Saturday Night Live

Season 37 Episode 17

Jonah Hill/The Shins

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 10, 2012 on NBC

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  • Jonah Wails

    Lindsay Lohan may have had higher ratings, but Jonah Hill was funnier. Also, Lindsay participated in sketches, but wasn't the main focus of any of them. I wanted to see Lohan do well, and she at least got through it without any major mishaps, but Jonah Hill is an Oscar nominated comic actor, and he did extremely well as the host of SNL. I liked the Rush L opening, but thought that the actor wasn't FAT or SWEATY enough! I liked when Jonah rapped the Coolio song with a string orchestra. I liked Andy as a bad Sarah P impersonator, although I would have liked a sharper attack. It was no Game Changer. I kind of liked Jonah as the cigar smoking pal of Kristen Wiig's Liza, but Liza was a bit over the top. How is she gonna feel when Liza dies? The opening monologue was good. A little self deprecation after an Oscar nomination is a much needed palate cleanser. Tom Hanks was a nice cameo. Ditto on John McEnroe. Does it seem like Jonah's glasses keep getting smaller, and his scarves bigger? Yes. I like the faux Japanese show, and the professor's comments were priceless. I thought they captured the flavor, but they could have been a little better at mimicking Japanese, or was that the point? I guess it was, so nevermind. J Pop America Fun Time Now! Also liked the bit in the Benihana with Jonah as a six-year old stand-up comedian.

    All in all it was a pretty entertaining SNL.