Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 7

Joseph Gordon Levitt/Dave Matthews Band

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • Make me laugh... Make me laugh... Make me laugh...

    Tonight's host is Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I've never seen 500 Days of Summer, so I have no idea who he is, or how he'll be tonight. Our musical guest is Dave Matthews Band, which a lot of people actually predicted would be on this show.

    I'm wondering how tonight's show will be. The past 2 weeks, we've had 2 women host, 1 being good, the other being pretty bad, and a male host will be a breath of fresh air, since the writers are probably more rejuvinated for guy-centered roles. I'm liking how SNL is alternating the women/man hosting thing this year. Last year, out of 22 episodes, we had 3 women host, not even evenly spaced out throughout the season, so writing fatigue was huge here and there.

    Press Conference: The casting choice was awfully weird for this... I know we don't have a Chinese/Asian guy, so this is kind of understandable, but still. This was a really funny opening. The first time Will & Nasim said "doing sex to me!" I almost died of laughter, just because of how much i wasn't expecting that. And then, the next two times were still funny, because of how Will bent over. That being said, I'm pretty sure this can go in the books as another anti-Obama sketch. It's good that SNL is finally making fun of both sides. They're still making fun of conservatives too (i.e: Fox News sketch), and they are finally feeding the media with a bipartisan satire line-up.

    Monologue: Joseph demonstrated a very energetic monologue, and he did a great job with this. Bobby was hilarious.

    Palin 2012: I love these Re-Cuts SNL does... sure, it's only happened twice, the last one was in 2006... but both of these have been really funny.

    Secret Word: Alright, this sketch was not that funny. It made me chuckle maybe once or twice, but it was nothing special.

    SNL Digital Short: Reba: This was actually a really funny DS. Kenan made me laugh a lot in this. And the lyrics were just so weird, that they were funny.

    The Mellow Show: I remember mentally falling asleep during this sketch back when Ashton Kutcher hosted in April 2008... kinda the same for this, except I laughed a few times with DM actually being on and stuff. Joseph was a convincing Jason Mraz.

    What Up With That?: This is a fun sketch, but twice in 4 episodes? Naw. It was still enjoyable, and even though i was surprised to see Al Gore, I was delighted to see Mindy Kaling.

    Musical Performance: DMB performs "You & Me" which was a good performance. I'm not gonna lie though, I dont have any DMB albums.

    Weekend Update: This was a short and sweet Update, and I'm glad they're doing this than having 3 commentaries that go no where. Al Gore's commentary was really funny, and most of the jokes were good.

    Thanksgiving Dinner: Fail. Not even a laugh.

    Woman To Woman: This was a great idea for a sketch, and Fred is better at this than anybody else. I loved Jenny's awkward problem asking, and I do have hope in Jenny... I do...

    Musical Performance: "Shake Me Like A Monkey" is the title....

    Say Anything: This was a really funny premise to an annoying neighbor to come out during this. It was a good 5-to-1 sketch.

    Tonight's show was definitely an improvement over last week. Joseph's energy was high, and you can tell he's a broadway actor by his acting skills being more for on stage than for television. Dave Matthews Band had good performances, but I guess I should have researched on their new album. This show was slightly above average, but, I don't know... November Sweeps had a ton of recurring sketches.

    They will not let us forget about Casey and Michaela's firings, will they? I miss Michaela really really much, because she was up their with Kristen for talent. I even miss Casey. I know last year we were all kind of annoyed on how she was just there, but still didn't do anything and never got on, and requested her firing, but all her good roles have been taken. I really do think SNL made some stupid decisions...

    On December 5, we have host Blake Lively and musical guest Rihanna... so no, it's not Jake Gyllenhaal and Fitty Cent, like those 'confirmed' rumors were saying.