Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 5

Josh Brolin/Adele

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 18, 2008 on NBC

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  • Should I give up? Or should I just keep nagging writing?

    5.5 birthday is over...

    This week's host is Josh Brolin, who stars in the current hit movie, "W". Many people in the forum predicted that he'd be hosting around in October way back in May or maybe even April! Adele is our musical guest tonight, with her big hit "Chasing Pavements".

    Sarah Palin Press Conference: As when this skit began, you thought that it would be another sit-down C-Span sketch. But, what it turned out to be was while Palin (Fey) is doing the sketch, Lorne and Palin (real) are watching it. Lorne gets complaints from Palin, Alec Baldwin, and, hey, Mark Wahlberg, who had just recently said SNL wasn't funny. All in all, this sketch was exciting, and a good way to start off the show. As I will never support the McCain/Palin ticket, at least Sarah was good in this sketch.

    Monologue: Josh goes over the characteristics that made him a great George Bush. Still, I wish there was a skit for Brolin AS Dubya. But, what ever. The monologue, all in all, was entertaining, but not necessarily funny.

    MacGruber: Grubs finds out that his stocks have crashed... where'd the irony go?

    Excited Sue: Sue's back, and as I thought if this became recurring, this was a near-carbon copy of the last time they did this character. Right down to the ripping of the door, this sketch was way too predictable.

    MacGruber: We haven't even entered a commercial break yet?!? Part 2 of MacGruber. At least this one was funnier than the 1st edition.

    Suze Orman Show: The show finally hits a stride when Suze Orman comes back to give us her off-topic financial advice. Like just stated, this show finally hits a stride.

    Andy meets Mark: Mark Wahlberg runs into Samberg to tell him never to do the Wahlberg impression again. The stride keeps on going.

    Pregnant Attraction: ...and the stride keeps on going and going! But, visibly starts slowing down. Everybody is attracted to a pregnant woman just because of her perfume she's wearing. Points for making me chuckle here and there.

    MacGruber: The last Grubs of the series tonight shows MacGruber trying to fling a ball, or something, from his anal sphincter. This was much more creative than the last two, but still, it doesn't give me permission to say MacGruber was enjoyable tonight.

    Musical Performance: Adele performs "Chasing Pavements" which is a very amazing song, that I first heard this summer and loved. Great live act.

    Update: Jokes either hit or miss tonight. Tim Calhoun commentary was fine, while Jean K. Jean comes back (give it up, Kenan. Give it up.) But, this time, Jean's appearance was short an sweet. Then Sarah Palin makes Amy rap for her. All in all, average Update.

    Fart Face: 3 business men start bullying eachother by calling eachother fart face. The only part that made the audience even chuckle was "he just shot himself." All in all, this was a bad sketch."

    NARC Cops: A class in a school is all undercover cops trying to bust eachother, not knowing that the other ones are cops. Creative idea that made me laugh, but the execution went no where. After a few episoe absences of taped commercials, we come back with a poorly written one. I will say this: In only one episode, SNL just ran the economy subject in the ground.

    New York Underground: I'll say this: This sketch went absolutely nowhere. I'm sure they had better stuff at dress rehearsal than this.

    Musical Performance: Adele performs "Cold Shoulder" which is a nice percussion fast moving song.

    The Fall Foliage: A boss tells everyone to work on a fall foliage piece. Everyone disagrees, and the boss leaves. I looked that this sketch cringing, but Kenan's line "he raped me" and how he wasn't a real boss saved this sketch for me. But still, I can't say it was a good sketch.

    The writing burn-out has officially started. After the Hathaway show two weeks ago, we come to a speed bump. SNL is way to focused on the elections, and doesn't pay attention to the rest of the show, it seems like. We'll have 1, 2, or maybe 3 memorable sketches a night, while all the rest randomly fit somewhere else. I can understand that SNL is trying to conserve itself with all these episodes they're writing, but let's remember that the staff has like 25 writers on board, plus the cast.

    Still, the demand from NBC to take only a one week break off [and have a special on that break] was stupid. You can't do a one week break off after a 4 consecutive week showdown. You shouldn't do a one week break after a 3 consecutive week break, for goodness sakes! And, that goes without saying that you shouldn't have a special on that break week.

    I will say that Kristen Wiig's dominance on the show is starting to get annoying, but, I won't say that it's her ego, as much as it is the writer's ego FOR her. But, I won't dig deep into that. And also, Amy could give birth any day now, so I'm going to have to face that any time could be her last episode. Even this broadcast.

    Anyways, Josh Brolin did a decent job, but I wouldn't mind not seeing him host again. Adele's songs were enjoyable to listen to, and made this show a little brighter. Overall, I can't come to say this was a mediocre show, as much as it was an uneven, yet fair show.

    This Thursday: Our last edition of Weekend Update Thursday.

    This Saturday: Jon Hamm hosts with musical guest Coldplay. Also, a prime-time repeat of the Anne Hathaway show, and the 3 prime-time specials. Nice.
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