and in the right spirit of the season. The talk show thing, (return of Regies) was .. well, the same as always, and that is one of the roles Wigg does all the time, and i start finding it very annoying. The Buble duets things was funny too ... but I think the Bieber impression was way overdone. I think Jimmy's Russel Brand was great. The Mirror Thing with Samberg was pretty brilliant. I was really hoping for Timberlake to show up. The next piece was just more of annoying KW. The following FA piece was rather lame ... But then came a musical number that was surprisingly funny. I do not know 2 of the people .. but Tracey being pretty much inactive (probably because of his recent charges of being a racist) made it fun. News update was fun .. though I do not care much about Andy's Nick Cage impression ... but having some of the old crew together .. that was fun (I never saw joke off before ... so I am not even sure that was ever a real thing ... but Amy going a-hoogah was fun) . That Beethoven sketch was kinda pointless, but still fun and had a very catchy groove. I just think it was way too long. The war horse thing was probably the worst in the mix. The final sketch with Jesus in the locker room was also rather meh. And as for the musical guest Buble ... i know that he sings very nicely and maybe he is the next Frank Sinatra (or he had a chance on that) .. but I wonder how close that joke in the monologue (Buble's doing cocaine) was to reality ... he does not look very healthy ... but he still has a great voice.

    Along with the Jason Segal Show ... my fav this year
  • Jimmy Fallon Hosts

    Never before have I been as embarrassed for everyone involved as I was during the "Joke-Off" part of Weekend Update. For the love of everything holy, those were the zingers you came up with Tina and Jimmy? Really?

    Jimmy Fallon clearly loved his time at SNL and he was excited for this hosting gig, but there were too many sketches with bad accents, and a lot of very childish humor. Not to mention they were late to the Tebow party, and not even clever with their take on it.

    Better than last week, but that's not saying much.
  • best ep of the season

    Best episode this season with out a doubt.

    If not for this episode i would have thougt this season was the worst yet.