Saturday Night Live

Season 30 Episode 3

Jude Law/Ashlee Simpson

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 23, 2004 on NBC

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  • Pistols at dawn Matthews!!! Oh, hey Jude. And good-bye Ms. Simpson.

    Little Note: This is the episode that will for some reason remain known for one reason: Ashlee Simpson. She messed up, and this episode remains immortal. But a year later, she returns, and does fine. The songs aren’t that great, actually much worse, but she performs them, or is better rehearsed with old Mr. Back Track. Anyway, this episode has the man everyone makes fun of for being in almost every movie in 2004. And for having an affair with his good old nanny. But, he isn’t the only one to be in a lot of movies in a year. Anyway, now to discuss the episode.

    This is the episode that I think is the best of Season 30. Sure Miss Simpson messed up, big time, but the skits were very funny and creative. I really did enjoy watching the rerun. The episode had its faults, since nothing is perfect, and had two cheaters on it, but all that is forgotten. But, let’s start the review.

    Six movies. Wow. And that wasn’t in the whole year. That was between October and December. This week’s host was Jude Law, an actor I had heard of because he was in a movie with my favorite actress. After having heard of him, he wouldn’t disappear. But, it really doesn’t matter, having seen what he looks like. He was a great host, since he did do theatre a while back. He was well suited for it and did well in his skits. And his monologue was funny too. Sure, singing about the fact that you are “so good looking” is pretty stupid, but I did laugh at it. Can I just say this: Hey Jude. You are good looking, but dude, ya ain’t that great. You sure as hell ain’t the best looking man I’ve ever seen. That goes to another British actor. A

    Musical Guest:
    Do I really have to tell you about this? She sang “Pieces of Me” and for her second song, decided to do a little jig. A hoe-down if you will. If she would have performed “La La,” I wouldn’t have been that mad. But she isn’t the only SNL guest to have lip synched, but she was the one who got caught. D-


    Hardball: PISTOLS AT DAWN!!!! This was an incredibly funny skit because of that one line. I love the Hardball skits, and this was one of the bests. A

    Sky Captain Filming: Take off of “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.” This was pretty good. I do like when the director hit the actor with the fireball. That was clever. B

    Dyson Toilets: Um, this is the example of some of the lesser skits of the night. It’s a takeoff a the vacuum cleaner. C

    The Ninth Presidential Debate: Another one? Now many do we need? Yeah, it seemed that way. I am just glad this did not make the E! version. C

    Paris Hilton Apologizes: She can burp her own name. Wow, she can do something. I liked this skit too. But can I say that Jude does not make an attractive woman. Hilton names all the black guys she would sleep with, and apologizes for using the N word on Tape #537. B

    President Bush and Tony Blair: Hate to embarrass you, but it’s pronounced nuclar. I loved that. This is one of the better skits. A

    Apprentice Halloween Episode Commercial Taping: Trump can’t even do a freaking TV commercial right. But I do like his concept for him turning into bats. It was a good idea, and did work pretty well. B

    Jane Eyre: So Rachel is some plain girl living with Jude who is secretly married to Maya? What a concept. See, this should have made the E! cut. I do like this one. More skits should be like this. A

    Bear City – Fender Bender: I do not like this skit. And this is no acceptation. D

    The Adventures of Peter O’Toole and Michael Caine: I believe that this was the best skit of the night. Two drunken old men lost in Detroit. What an idea. So the whole thing is that they are lost, and first think that they are doing a talk show, than are teaching an acting class. And they finally leave because the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell combo doesn’t serve booze. Now is it just me, or does Keenan look a lot like Mike Jones. A

    Bear City – Getting Fired: See, even bears can’t make fun of the boss. Why they needed two of these is beyond me. And why they kept these in the E! rerun and didn’t have the Jane Eyre skit is beyond me. D

    Best Moment:
    There were so many in this show. The fact that I believe that this was the best of the season sums that the whole show was great, well, with the acceptation of Ashlee’s ordeal. But I love the whole Pistols at dawn Matthews!!! Mostly, everything expect the 2 Bear Cities and Ashlee was the best.

    Worst Moment:
    Ashlee lip-synching really sums it up. Need I say more?

    Surprising Moment:
    Well, this was a really good episode, and Jude was a good host. He should return I think, when he has another 6 movies to promote.

    Rating: 9/10 Sparkling Diamonds