Saturday Night Live

Season 35 Episode 18

Jude Law/Pearl Jam

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 13, 2010 on NBC

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  • If random ex-boyfriends are trying to murder you... get Broadview...

    Tonight's host is is Jude Law, who hosted SNL back in 2004 with Ashlee Simpson. Remember what happened with that? She lipsynched.... and she got caught. haha. Anyways, tonight, we are fortunate enough not to have Ashlee Simpson on stage, but rather, Pearl Jam.

    I'm hoping tonight's reliance of recurring characters doesn't go too badly. I want some originality. I've been pretty lenient lately on what grades I give episodes, and hopefully my great personality (haha) will pay off to make a good episode tonight in return.
    Massa Interview: This was a pretty funny cold opening. Great way to drive away from the Obama opening. Bobby was funny as Massa.

    Monologue: This wasn't anything too special. But props to SNL for having a second ACTUAL monologue consecutively.

    Ford: I thought this was a good take on the Ford situation lately. Pretty funny with Abby and Kenan's facial expressions.

    Secret Word: Ehhh. This was good with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Again? No..... not really liking it. It seemed a lot like a rehash, down to Kristen Wiig's same oblivious character.

    Broadview Security: This was a great parody. I find the real Broadview commercials so stupidly hilarious, so this was a great spoof on an already hilarious commercial. I'm enjoying SNL's "real" take on all these stupid scenarios that commercials actually do.

    Spain: This sketch was pretty bland. It just felt like it's been done before, with the whole "one girl agrees, the other doesn't" thing.

    Boombox: I've disliked SNL digital shorts before that eventually became big, and I changed my opinion on, but this wasn't too enjoyable to me. It was just there.

    Musical Performance: Pearl Jam performs "Just Breath". I dont really care for Pearl Jam's music. It's nothing bad but nothing good in my book.

    Weekend Update: Update was pretty funny tonight. The Jerry Seinfeld cameo was a huge surprise (even though it was obviously for "The Marriage Ref"). "Really?!?" is kind of like a Seinfeld thing, anyways.

    The Twilight Zone: This sketch was okay. It wasn't too funny, but I guess I enjoyed Bobby and such.

    Hamlet Audition: The impressions in this were really good. This was a pretty original, well written sketch. I enjoyed Bill Hader's Al Pacino being back.

    Underground Rock Festival: I don't really like these characters, so this wasn't anything good for me. Plus, it was a repeat.

    Musical Performance: Pearl Jam performs "Unthought Unknown".

    Court Stenographer: This sketch was just funnier with the Jon Hamm show. The writing was sharper, and it was just better. Plus, this was nearly a carbon copy, once again.

    Talk Show With Ravish: Something new. But, not too funny, even if it did star Nasim.

    The show tonight did not really improve on the whole "originality" thing I was looking for. Jude Law was definitely a suitable host. Pearl Jam was also a good musical guest, but, I just didn't enjoy the sketches. Most of them were recurring. There were some sparks of creativity here and there, from the audition sketch to Jerry's cameo, but I don't know.

    In 4 weeks, April 10, Tina Fey(!!!) hosts with musical guest, Justin Bieber(...) Hopefully the show is recooperated by then. They have a month.
  • Are you a twenty-something single woman living alone in a five bedroom house?

    Jude Law returns for a second hosting stint, while Pearl Jam makes their fourth appearance as musical guest.

    Cold Open- Congressman Massa's Exit Interview- Congressman Eric Massa (Bobby) explains himself including, tickling, snorkeling, his years in the navy. A step up from the political sketch from last week.

    Monologue- Jude talks about rehearsing for Hamlet and everything surrounding it. Not much here.

    Wild Ride- A couple (Abby, Kenan) go for an unexpected ride in their break-less Ford Hybrid. I'll forgive them for using an obvious Toyota Prius for the Ford. Secret Word- In 1967, Lyle Round (Bill) hosts game show with celebrity contestants Mindy Grayson (Kristin) and Vladamir Kruschev (Jude) who fail at giving hints to the words. I'll just say this didn't need to become recurring.

    Broadview Security- In a spoof of those silly security system commercials, a spokesman (Bill) showcases new system that has various people kick down the front door: Grampa, a Rabbi. Second best sketch of the night, more on that later.

    Barcelona- While on vacation, two women (Abby, Nasim) are seduced by a Spaniard (Jude) who also wants to poison them both. Odd, strange. Third best sketch of the night, again more later.

    Boombox (Digital Short) - A rapper (Andy) and singer (Julian Casablancas) sing and rap about boomboxes and the surrounding crowds reaction to them. I almost think the shots of elderly lovemaking was too much.

    Eddie Vedder and the boys get a little meadow on their current single from 'Backspacers', "Just Breathe"

    Weekend Update- Whoopi Goldberg (Kenan) talks about her bladder control commercial; then the memorable moment of this segment, "Really!..with Seth and Jerry", Seth, accompanied by Jerry Seinfeld lays into Congressman Eric Massa and his sexual harassment scandal. On the strength of that alone, one of the stronger Updates this season.

    Twilight Zone- Rod Serling (Bill) introduces a segment in which a passenger (Jude) on a plane, has strange visions of an odd fury creature (Bobby) stuck on the wing of a plane, leering inside spookily. Best sketch of the night, reasons for the above sketch placement- Its been a while since we've seen a Twilight Zone parody and this one took the cake. From the great acting of Jude, to Pearl Jam on the wing with the creature. All cliked here. Hamlet Auditions- While waiting for Nathan Lane (Bobby) to finish up his audition, Jude holds bizarre conversations with Al Pacino (Bill), Sam Elliot (Jason), and Nicholas Cage (Andy). Mostly a vehicle for weak impressions. Kickspit Underground Rock Festival (rerun from Blake Lively/Rihanna) - a repeat of the festival spoof. Still funny.

    Eddie and the boys get a little more uptempo with "Unthought Known" Court Clerk- Elinda Nade (Fred) the bizarre stenographer from four episodes ago returns and still can't find her chapstick as she poorly does her job. See comments following Secret Word.

    Talk Show with Ravish- An Indian-American boy (Nasim) hosts talk show with her family, interviews Jude and reveals his encyclopedic knowledge. At least Nasim is getting more sketch air time. The Jay Walking spoof was delightful though.

    And thats it. Jude was a capable sophomore host, though the writing let him down at times. 6.5/10
  • Jude Law hosts

    Cold Opening: Another shameless political sketch that was beneath this show.

    Monologue: This literally was a monologue, with Jude explaining an exaggerated version of how he prepared for the role of Hamlet. Not funny, but somewhat interesting

    Ford Commercial: As expected a Prius shot. Only funny part was Kenan dropping a b bomb.

    Secret Word: These game show sketches are really going down hill. This was no different.

    Broadview Security: Nice parody of those annoying security commercial.

    Come to Spain: Nice to see Abby Elliott and Nasim Pedrad actually getting to star in a sketch, but this was pretty forgettable. Digital Short: Terrible, unfunny song. Weekend Update: Whoopi Goldberg returns, and Jerry Seinfeld pops in. A few solid one-liners and all in all a decent WU.

    Twilight Zone: Wow, a Twilight Zone parody. Didn't see that coming. The segment was alright though.

    Hamlet Auditions: An excuse for the cast to do some of its impressions. Underground Rockfestivals: Better than the last time they did this, but this is more about the shocking names they put up there than being abundantly clever. Courtroom: Wow, this ridiculous Fred Armisen character got the chance to return? Hopefully this is the last time we are forced to sit through this. Ravish: Now, this is a sketch that I would like to see become a recurring one. Nice parody of chat shows, especially Jay Leno Walking with Ravish.