Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 2

Jon Heder/Ashlee Simpson

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 08, 2005 on NBC

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  • You make me wanna LaLa, in the kitchen on the floor. I’ll be a French Maid, when ya meet me at the door. I like a alley cat, drinking milk up off the floor, ya make me wanna, ya make me wanna . . .


    This week was Napolean Dynamite, Jon Heder, and the girl who is living in the shadow of Jess Simpson, lil sis Ashlee Simpson. I wasn’t sure about either. I was half right.

    HOST: Of ND fame is Jon Heder, someone no one heard of 2 years ago. He was an okay host. Pretty funny, though nothing to get excited about. Not much to say about him either. He was in about every skit, and only slipped once. B-

    MUSICAL GUEST: Livin in the shadow, of last year’s SNL hoe down. Live from New York, its Ashlee Simpson. I don’t exactly like any of her songs, except La La, which I love, but I was glad that she actually sang. She is not a good singer, but she did sing. Her two songs, “Catch Me When I Fall,” about last years performance and “Boyfriend,” about the fact that Lindsay “Media Wh0re” Lohan accused her of stealing Wilmer Valderrammas, of however you spell it, were really not that good, but she did perform them live, or performed a great trick, so I give her an average. C

    “George W. Bush and Harriet Miers:” It was okay. I’ve seem better. B-

    “Taco Town:” I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt and I had tears in my eyes. A+++

    “Catlin’s Science Fair:” Hate this skit, and this was no exception. F

    “Werewolf Date:” C’mon, are they running out of ideas, but it was alright. B-

    “The Misadventures of Tom Delay and Bill Frist:” Anything with Bill Clinton gets my vote. A-

    “Showbiz Grande Explosion:” I hate this skit. F

    “Wilson Bros. Funeral Home:” Clever, but I figured out most of it. C

    “Hubbard Systems:” Considering how I don’t even remember this, it must not have made any effect. D

    “Operator Date:” I liked the concept. Ya gotta wonder what happens when that type of person goes out. C+

    “The Black Eyed Peas:” That was such a great concept. So true, so funny. A

    BEST MOMENTS: The Taco Town skit and the BEP skit. Those were funnier than anything on last week combined. That Taco concept was right on. And the BEP appearing at everything was so exact. These were the things I loved. Plus Clinton gets an honorable mention.

    WORST MOMENTs: Catlin and Fericito. Hate them both. Nough said.

    SURPRISING MOMENTS: Ashlee sang, and didn’t do a lil hoe down. That was a surprise. At least last time Jude Law was on.

    This episodes rating: 5/10 Sparkling Diamonds.