Saturday Night Live

Season 27 Episode 14

Jon Stewart/India.Arie

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 09, 2002 on NBC
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Jon Stewart/India.Arie
Live from New York, it's... Darrell Hammond! Sketches include "Cheney's Concerns," "The Cheese Game," "TRL," "The Bloder Brothers," "Fun With Real Audio: MTV Forum" (cartoon), "Talkin' To The Stars," "Media Party," "Jazzvisions," "We Were Soldiers Who Knew What Women Want," and "My Big Thick Novel." India.Arie performed "Video" and "Ready For Love."moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • This episode is the first to feature the long-running Weekend Update gag of having an update anchor, in this case Jimmy Fallon, being interrupted while trying to tell a joke about a new study on tree frogs.

    • QUOTES (2)

      • Jimmy Fallon: This weekend, a tree frog.. (buckles over) Ooh, leg cramp.
        Tina Fey: What is it?
        Jimmy Fallon: Yeah, I got a leg cramp, I can't finish the joke.
        Tina Fey: Oh, okay. [ looks offscreen ] Stewart, you're in for Fallon!
        (Jon Stewart, sitting on a locker room bench, runs in excitedly)
        Jon Stewart: Oh man, this is it, I can't believe this! Tina Fey! Oh, my God! Big time! Little Johnny Stewart, on network! Here we go, big shot. Okay, this ain't cable, baby. Screw this up, you're gone. Oh, God! This week! A tree frog...
        Jimmy Fallon: (re-enters) Hey, I'm back.. I'm feeling a lot better..
        Tina Fey: Oh, great. Thanks, Jon, we don't need you, Jimmy's alright. We got it.
        Jon Stewart: (heartbroken and stunned) Can I.. keep the pencil..?
        Tina Fey: Yeah, sure.
        Jimmy Fallon: (takes the pencil from Jon as he stands up) Say, I'm gonna need that.
        Jon Stewart: Oh, okay..
        (Jon stands catatonic behind Jimmy and Tina, his eyes on Jimmy's pencil. Jimmy finally offers the pencil to Jon to get rid of him. Jon grabs the pencil and runs off stage.)

      • Dick Cheney: Now they (ABC) have become the Enron of networks.

    • NOTES (7)

      • Sketches not shown in the 60-minute edit: "The Cheese Game," "Newscaster Party," "BET Jazzvisions," "We Were Soldiers," "My Big Thick Novel," and India.Aire's performance of "Ready for Love."

      • During the goodnights, India.Arie sports a black shirt with the number 7 backwards, representing the number of Grammys that she was nominated for that year for "Acoustic Soul" (she didn't win any of them). When asked why was the 7 backwards, she replied, "So are the Grammys."

      • Darrell Hammond was released from rehab on the Friday before this episode aired.

      • For the second week in a row, none of Chris Parnell's sketches were cut after the dress rehearsal (in an attempt to reintegrate him back into the cast).

      • Tina Fey says she was supposed to be playing Ashleigh Banfield, who looks just like Tina Fey. She last compared herself to Banfield in the Reese Witherspoon episode.

      • First appearance of Drunk Girl, Jeff Richards' best-known recurring character .

      • Will Ferrell did not appear in this episode because he was filming the movie Old School.

    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • TV Funhouse: Fun With Levi's
        Two references to Levi's commercials are featured in the TV Funhouse segment: the halluncination with the belly button speaking parodies the Levi's commercials featuring singing belly buttons, and another halluncination parodies the Levi's commercial featuring a hip-hop dancer who only moved his legs with Spanish hip-hop playing in the background.