Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 7

Joseph Gordon Levitt/Dave Matthews Band

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 21, 2009 on NBC

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  • "Genesis is back together"

    500 Days of Summer and 3rd Rock From the Sun star Joseph Gordon-Levitt hosts and jam band favorite Dave Matthews Band perform

    Cold Open- Jintao and Obama Press Conference- In China, Presidents Obama (Fred) and Jintao (Will) hold a press conference which quickly turns into session of Jintao through translator (Nasim) asking Obama when China will get its money back. I liked it, especially the Chinese slang of "do sex to me". Also, this is the most critical attack on Obama's presidency yet. Monologue- Joseph is really excited to be there. He does back flips and passes out in the end of exhaustion. I like it when the host is excited, makes for a better show.

    2012 re-cut: A re-cut version of 2012 shows the catastrophe a Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck presidency/vice presidency would reek. The counterbalance to the Obama cold open. At least both were funny. Secret Word- On the Game Show Network (some writer really loves cable television), a 1965 episode of "Secret Word" showcases actress Mindy Grayson (Kristin) too eager to give away the answer and a South American singer, Ricardo (Joseph) who doesn't even want to try give a clue to the answer. Maybe I should watch Game Show Network more if this is what it's like. Black Reba McEntire (Digital Short)- a song discusses a man (Andy) being fooled by another (Kenan) who tries to pass himself off as Reba McEntire. The idea was wonderfully delirious enough to work. The Mellow Show- Jack Johnson (Andy) hosts another edition of his show about all things mellow. It features mellow songsters Dave Matthews (Bill), Jason Mraz (Joseph) and the decidedly un-mellow Ozzy Osbourne (Dave Matthews). I wasn't feeling this until Matthews came out decked in Osbourne's usual garb and went on an attack against himself. It's really cool that he was able to make fun of himself. What's Up With That? – Deondre Cole (Kenan) hosts another edition of his talk show, this time with Al Gore (the former vice president as himself), Mindy Khaling (herself) and back for a second time, Lindsay Buckingham (Bill), cutting off the former vice president mid-sentence to break into the show's theme song and showcase a 1987-esqe keytar player (Joseph) and Jake the Snake (Bobby). I didn't really mind this coming back but they got do more with the guests because the premise alone isn't workable for multiple editions.

    Dave Matthews Band perform the mid-tempo love song "You and Me"

    Weekend Update with Seth Meyers- Tipper Gore's husband comes back to finally explain his side of the Global Warming issue and says if the politicians don't listen, he'll go crazy. I think he's serious. Also, Seth gets in a few great jokes. Solid and short edition.

    Thanksgiving Dinner- After last years Christmas dinner spectacle, dinner guests (Abby, Joseph, Jason, Kristin, Will) reconvene to argue some more over Thanksgiving dinner then break into Wilson Philips' song "Hold On". Nice that this was brought back. I guess Judice still won't sit down. Woman to Woman- While the original host (Nasim) is out sick, gruff host Roger Brush (Fred) fills in and gives terrible advice to women (Kristin, Jenny) and scares away another (Abby). Nice turn for Fred here with this particular character. He generally does characters like these very well. Dave Matthews Band, rollicking and horn-tooting heavy, demand that you "Shake Me Like A Monkey." Adding Big Whiskey and Groogrux King to my "albums to buy" list as I type.

    Say Anything- On TBS, during an airing of the cult movie, a couple (Jason, Kristin) somehow wander into the famous scene where Lloyd Dobler (Joseph) is holding his boombox at the his love interest's house, then asks Dobler a bunch of questions. Best of sketch of night, if only because bizarre non-sequiter nature of the whole thing.

    Second most consistent show thus far. 7/10
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