Saturday Night Live

Season 8 Episode 17

Joan Rivers/Musical Youth

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 09, 1983 on NBC

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  • Joan Rivers before she became annoying

    When I saw this episode listed on the info on Classics late Saturday Night, I thought oh god, Joan Rivers. You see I am too young to know that she was once funny, so I was pleasently surprised. The cast is weak, besides Eddie Murphy and Julia Louise-Dryfus, the rest of the cast isn't that funny, and the news bit sucked. Musical Youth was a good musical guest, Melissa Rivers was 14, someone should back and tell them both to stay away E!
  • When Buckwheat was shot!

    The show with the classic Buckwheat Shot! bits. David Susskind, a noted interviewer of the day, played himself in sketches dealing with Buckwheat's bodyguard (who had shocking video about Buckwheat) and and Buckwheat impersonators.

    Joe Piscapo(as Fake Joan Rivers) went head-to-head with host Joan Rivers in a joke-off! It was funny, but the 'Liz Taylor's so fat...' jokes date it.

    Gary Kroeger,Brad Hall,Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and Eddie Murphy are talking Oscar statuettes.

    Joan spoofs Liz Taylor and Brooke Shields' Calvin Klien jeans! Another spoof ad was one for the National Enquirer, which had coverage of the Buckwheat shooting.

    Brad Hall anchored Saturday Night News.Mary Gross made her Oscar opinions known. Master Havnagudthyme Vishinnuwerhere showed up to ponder a few philosophical questions.Fake James A. Watt(Joe Piscopo) came on to talk about rock music.

    'Joan Rivers in the Year 2020'- Joan's in an old folks' home; Joan is joined by Old Eddie Murphy (and his Jewish accent!)

    Musical Youth sang their big hit, "Pass The Dutchie",and "Never Gonna Give You Up."

    'Club Doolittle' ad- during the sketch, folks were throwing food at Eddie, who eventually broke character and threw food back!

    'Dr. Angora, Carribean Gyno'- Eddie is a doctor, Mary Gross is his singing nurse, and Joan is a tourist with a problem cured with a GynoSpritzer.

    Joan's stand up segments were good, and we learned that Melissa was 14 years old at the time of this episode!

    An average episode, but enjoyable, with good music. Recommended!