Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 2

Jon Heder/Ashlee Simpson

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • I love the new writers.

    Hello Again to all of those who have read my review. To start out this week, I want to say that I will not have any unprofessional holes in my review, and that Bill Hader played Al Pacino, not Andy Samberg. I got the faces wrong, sorry.

    And now, on to the review:

    Pre-Show thoughts: Jon Heder is hosting. This week, I bought Napoleon Dynamite for research. I was hesitant, because half of everyone I know love the movie, and the other half believed that their IQ has dropped consistently after viewing it. I saw it, and I didn’t appreciate the humor very much, but I was able to appreciate it as an indie. Ashlee Simpson returns to the scene of the crime as Musical Guest. I’ll bet 10:1 that the show will open with a backstage bit with her.

    COLD OPEN: “Bush Cheney Chat”
    President Bush(Forte, again I the cold open as Pres) and Vice Cheney(Hammond) chat about Bush’s nominee for Supreme court Justice. Dratch’s first line made me chuckle. The audience appreciated Hammond’s “I like the onion bloom”. And for the first time in a long time, Horatio gets to start the show. I know he’s done it before, but I can’t remember when.

    MONOLOGUE: Jon does the Q+A schtick, when someone asks im if Napoleon was based on anyone, and the Anyone comes out. Not so great writing, but the performances were good, especially from Sudeikis as the Napoleon Character.

    COMMERCIAL: “Taco Town” Poorly written, but it shows that the new guys wont be denied. I don’t know how to critique this, but a still from a later sketch interrupts this. Chris Parnell’s only role tonight, as a voiceover.

    SKETCH: “Kaitlin in Class”
    Sudeikis in his Third sketch of the night. The new season looks like it is depending on recurring characters, but that isn’t necesarily a bad thing. Kaitlin has always been good to me. I was surprised that there wasn’t any applause for her, though.

    SKETCH: “Werewolf Date”
    The Romania line left me wondering if the ND randomness would show up in this episode. Jason shows up yet again, this time as a cop with Hader, and an Andy cameo w/ a mustache. Not that great, but it was entertaining.

    SKETCH: “The Misadventures of Tom Delay and Bill Frist”
    Jason again. He is on a roll tonight. No laugh out loud moments, but greatly written. I guess it just proves you don’t need new cast, but new writers. The return of Clinton was great, too. How long has it been?

    SHOW: Showbiz Grande Explosion!
    Another recurring bit, with Ferecito! Bill as the new guy in the band was better than nothing, I guess. “It’s not funny” to the movie made me chuckle.

    If it weren’t for last time, I would have nothing to say about this. For a while, it looked like she was repeating the crime, but that would be near blasphemy.

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Horatio is still behind the desk. The abortion and “Lost jokes were good. Then Tim Calhoun. Who expected him to be back, not that I’m complaining. “Have I mentioned I worked in a food court?”. Not up to par with regular Tim Calhoun, but still far above other sketches. Just gives backbone to my theory that they’re really relying on recurring characters. Who wants to bet that we’ll see Andy (OH NO!) next week? Osama and the smoking chimp were good. A lot of people will hate me for saying this, but I think that Amy and Horatio have good Chemistry. The View joke was good, and some joke I can’t remember about Chemotherapy, and so was the harrassment clip. Pretty strong Update.

    SKETCH: “Wilson Funeral Homes”
    This was the one that the still was shown earlier. Here is the order in which people died: Bill, Will, Finesse/Rachel, Kenan, Andy, Amy, Jason. It started out as a concept sketch, then turned into a twist in the end, and then was a commercial. I applaud the writers.

    SKETCH: “Hubbard Systems Retreat”
    Seth’s only sketch for tonight. A one joke premise, Employees play pranks on Drunk employees.

    I thought that there was a bit of Irony in that the drummer had what looked like sound proof walls around him. By this song, I could tell she wasn’t syncing.

    SKETCH: “Automated Teller Blind Date”
    Very well written.

    COMMERCIAL: “Black Eyed Peas”
    A loose satire of Best Buy commercials. I liked this Much better than the Taco Town earlier.

    GOODBYES: Cut off early.

    Post show thoughts: A decent show by the host. Jason Sudeikis was in 7 sketches, which impressed me. Will gets player of the night, thanks to Tim Calhoun. Ashlee didn’t mess up this time. I love the new writers. I was surprised there was no backstage bit.

    Next week: David Spade gets his Best of. A few weeks later, Catherine Zeta-Jones hosts with Franz Ferdinand.