Saturday Night Live

Season 25 Episode 19

John Goodman/Neil Young

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 06, 2000 on NBC

Episode Recap

WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE: Time Warner interrupts the game show repeatedly to bash the Disney corporation and ABC. (Goodman, Hammond, Kattan, Meadows, Oteri, Parnell, Sanz)

MONOLOGUE: Plastered John Goodman ensures castmembers that he will quit drinking after the show. (Goodman, Young, Fallon, Ferrell, Meadows, Oteri, Sanz, Shannon)

PLATINUM MACH 14: 14-blade razor gives you the closest (and most dangerous) shave there is. (Ferrell)

WANNA BE A VJ 3: Irritating video deejays compete for the main job at MTV. (Goodman, Fallon, Gasteyer, Kattan, Morgan, Rudolph, Shannon)

THE OFFICE FLIRT: Office flirt sexually harasses fellow employees with unnecessarily descriptive sexual innuendo. (Goodman, Dratch, Kattan, Meadows, Oteri, Parnell)

THE LIFE OF A CATCHPHRASE: Jon Lovitz and his catchphrase go from superstardom to medicority to alien kingship.

THE CHRISTOPHER LOWELL SHOW: Christopher Lowell and his male guests laud at decorating ideas. (Goodman, Fallon, Gasteyer, Kattan)

"RAZOR LOVE": (Young)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Writer Kevin Brennan comments on how messed up his familial life is; almost finished with his second term in office, President Bill Clinton has no problem badmouthing the Cuban-American community. (Hammond, Quinn, Kevin Brennan)

ROCK & ROLL PARADISE: Soused and overweight Jim Morrison waiter makes dining an uncomfortable experience for patrons. (Goodman, Fallon, Gasteyer, Morgan, Parnell, Sanz, Shannon)

BLODER BROTHERS DUI: Kip and Wayne Bloder yammer away to impatient police officers who pulled them over for speeding. (Goodman, Fallon, Meadows, Parnell)

"SILVER & GOLD": (Young)

TEK-CO: Mechanical money masticator approves value of gold coins with biting. (Goodman, Ferrell, Parnell, Sanz)