Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 6

Jon Hamm/Coldplay

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 25, 2008 on NBC

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  • A very weak episode with uninspired writing and lackluster performances. The extra song by U2-lite was yet another time filler since they obviously had a difficult time coming up with usable sketches this week.

    Biden/Murtha cold open – A very limp opening. There was nothing wrong with either of the impressions; they were both fine. The problem was with the writing. Yeah, we know Biden's remarks about Obama being tested and Murtha calling western PA racist, but there was nothing here beyond that besides escalating the comments into increasingly ridiculous proclamations. Very, very flat. Without completely rewriting the sketch, the only way I can think to improve it would have been to have a split screen with Obama sitting in front of the TV at his grandma's house shouting unflattering epithets at Biden. Grade: C-

    Hamm Monologue – Hamm is definitely charismatic and did a good job of .pumping Mad Men. Short , to the point and no singing. What's with going right to a commercial after the monologue? Not going to waste precious dime of that valuable early ad time I guess. Grade: B+

    Sex Offender – This kind of sketch is Forte's forte. Weird, creepy characters that still maintain a semblance of believability. The interaction between Hamm and Forte was very good and the build up to the sexual assault joke was excellent. I would have loved to have seen an incorporation of the Dick in a Box joke with Forte holding his plastic pumpkin in front of crotch beckoning Hamm to put some candy in his pumpkin. Grade: A-

    Rastafarian digital short – The digital shorts have pretty much stunk it up this year. Andy's contribution to the show is becoming negligible at best. I felt like I was being subjected to some crappy YouTube video except that I couldn't just close the browser. Yes, white Rastafarians are a complete joke, but this digital short failed to capture the inherent humor. Grade: D

    Two A-Holes at an Ad Agency – Jason and Kristen's characters have been around for a while now, but they still haven't really improved. The Christmas Tree shopping trip with Jack Black still represents their peak and that was three years ago. Unfortunately they walked through the same routine with nothing new to add. The hula hoop wasn't all that great, but even worse was the lack of any kind of ending after Hamm gave his introspective opinion of why the hula hoop is reflection of life. Grade: C-

    Barack Obama Variety Half Hour – A decent idea with some funny bits. The best part was easily Hammond's Clinton dancing with the cheerleaders. The rest of it fell kind of flat. Seeing Maya back was no reason to get excited for me anyway. I thought the show had finally moved past her to embrace some new talent. We'll see. Grade: C+

    Don Draper's Guide to Picking Up Women – Kind of like that sexual harassment training film with Tom Brady three years ago except not nearly as funny. Fred played the dork in both sketches. I guess he fits the typecast. Grade: C-

    Weekend Update – This was better than the last Thursday's WU with some decent jokes (Palin's pregnant children). I loved Forte's Robo-Call. It was a nice break from the usual Kenan segment and featured a great costume. Can I have that for Halloween? Hader does a pretty good job impersonating Nader, but looks like nothing him. The impersonation only turned funny when Nader's running mate Manuel was introduced. Hey, Nicholas Fehn, we know what you do. We get it! And it's not funny. Time filling at its worst. Grade: B- (minus for Fehn)

    Vincent Price's Halloween Special – Hader does a great impression of Vincent. The set was excellent and I dug the B&W. What I didn't like was the choice of guests. Gloria Swanson and James Mason? Why not choose some people from that time period who actually resonate with people under 60? I did get a kick out of Fred's Liberace though and his flowery accompaniment to Vincent's recitation of The Raven. Nice ending with the reprise of the lift gag. Grade: B-

    Jon Hamm's John Ham – Amusing concept with an uninspiring delivery. It would have been great to have Hader interviewing Hamm about the product. "So, tell us, what is so special about Jon Hamm's John Ham?" Like the much of the rest of the show, this just fell flat. Grade: C+

    Pat Finger for City Council – More pseudo-clever word play in the tradition of Col. Angus. This kind of sketch is usually very juvenile and this one was no exception. I don't have a problem with going for cheap laughs and I love a pun as much as anybody, but I think it is pretty poor when an entire sketch is based around a "funny" combination of words. Grade: C-