Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 15

Julia Louis-Dreyfus/Snow Patrol

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Mar 17, 2007 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Chris Rock!

Sketches include "SNL Special Report: The Road to the White House," "Oprah," "Monex," "Restless Penis Syndrome," "La Rivista Della Televisione," "Deep House Dish," "CBS Cares," "Homebot," and "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search For The Next Doll."

Snow Patrol performed "You're All I Have" and "Chasing Cars."moreless

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  • The Old Adventures of “New” SNL

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” Amateur Critic and Final Four Cinderella Team

    (Sorry about the delay, everybody- the site was down for most of Sunday afternoon.)

    It’s one thing to have a female ex-cast member host the show; it’s another thing to see her do it twice; that makes Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ second SNL appearance in 22 years all the more special. It seems that she’s still on a hot streak: she won an Emmy and was nominated for a Golden Globe, which are fitting rewards given the fact that she’s far and away the most watchable element of her otherwise so-so CBS sitcom “The New Adventures of Old Christine.”

    The musical guest is Snow Patrol, the Scots-Irish indie-rockers. Though there is a lot of buzz for this established albeit cusp-of-the-mainstream quintet, I can only guess they’re on the show simply because it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Holy random cameo Batman, it’s Chris Rock! In an assumed promotion for his movie “I Think I Love My Wife,” the ex-SNLer riffs on the 2008 presidential election and makes a few suggestions about why a black man would make a better POTUS than a white woman. This was, almost by default, the best politically-themed sketch of the season; and yes, that does include the sketch with Speaker Pelosi and her leather-clad staffers.

    MONOLOGUE: Julia spends the monologue doing damage control when she acknowledges the “poor, kind” celebrities that whore themselves to the media when entering a level 5 breakdown. In doing so, Old Christine responds to footage of herself throwing up into her champagne at the Golden Globes as well as a Britney-esque crotch shot.

    “Oprah”: Is it just me, or is Maya Rudolph letting her impressions go into hambone territory? First she let her Whitney Houston go overripe, and now she’s done it to The Big O. Tonight, she meets with Rhonda Byrne (AP), the author of the self-help bestseller “The Secret,” as well as a delusional housewife (JLD) who took the book’s advice way too much for granted. A refugee from Sudan (KT) pops up as if we changed the channel to a slightly more interesting sketch. Seriously, is the topical satire that weak now?

    “Monex”: An upper-class sophisticate (KW) with a Scrooge McDuck complex sings the praises of investing in (and laminating the furniture with) gold. I’ll avoid the inevitable gold medal comparison because this ad spoof doesn’t really deserve one; maybe I should say this bit was worth its weight in aluminum.

    “Restless Penis Syndrome”: A bland dramatic scene involving Suds and Julia turns into a bizarre PSA for a disorder that subconsciously encourages infidelity. Kenan touches upon Chris Rock’s comments from earlier about black men being attracted to white women and morphs it from irreverence to cliché. I think I’ll blame the writers for that one.

    “La Rivista Della Televisione”: Julia’s appearance on an Italian talk show hosted by motor-mouth Vinny Vincione (BH) is marred by language and culture barriers. Granted, I have no complaints about Bill pulling his own weight on the show (at long last), but I think we just found our new Ferecito. In terms of a potential recurring sketch, this wasn’t completely pistolotto.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Gary Lightbody wails through the mid-tempo anthem “You’re All I Have.”

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Judge Larry Seidlin again? Is Fred in love with that character or something? It’s not a pleasant surprise, nor a bad one, just a real flabbergaster. Either way, tonight he shares little if any insight on the US Attorney General controversy. On that same note, is it just me or has Seth Meyers found a formula for his one-liners that he could potentially run into the ground? Norm MacDonald made the same mistake back in the day; don’t let it happen to you.

    “Deep House Dish”: It seems that after spending his first two appearances living in the shadow of Tiara Z, T’Shane (AS) actually has a personality of his own. Tonight, he upstages Handbag by sharing an antedote about chili in a hot tub with guest Dee Dee Wells (JLD), and than nearly gets into fisticuffs with the equally vapid DJ Quality (JS).

    “CBS Cares”: While taping a public service announcement, Julia loses her temper with a hostile, ego-bruised boom mike operator (JS). The unfunny junior-high sex joke that started the skit (“Hi, I’m Mike Underballs”) which led to a slew of crass sight gags hurt more than helped.

    “Homebot”: This particular sketch had something to do with an yuppie couple winning the lottery, and than investing their money in domestic robots that have noisy sex in the kitchen. The sooner I block this out of my memory, the better.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: “Chasing Cars” is such a wonderful ballad. From a demographic standpoint, it’s a soccer mom song with brains and heart.

    “The Search for the Next Pussycat Doll”: A spoof of the CW reality show searches for women that are moderately attractive, can sing (sort of), and somewhat competent at dancing. I found this sketch passable only because this pre-fabricated singing group as well as its pathetic entry into unscripted programming is a caricature onto itself.

    By and large, there were no particularly memorable sketches but few that completely bombed, either. Much like the Rainn Wilson broadcast three weeks ago, the broadcast peaked at the very start of the night before going into its usual hit-and-miss sturm und drang. Bill Hader and Kenan Thompson were for better or worse the most dominant presences of the night, and though Julia essentially played herself one too many times, it wasn’t the biggest problem of the night. Snow Patrol, on the other hand, was an amazingly potent live act.

    On one final note, it was quite apparent that Darrell Hammond wasn’t in last night’s broadcast. Your guess is as good as mine if he’ll ever decide to depart from the show, but his glaring absence only further suggests that he doesn’t fit in with this younger, more energetic cast. He might seem to be a respectable elder statesman, and he’s still SNL’s go-to guy for celebrity impressions, but you have to ponder if he has wanderlust on the mind.

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed in Repeats: “Restless Penis Syndrome,” “CBS Cares,” and “Homebot.”

    Next Week: SNL fulfills its one-athlete-host-per-season quota as Indianapolis Colts QB Peyton Manning hosts with musical guest Carrie Underwood.

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  • Ahhh, positive thoughts, Conner?

    Tonight's episode consisted of Julia Louis-Dreyfus coming back to host, to promote, once again, the New Adventures of Old Christine. Of course, you'd know with Julia's background of being on Seinfeld, being a former sketch performer, and even hosting the previous season to this, she would make a good host. Our musical guests are Snow Patrol, a rock band that has gained respect, but isn't some over-the-top overrated band that teenagers would die for, and television shows would do anything to have them on.

    SNL Road To The White House: Surprise! Chris Rock! Originally planned to be on Update, Rock starts the show with saying why Obama should be president. This was hilarious in every way. Chris Rock has this way of making the best commentaries.

    Monologue: Julia talks about those crazed paparrazis, and how they'll do anything to capture her at her worst. I will admit, this monologue made me laugh histerically, especially after the pubic hair shot.

    Oprah: Maya and her freakin Oprah. As much as these Oprah sketches annoy me, this was an exception. Julia's almost-retarded character stole the sketch, while the whole Kenan part wasn't needed.

    Monex: A woman is obsessed with gold and tries to sell it. There's the joke: She's obsessed with gold. Why need writing when you have a... strong... joke like that? I think you get my drift. You can tell they needed a taped segment just to fill the time.

    RPS: Restless P*nis syndrome shoots a commercial early in the morning, but it's not a real disease. The affair-crazy husband just tries to not get caught cheating on his wife. You could say this was enjoyable to a certain extent.

    Vinny Vendicci: Once again, a one-joke premise sketch. Julia doesn't know how to speak Italian, which is the language the show is in. Also, Vinny plays tricks on Julia. I'd rather watch the Monex commercial over again.

    Musical Performance: Snow Patrol performs "You're All I Have", which is an alright song, but nothing on my ipod.

    Weekend Update: The jokes tonight were very consistent, while Larry Seidlin's commentary was actually funnier than the last droll one.

    Deep House Dish: Oh, god. Once again, here's a sad way to keep Kenan having his own recurring character, and another sad way to have Maya sing. I know the set costed 500,000 dollars to do, so their trying to milk every cent, but, come on! Improve the god dang writing!

    CBS Cares: Now, there we go! A good sketch. Jeff, a boom guy, gets annoyed with Julia for no reason, and causes war with her. This was very enjoyable to say the least.

    Homebots: After winning the lottery, a husband and wife get robots that take care of a home, but the robots have to have sex with eachother to get them charged up, and it disturbs the hus/wife's guests. This sketch could only make you laugh to a certain extent. It contained lazy writing.

    Musical Performance: Snow Patrol performs "Chasing Cars". This is a nice rock song, that was played a lot around late 2007.

    The Search for the next P*ssy Cat Doll: This was enjoyable, and Julia's character made me laugh. A good 12:50 sketch.

    Tonight's episode was a hallow Olive Garden bread stick. The outside with the salt tasted so good, but it just didn't fill you up. In other words, it was a so-so broadcast. For every funny sketch, there was a pointless, and unfunny one.

    Julia was still a great host, as the cast gelled finely. They were just under the influence of bad writing. Snow Patrol's songs were fine, and they made a good musical guest.moreless
  • Julia is great but she can only do so much with weak material. There was nothing that seemed really inspired or original. It was kind of a "phoned in show" if you will.moreless

    Chris Rock cold open - It was great to see Rock again on SNL. The good stuff: he kept it short and had a decent punchline. The bad stuff: he seemed uncomfortable and flubbed a lot of his lines. Better than the usual George W opening though. Grade: C+

    Monologue - I have always liked JLD and I think she did a great job with the monologue. The two filmed bits were good, especially the limo scene. And the best part? There was no singing or dancing! Grade: A-

    Oprah - Whoa! Maya is to SNL what that iceberg was to the Titanic. This is yet another one of her awful impersonations along with Whitney and Versace. Have you noticed that all three of the characters are played very similarly? Nice range. The premise of this sketch was very weak and Maya's performance was very strained. Grade: F

    Monex commercial - Barely amusing parody with no real punchline or any kind of bite to it. Kristen is the only thing that gave this turkey any life at all. And did you notice how weak the claps were at the end of it? Grade: C-

    Restless Penis Syndrome - I thought this was a nice twist on the cheating husband cliche that took a decent stab at our victim culture. I get so tired of people talking about how their obesity is due to bad genes or that their jerkiness is caused by a chemical imbalance. Yeah, whatever! It also took a jab at the sudden plethora of "syndromes" that the drug companies are "discovering". In a way I wouldn't be surprised if they introduce a drug called something like Venerex to "cure" this disease. Both Jason and JLD did a good job here. Kenan was lame as usual. Grade: B

    Vinny Vedecci - Finally Hader gets a feature role, but gets shafted with an overly long and not particularly funny piece of writing. Was that yours Bill? If so, seek assistance next time! As usual, Hader does great impressions, but there was no real payoff to this meandering sketch. The best part: the ashtray with like 50 cigarette butts in it! Grade: C+

    Weekend Update - The good stuff: shorter than usual (11 minutes), and only one guest. The bad stuff: the judge is getting old already and none of the jokes really stood out. Grade: C-

    Deep House Dish - I can't believe they keep bringing this back! Haven't we made our point here that we hate this sketch?! The truest line of all night was spoken by DJ Dynasty Handbag when he said, "You just brought this show to a complete stop." The same could be said for DHD. Another example of breaking the fourth wall. This episode had the usual DHD elements: interesting costumes, stupid songs, and lame jokes. Grade: F

    CBS Cares - Maybe a little poke at all of the boom problems that SNL has had over the years. It wasn't bad but the conflict between JLD and Sudeikis was never developed into the verbal warfare that it could have. Incidentally, I was reminded of the much superior Jude Law sketch with green screen filming. Not bad overall. Grade: B

    Robot Servants - When all else fails, bust out the raunchy humor. This is exactly the point of this sketch. I enjoyed it because it was so ridiculous and I thought Will was a great robot. Having Fred's head rhythmically poke through the doorway was a nice touch. Not a great sketch, but silly enough to get a chuckle from me. Grade: B+

    Pussycat Dolls - I guess they are parodying a real series? Whatever the case, it wasn't that great. It followed the same approach as their American Idol and America's Next Top Model parodies with talentless contestants and worthless judges. I couldn't find the joke. Everybody already knows that these "talent" shows contain very little, if any talent. So, what's so funny about that? Grade: D+moreless
  • Why a tearjerker

    A tearjerker because this show is so bad. It just about made me cry. Who is writing this stuff. If John Belushi were alive today he'd wish he were dead. I do not watch this on a regular basis but on occasion, when I turn it on, I am always amazed at how crass it is. Fart jokes and mugging for the camera. Something needs to shift with this show. It seems so lame. I actually get embarrassed for the performers when I watch. We shouldn't feel embarassed when when watch TV, should we? I mean, guilty pleasures, yes, but actually wanting to curl into a ball of shame isn't something tv should do. Someone takes this show out to the woods and perform the 'Ol Yeller on it.moreless
  • One one: embarrassing.

    I think it's sad that they made fun of the Anna Nicole Smith judge weeks after the trial was over. I understand SNL was off the air for a few weeks, but that ship sailed. Why would they mock something so out of date?

    And why is "Deep Dish" a regular skit? It's not funny. I just don't get it.

    One thing that consistently annoys me is Amy Poehler's reading the "news" during "Weekend Update." She reads the cue cards so slowly it is painful to hear. Why hasn't anyone told her to speed it up?

    Why Darrell Hammond is not given more air time is WAY beyond my comprehension.

    I am so disappointed in SNL's shows as of late. Aren't there any funny writers anymore???moreless

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  • QUOTES (2)

    • Amy Poehler: A Connecticut man is wearing a ski mask around town to prove that not everyone who dons one is a bank robber, terrorist or prowler, but just to be sure, I'm gonna shoot him.

    • Chris Rock: White men love white women, and black men REALLY love white women.

  • NOTES (5)

    • Sketches cut from the 60 minute version: "Deep House Dish," "Monex," "Homebots," "New Pussycat Dolls," and Snow Patrol's performance of "Chasing Cars."

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal include, a cold opening featuring George W. Bush talking about current events with a March Madness chart (note: Chris Rock did his presidential commentary during WU in dress rehearsal, but he got such a great response that it was decided he would be moved up to the cold opening during the live show), a commercial with the male cast playing basketball, a sketch where people with hairlines work for American Hairlines airline company, a sketch about tax preparers, a digital short where Andy raps about his brother-in-law Roy, a sketch where Fred's character gives Julia's character a hearing test and a sketch about Will taking Julia on date to a hockey game. During the live show, Darrell was to appear as John McCain on WU, but it was cut.

    • Darrell Hammond did not appear in this episode.

    • This is the first time a former female cast member of SNL has hosted for the second time.

    • Julia Louis-Dreyfus becomes the second Ebersol-era cast member to host twice with Lorne Michaels as producer; the only other early-80s cast member to do this was Martin Short.