Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 6

Jon Hamm/Coldplay

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • Solid as Bar-rack-rack-rack-rack-rack

    Amy Poehler has had her baby. After speculation for months, wondering if her baby will be born early or not, she has her baby only a day before due date. Of course, this means Amy is done with SNL. It was released about an hour before dress rehearsal went on that she had a healthy baby boy, Archie Arnett. Congratulations, Amy and Will!

    This week's host is Mad Men's Jon Hamm. Of course, many said 'who?', which could worry everyone. A no name host can either soar, or fall flat on their face. Musical guest is Coldplay. Coldplay's new album and single, Viva La Vida, took this summer by storm... Well, next to I Kissed A Girl, I guess.

    Biden and Murtha: I think this is the first political sketch this year that I did not enjoy. So, it goes without saying that watching 7 minutes of this made me concerned for tonight's episode. But, basically, Murtha just says stupid things, and Biden is caught with his foot in his mouth.

    Monologue: I'm liking how we've been having the past four monologues real monologues. This one was short and sweet. In summary, Hamm advertises his show combining all the biggest television ideas into one.

    Trick Or Treat: This was cut from the Brian Williams/Feist episode last year, for a little piece of info. I thought this was a pretty funny execution of the sketch, and Will Forte being the pedophile was the two thumbs up choice.

    Digital Short: Um... silly? Sure. Funny and clever? I don't think so. Digital Shorts are getting way to bizarre lately. Yet, I can't come to say this was a bad short.

    Two A-Holes: Whoa! I totally didn't see the A-Holes coming into this sketch. I don't think anyone did. I was happy to see the A-Holes make a return back, and I thought they actually had more creativity in this sketch than the last time they did it.

    Obama Variety Hour: Maya Rudolph is back on. And... of course it's a singing sketch. No, but let' s not focus on that. This was a really funny sketch. The song choices they chose to spoof were all gold. Everybody's performance in this sketch was great.

    How To Be Like Donny Draper: I thought this sketch worked out great. This is probably the last we'll see of Amy for a while.

    Weekend Update: The cheering for Amy was a very nice touch after Seth's announcement. I thought most jokes were funny, while Forte's bit was okay, and Ralph Nader was pretty good. But, then, we did Nicholas Fehn. Stop, stop, stop, Fred! Stop! Fred, you're better than doing Fehn. Or, at least, please do a different formula. I'm not going to get into that commentary though. The singing for Amy at the end was nice, and Seth's message was touching.

    Vincent Price Halloween Special: This has been long awaited. After an unnecessary 2 1/2 year hiatus, Vincent Price does a new special with James Mason, Liberace, and Gloria Swanson. Everyone in this sketch did their part so awesome. Kristen's Swanson was hilarious to watch.

    Jon Hamm's John Ham: Jon Hamm does an advertisement to toilet ham. I thought this was a decent sketch, and Peter Sarsgaard's SARs guard really came to mind during this sketch.

    Finger for Butts: A man running for office has the last name Finger, and he wants to go into Butts. Inuendo goes a far way in this sketch. I'm glad they didn't just keep the sketch to the inuendo, and that they actually showed him discovering why people laughed at him. The Deldeaux last name was great.

    Tonight's episode was definetely a good one. Jon Hamm was our 2nd host of the season who did a memorable job. Him along with Anne Hathaway. Coldplay performing "Viva La Vida" and "Lost" was great, but I do have to say performing "Yellow" wasn't need to be redone. I would have rather had them do "Clocks" for a third song. And, also, I was not pleased with the huge middle finger the network gave us, when they cut off Coldplay's 4th song. I wish Marci just waited for the goodnights to end, just so we didn't have to watch them perform 5 seconds of a song. But, still, this was a good show. Maya Rudolph's appearance was a little more undertone, and enjoyable.

    And, last but not least, once again, congrats Amy and Will! Fans will miss you. I am wondering if Lorne will put a replacement in by the November 15th show. The November 1st show seems a little farfetched, unless someone has already been hired, and was waiting for Amy to leave.

    Next week: We enter November sweeps with Ben Affleck as host, and David Cook as musical guest.