Saturday Night Live

Season 2 Episode 9

Jodie Foster/Brian Wilson

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 27, 1976 on NBC

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  • 14-year old Jodie Foster hosts and brings along musical guest Brian Wilson (who was at a bit of a rough state at the time)!

    It's time for the youngest host, at that time, to grace the stage in the form of Jodie Foster, who was fresh off after being in Taxi Driver, a role that jump-started her career. Jodie was a bit of a tomboy at the time and I guess she still is and it's really interesting that they actually put the trust in a 14-year old up-and-comer to host the show and try to pull everything together. Joining her is Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, who wasn't having such a great time in his life at the time and was sporting that scraggly beard of his. It's an interesting pairing for sure and one that the cast took a risk with.

    Host: Jodie Foster
    Musical Guest: Brian Wilson

    Cold Open: Phasing Gilda Out (Radner) (1:58)

    --Gilda mentions she's not in the show much this week and says that they told her she could say the opening line, but then some text explains that this is Gilda's last show but she doesn't know it. Not too bad of an opening.

    Monologue: Treated Like An Adult (Foster) (1:39)

    --Jodie explains that everyone's treated her just like all the other hosts like Raquel Welch drinking her milk out of a Flinstones glass. She seems nervous, but it's still a decent monologue.

    Commercial: Pilson's Feedbag Dinners (Chevy Chase) (1:05)

    --Chevy in another bit that got cut at an earlier dress rehearsal when he was still on the show. This one's a lot better than Mobile Shrink though.

    Believe in Bees (Foster, Belushi, Newman) (4:53)

    --Wendy (Foster), a teenage druggie, gets a visit from Peter (Newman) and Tinkerbee (Belushi) and keeps doubting their existence, causing Tinkerbee to get sick and start to die. Really didn't need the Disney ending, but the twist at the very end was good.

    Brian Wilson sings "Back Home" (2:39)

    --Brian is clearly not doing well at this stage in his life, but he does his best to work through it and manages a catchy tune.

    Commercial: Puberty Helper (Foster, Aykroyd) (1:45)

    --A spokesperson (Aykroyd) and Jodie advertise a Puberty Helper, which is essentially a big bag that goes over your body. Gold.

    Metal Detector (Wilson, Aykroyd, Morris, Newman) (3:22)

    --One man (Aykroyd) takes out his metal items before passing through a detector, but then it eventually turns out that he has way too much. The last joke with the Tin Woodsman was a bit much, as the sight gag by Danny was funny enough.

    Weekend Update with Jane Curtin (also: Dan Aykroyd) (9:02)

    --With no quirky opening this week, Jane is on top of her game with Patty Hearst jokes, a crack at Jacques Cousteau, and a fun bit where she calls President Carter (Aykroyd) as the highlights. We also get footage of the dispute between the Onassis family finally being ended via a mudwrestling match with commentary by Curtin. Finally, the segment comes to a close with Jane reading off suggestions for the ninth way to kill Morris the Cat. Good stuff.

    What Kinda Guy Watches Saturday Night? (Belushi, Newman) (1:11)

    --Steve Bushakis (Belushi) talks about how he's had gonnorhea five times, has sex all the time, and how he's the type of guy who watches Saturday Night. Meh.

    Brian Wilson sings "Love is a Woman" (2:55)

    --Brian croons another one out, but it's not as good as his earlier one.

    Little-Known Talents of the Not Ready For Primetime Players (Newman, Radner) (2:29)

    --Laraine does a number of different sound effects which Gilda introduces. Laraine's talented, but this felt like a waste of time.

    Don Pardo: The First 50 Years (Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Morris, Newman, Radner + Lorne Michaels) (8:28)

    --A sort of parody of the "NBC: First 50 Years" special that aired not long before this episode. I like how Don's voice is exactly the same when he's a baby and that he is just a voice and doesn't have a human body at all. Other than that though, it was pretty long and fairly dull.

    Jodie's Teacher (Foster, Aykroyd) (4:53)

    --Jodie talks to her favourite teacher (Aykroyd) on her last day of school and yeah...this was pretty dull too despite the fun performances.

    Weis Film #21: Kids' Dreams (2:09)

    --A video of kids talking about their dreams and nightmares. Cutesy stuff, but it was amusing.

    The King Kong Dirge (Morris) (2:44)

    --Garrett sings about King Kong while the black-and-white images are shown behind him. I don't know what about this was supposed to be funny.

    I'm Not Black (Curtin, Morris) (3:35)

    --A wife (Curtin) admits to her husband (Morris) one of her big secrets. Funny bit.

    Mr. Mike's Least-Loved Bedtime Tales: 'The Little Train That Died' (Foster) (2:13)

    --This time, Jodie joins Mr. Mike in hearing a story about a train that has a heart attack and dies.

    Brian Wilson sings "Good Vibrations" (2:21)

    --Brian delivers his third and final song of the night, which is a great song but his delivery is subpar.

    Jodie then says goodnight to all and the cast joins her on stage for some dancing to end the show.

    Best segment: Metal Detector
    Worst segment: The King Kong Dirge

    Host: Jodie Foster - 6/10
    Musical Guest: Brian Wilson - 6.5/10

    Throughout this episode, there wasn't really an outstanding sketch that stuck out or one that was a definite highlight, although the "Metal Detector" sketch was probably the best bit. Jodie Foster put in some decent effort for a girl her age and although she wasn't great, she was a decent host. Brian Wilson, who again was not having a good time in his life at that point, tried as well but it was obvious that he was struggling through his songs at a few points. Once again, Aykroyd stands out as the best castmember this episode by dominating the sketches and delivering the best performances. Middling episode, but not horrible.

    Rating: 5/10
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