Saturday Night Live

Season 2 Episode 19

Julian Bond/Tom Waits, Brick

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Apr 09, 1977 on NBC

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  • Bond. Julian Bond.

    Well this time, it's the Senator of Georgia that comes to host Saturday Night Live in the form of Julian Bond! Yes, Julian Bond, the suave debonair who enjoys a good martini and ladies while at the same time stopping crime in its tracks. ...oh wait, JULIAN Bond? Oh yes, he's the senator and an advocate for civil rights. He brings along two musical guests with him known as Brick and Tom Waits. Brick I am quite unfamiliar with and am really not sure about what their whole deal is. Waits, on the other hand, is somewhat more familiar as I have heard a bit of his stuff before and he was also in the underrated "Mystery Men." So let's see how this whole shindig played out.

    Host: Julian Bond
    Musical Guest: Tom Waits and Brick

    Cold Open: Emily Litella in Love (Curtin, Radner) (2:07)

    --Emily Litella (Radner) confides in Jane that she's in love and does her usual mess-up before opening the show. Cutesy, but not bad.

    Monologue (Bond) (1:46)

    --Julian goes over the many expectations about the SNL cast and crew that he had, but then realizes he was brought on to be "their chocolate Easter bunny." Umm, that was interesting.

    Commercial: H&L Brock (Belushi, Murray) (1:51)

    --Lowell Brock (Belushi) gives us more reasons why we should choose H&L Brock and then gets up to reveal his prison cell by the guard (Murray). I liked this recurring commercial bit.

    Black Perspective (Bond, Morris) (3:30)

    --Garrett asks Mr. Bond about the myths surrounding the IQ of black people to which Julian makes a controversial statement that "light-skinned blacks are smarter than dark-skinned blacks." Pretty funny bit.

    An Oval Office (Bond, Aykroyd, Curtin, Morris, Newman) (4:46)

    --President Carter (Aykroyd) shoos Amy (Newman) and her black doll away before Andrew Young (Morris) and Julian Bond come over to visit to discuss civil rights. I like how Carter keeps changing the subject and it makes for one well-written political sketch.

    Tom Waits sings "Eggs & Sausages" (3:49)

    --Waits' unique and gravelly voice works for this good jazzy tune that is a bit slow at times, but is still entertaining.

    Dr. X, Family Counselor (Aykroyd, Belushi, Murray, Radner) (5:24)

    --Harry (Murray), his catatonic wife Colleen (Radner), and son Mark (Belushi) are counseled by Dr. X (Aykroyd), who wields a hook and wears a strange metal mask to hide his deformed skin as he has several random outbursts when questioned about it. Very strange character by Danny and a wonderful performance by Gilda make for an enjoyable sketch.

    Weekend Update with Jane Curtin (3:40)

    --One of the shortest Updates ever as Jane delivers some riffs on Anita Bryant and orange juice and my personal favourite being the bit on the first operation from a woman to a man. I also like the story on the Concord coming from Britain and France, but this edition of Update was too short.

    Commercial: Right On Afro Lustre (Bond, Newman, Radner) (:31)

    --Yes, it's Right On Afro Lustre with its spokesman (Bond)! It was alright.

    Great Moments in Motown (Bond, Aykroyd, Belushi, Morris, Murray) (7:25)

    --A club owner gives a new band (Aykroyd, Belushi, Morris, Murray) a chance in his new nightclub, but keeps correcting them on their performance. It's another good performance by the four castmembers and a decent one by Julian, who's stretching a bit for this sketch.

    Commercial: Creeley's Soup (Murray, Radner) (2:41)

    --A little girl (Radner) enjoys Creeley's soup so much that when an announcer (Murray) tells her to do things to herself, she complies. I loved this.

    Bad Cinema (Bond, Aykroyd, Belushi, Newman) (5:06)

    --Leonard Pinth-Garnell (Aykroyd) welcomes Truman Capote (Belushi), Lina Wertmuller (Newman), and T. Lazlow Wizzen (Bond), a film noir critic, to view "ooh-la-la! les legs!" The lines by Julian were definitely the best and the film is entertainingly bad, but otherwise this was kinda bland.

    Brick perform "Dazz" (3:06)

    --Ahh, this song sounds very familiar as a matter of fact. I now recognize this band and thoroughly enjoyed this song of theirs.

    Civil Rights Farbers (Bond, Aykroyd, Belushi, Curtin, Murray, Newman, Radner) (7:11)

    --Julian is invited over by Bobbi (Radner) and Larry Farber (Belushi) for dinner to discuss civil rights with their dinner guests (Aykroyd, Curtin, Murray, Newman) and plan to invite their black neighbours for Backgammon, but it's immediately opposed much to Bond's dismay. It wasn't terrible, but the sketch ran pretty long and was lacking oomph.

    Mr. Mike Meets Uncle Remus (Morris) (3:13)

    --Mr. Mike tells Uncle Remus (Morris) the story of Briar Rabbit with a much different and darker ending involving being skinned alive. Enjoyable as are most of Mr. Mike's bedtime tales.

    Weis Film #30: Patti Smith (2:52)

    --This time, Gary Weis focuses on rocker Patti Smith (who was a musical guest in Year 1), who speaks on censorship and also about being censored before appearing on SNL. Wow, they could actually comment on that on the ACTUAL show back then. Interesting work by Weis, for sure.

    Alabama Improvements (Belushi) (2:10)

    --Governor George Wallace (Belushi) talks about the 'New South' and shows his racism in a comic way. Not bad I guess.

    Julian thanks everyone and then the cast joins him on stage with everyone wearing a "Julian Bond in '76" shirt.

    Best segment: An Oval Office
    Worst segment: Civil Rights Farbers

    Host: Julian Bond - 5.75/10
    Musical Guest: Tom Waits - 7/10
    Brick - 7.5/10

    So Julian made for a half-decent host all in all. Definitely not as fun as Nader was in the role, as the straight-laced Bond looked to serious to try and crack jokes in some of the goofy sketches he took part in. I did like his performance in the Motown sketch though and that's part of the reason why he was halfway decent. Tom Waits and Brick held their end up on the musical side of things with pretty decent stuff, while the best castmember would probably be Gilda for the Dr. X sketch, Creeley's Soup ad, and for her fun character Bobbi Farber, even though the sketch was somewhat dry. Garrett Morris gets runner-up though if there was such a prize for his effort. Overall, this was an uneven but pretty decent episode.

    Rating: 6.75/10