Saturday Night Live

Season 34 Episode 5

Josh Brolin/Adele

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 18, 2008 on NBC

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  • This episode was kind of a let down. The Palin expectations were not met. Brolin disappointed (other than during I'm No Angel). It could have been that poor parts written for him though. But the MVP of the episode has to by Amy.

    Palin Press Conference – The expectations were so high for this sketch that there was almost no way that it could do anything other than disappoint. The lack of interaction between Fey and Palin was truly disappointing and marked Palin as somebody afraid to play along with the cast and embrace self-parody. Remember Hillary and Amy or Dole and Norm or Reno and Ferrell? That's how it should be done. An awkward and hilarious confrontation. There was no confrontation here. Baldwin's cameo kind of made up for the lack of a Fey/Palin meeting, but it wasn't enough to elevate it to the expectations. And what's the deal with Marky Mark? Are we supposed to be scared of him? He's about as scary as was in those Calvin Klein underwear ads that he used to do. Grade: B+

    Brolin Monologue – A tentative impression of Bush and a cameo by Stone. Not really very funny, but I learned that he was in Goonies as a kid. Grade: C+

    MacGruber 1, 2 & 3 – I loved the progression of MacGruber from cocky to desperate to pathetic. How he fell from super bomb de-fuser to butt cannon is a mystery, but hilarious nonetheless. Forte is getting better with this role as time goes by. Grade: A

    Surprise Engagement – The return of Kristen's character who can't keep a secret is not particularly thrilling. Especially since there is nothing really added from the last time when they did the surprise birthday party. Admittedly, Kristen is great with these weird characters, but I would prefer to see some original material rather than rehashes of the script. The other cast members were so subdued that they added almost nothing to the sketch. Was this done for contrast? Grade: C

    Suze Orman Show – I'm not sure why they brought Suze back other than to have her comment on the financial crisis. Yes, Kristen does a convincing job, but that doesn't make it funny per se. A better choice for financial commentator would have been to have Hammond do Jim Cramer (I've seen him do it before and it's amazing). Especially in light of Cramer's moronic plea on the Today Show to sell your stocks when the market was almost at the bottom. NBC probably doesn't want to offend the touchy Cramer though. Brolin was amusing as the desperate homeless man and Kristen's suggestions were barely more stupid than what Suze herself would say, but still not that funny. Grade: C-

    Marky Mark Meets Samberg – Why let the self-appointed tough guy harass Andy? It would have been much funnier to see Samberg take a swing and flatten Marky. Such a scenario would not have catered to Mr. Underwear's ego though. Andy definitely needs to do another and more unflattering portrayal of Marky. Grade: C+

    I'm No Angel – Wow! Where did this come from? This sketch has the makings of a classic and certainly is reminiscent of the great Nealon/Heather Lockleer bar sketch. I love good physical comedy and Poehler and Brolin hit a home run with this one. Check out their expressions as they mouth:
    "Come over."
    "Yeah, you.."
    I love all of the little details like Amy's exaggerated double take and Bobby drumming on his stomach and later sliding his chair to make room for her to pass by. The wolf-like expressions from Hader, Monihayn, and Samberg were all perfect. Short and wonderful and perfect in every way. I would love to see more gems like this one (and I would have absolutely loved to have seen Rob Schneider as the bartender). Grade: A+

    Weekend Update – The jokes were less biting than usual. They must have emptied the guns during the Thursday show. Tim Calhoun was less amusing than usual, but had a few good lines. I could have done without the Jean K Jean bit, but KT needed some screen time I guess. The obvious highlight was the incredible gangsta rap by Amy complete with Fred and Andy dressed as Eskimos and Jason as the First Dude. Palin did nothing more than bob her head and "raise the roof". A lackluster appearance by Palin, but an incredible performance by Amy. Is this her last show? Grade: A (because of Amy's rap)

    Fart Face – What happens when you take a kid's infantile taunting and apply it to a business setting? Apparently this sketch attempts to answer that question. A very juvenile sketch, but the performances by all three saved it from the toilet. Look at Forte's commitment! Too bad there was nothing more to the script than name-calling and a weak ending. Grade: C+

    Narc School – Amusing short sketch with all of the narcs trying to catch the supposed drug users. Not much to it though other than the suspicious looks and Hammond's hilarious appearance at the end. Grade: C – Sell, sell, sell! Marginally funny commercial parody. It would have been better if Jason had said something like: "Our accounts are structured to help you maximize your losses. Our proprietary algorithms are programmed to sell at the worst time possible. You can even schedule your account to sell your stocks as they hit new 52-week lows." Grade: C-

    NY Underground – A great British accent from Hader and incredibly annoying songs from Armisen. Didn't really tickle my funny bones though. I would have preferred another live sketch with the host rather than this tepid filmed piece. Grade: D

    Fall Foliage – This sketch went nowhere even with the "surprise" ending. Pretty boring and an uninspiring way to end the episode. Grade: D