Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 9

Justin Timberlake (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • You can’t bring Sexy back if you don’t have a receipt...

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” The Amateur Critic that keeps on giving

    Is SNL resorting to plagiarism? That’s what some people are suggesting after the left-leaning blog The Huffington Post published a satirical piece featuring film stills from Mel Gibson’s Mayan Empire epic “Apocolypto,” one measly day before Saturday Night aired their own parody with new subtitles superimposed over the actual theatrical trailer. Granted, both the article and the re-cut trailer hit the same easy target (Gibson’s now-infamous anti-Semitic remarks during a DUI bust six months ago), so maybe it’s a bit presumptuous to smell a rat (or dare I say, bagels?). On the other hand, earlier this season, SNL aired a digital film piece called “Cubicle Fight” that had more than a passing resemblance to a popular YouTube clip called “Cubicle Wars.” Hmm…

    And now, back to business: for the second time this season, tonight’s host will also be pulling musical guest duty, and for once it’s someone that we can actually anticipate- Justin Timberlake. Say what you will about the fluffy, wanton piffle that makes up his current album “FutureSex/Lovesounds,” but he did a solid job of hosting three years ago, and that’s all that matters to me.

    For the last time in 2006, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Amy, Maya, and Wiigy are decorating the Christmas tree, but it’s merely exposition to a brief, Spector-esque number called “Santa’s My Boyfriend,” complete with the usual PG-rated double-entendres. I won’t complain about the Christmas theme, but something about this sketch just doesn’t work as a leadoff hitter.

    MONOLOGUE: That dude that’s boinking Cameron Diaz sings “The Christmas Song” with Alvin and the Chipmunks (FA, BH, AS), continuing an apparent fascination with decades-old children’s programming. The only edge to this was Justin’s muted yet condescending behavior towards Alvin/Bill, but even that wasn’t enough.

    “Homelessville”: A blatant rewrite of that “Omeletville” sketch from three years ago finds an anthropomorphic Cup o’ Soup (JT) with a love for early ‘90s hip-hop competing with a Salvation Army Santa (WF) for the attention of passerby on a street corner. At least the ending of the sketch wasn’t as cornball as the last time around.

    “Target Greatland”: That Oteri-esque cashier lady (KW) and a creepy, Southern-fried stock boy (JT) alienate two customers (MR, WF) in another slice-of-life sketch from the otherwise characterless big-box store. You see one, you’ve seen them all.

    DIGITAL SHORT: First it was ‘90s rap, now it’s ‘90s white-boy R&B as Justin and Andy lay down a smooth groove on “D*** in a Box.” As unabashed as it was, this is classic Lonely Island material; this could’ve easily been some goofy, semi-anonymous YouTube clip, which it probably will be by the Sunday afternoon following this broadcast.

    “The Barry Gibb Talk Show”: Wow, the audience really went bonkers over this one; I can’t even remember the last time I heard cheering like that on this show. Tonight, the two surviving Brothers Gibb (JT and our old buddy Jimmy Fallon) attempt to open a topical symposium with Sandra O’Connor (KW), Thomas Friedman (FA), and former President Jimmy Carter (DH), but as usual they just berate them. Something must’ve not worked if Justin didn’t crack up once; on the other hand, it seems that sketch quality caved in to popular demand.

    “Dry Eyes”: Ah, a game show spoof; it seems like ages since we’ve seen one of these. The premise is, two men (FA, JT) compete to see who can go the longest without crying, with verbal reminders of personal emotional baggage as their bait. Justin was surprisingly convincing as a “real man,” though like most SNL sketches this ran a bit longer than it should have. Good use of an old Harry Chapin song, though.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: That chick that’s boinking the host introduces JT, who sings “My Love.” That was a decent blues guitar solo, so why in the heck did it end up in such a flavorless ballad?

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Just for the change, I’ll list my highlights first: Lou Dobbs’ (DH) commentary on food for charity ultimately deviates into another one of his cartoonish anti-immigrant rants, while jabs at Christian homophobia and xenophobia went straight on target. What didn’t work, you ask? For one thing, a return appearance by the gay couple from North Jersey (FA, BH) was largely unnecessary, and it still seems like calm, confident Seth still has the upper hand on the increasingly sheepish Amy in terms of the eminence and resonation of their usual topical jabs.

    “Hip Hop Kids”: One turntable and five MCs (KT, JT, KW, AP, JS, MR) stuck in a coal mine encounter cave creatures and resort to cannibalism whilst busting a move. Sometimes a sketch comes along that is so inane and heavily weighted by its oddball concept that you can’t help but laugh; this was one of those sketches.

    “Christmas Elf Auditions”: Oh cripes, another recurring character. This time, Shelby Hastings (now played by JT) and her proud stepmom (KT) are a self-aggrandizing, disruptive presence at an audition for some Christmas play. Much like the last time Mrs. Hastings appeared, this was plodding, undercooked, and somewhat tedious.

    “A Holiday Message from Nancy Grace”: The Headline News star’s (AP) holiday greetings coincide with her two cents on the latest developments in the months-old Duke Lacrosse scandal, followed by a declaration of revenge on the accused players that didn’t actually rape anyone. As hasty as this sketch felt, I would’ve been much more content with this sketch as the cold opening.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: That dude that used to be a cast member and happens to be good friends with the boinking couple introduces Justin for his soaring “What Goes Around Come Around.” Once again, some perfectly good guitar work is wasted on a forgettable, overproduced album cut.

    The show closes, rather inexplicably, with Lenny Pickett and the SNL Band playing the opening chords to “Silent Night.” It’s good to see that the house band still gets fleeting moments of screen time, even if it hasn’t been the same since G.E. Smith and Cheryl Hardwick left.

    Much like past Christmas shows, this particular broadcast was top-heavy on recurring characters and a weird aura of either laziness or burnout on the writers’ part. Justin Timberlake turned out to be a very reliable host, one that carried his own weight in sketches even if he couldn’t hold up the musical part of the deal. The calendar year 2006 for SNL may not have ended on a high note, but it certainly was agreeable.

    Sketches/segments that will probably be removed in the 60-minute edit: “Santa’s My Boyfriend,” “Christmas Elf Auditions,” and at least one of JT’s musical performances.

    Next Week: a repeat of last year’s delightful Jack Black/Neil Young broadcast.

    In Four Weeks: There’s nothing quite like starting 2007 with a gay cowboy and some cusp-of-the-mainstream “indie” rock. In this case, I hope you like Jake Gyllenhaal and The Shins. Plus, my fourth annual midseason recap!

    Contact “HelloStuart” at Happy Holidays, one and all!
  • A pretty weak episode, but it seems that 2 minutes of hilarity about a certain box (not live, mind you) can compensate for an hour or so of dreck. Personally, I would never give a restaurant a rave review because of a great appetizer alone.

    Santa's My Boyfriend cold open - It reminded me of that Chevy song from so many years ago. OK, but not particularly funny.

    Monologue - The chipmunks were great, reaffirming my belief in Hader as the great new hope for SNL. "Bring it on down to homelessville" - Pretty good, but would have collapsed without Forte's pathetic, whimpering Santa.

    Target Lady - Never thought that was funny. Nothing to change my mind in this episode.

    Dick in Box - The most famous digital short ever and easily lives up to its reputation. Flat out hilarious.

    Barry Gibb Show - Fallon's desperate return to the screen, kicking all the way, just to make sure we don't forget him. After two box office duds, Fallon is paranoid that he will be relegated to pitching soda pop for the rest of career. Ol' buddy JT threw him a bone with the Barry Gibb show since JT himself had only a few unfunny lines.

    Dry Eyes - I appreciate trying new things, but that one certainly needed a lot more fleshing out. It might have been funnier with a more absurdest approach. Like having them cry over a ding in their new BMW or something equally ridiculous.

    Weekend Update - A pretty decent update, but Hammond needs to find something else to do.

    Hip Hop Kids - Almost DOA, but was revived when the cave monsters appeared, albeit too briefly. Hey, that was Hader again! Give him more to do!

    Elf Tryouts - Pretty lame, but gave Kenan a chance to squawk for a few minutes. If a was a writer at SNL, I'd probably give him something too just so I wouldn't have to hear him complaining about a lack of air time.

    Nancy Grace - This impression sucks. And the topic? Not the best choice for a commentary.
  • Lol. Good episode. Justin did a pretty good job with this one.

    Santa's my boyfriend: They all have great voices! I liked the lyrics, they were pretty funny. monologue: The Chipmunks!!! yay! Haha I liked how Alvin was hassled for being flat. Homelessville: It was okay. It was funny. Not too funny, but funny.

    Dry eyes: Hahaha! I liked Justin's eye thing when he was about to get watery. And how the teacher sucked at playing.

    Target: haha this was a funny one. Kristin was funny on this one.

    Special Christmas Prestent: This was hilarious. This won the season over. Haha it was soo funny.

    Barry Gibbs show: heyy Jimmy Fallon! This was pretty funny I guess. Weekend Update: hahaha the Gay couple was funny. This was a good Weekend Update.

    Hip Hop kids: Wtf was this? it was sooo stupid yet funny. Haha Kristen made a really dramatic fall. They ate the people!?! ewwww...

    Elf Auditions: hahaha I love Virginica. This was a funny one.

    Nancy Grace: It was okay. I liked when she threatened the guys for no reason! haha.

    Overall: So this was a prety good episode to end the first half of the season.
  • Saturday Night Live- Justin Timberlake

    Unbelievable. Another great episode of SNL. My favorite sketch had to be "D*ck in a Box)Halarious. I can so see why it won a couple of emmys. Also Homelessville was unbeliveable. Those 2 sketches remain in my top 5 favortie for all time. Justin Timberlake did a great job hosting and performing. Dry Eyes was another great one. D*ck in a Box was great. "1...You cut a hole in the box...2... You put your junk in the make her open the box" Hip HopKidz was great too. Halarious. "Give it all up to Homelessville!" The best epsiode of all time (well of the 4 episodes I've seen -:D

    Oh my gosh this is the best of the best, Justin Timberlake is so funny I couldn't stop laughing, I was crying! The Cup OF SOUP was the best ever !!! Just love him..He acts, sings and dances Awesome as good as Fred Astaire!!! Don't judge me on that (age wise that is..) What can't this guy do? I hope he keeps going down a good path and keeps clean and a level head. I have a son that reminds me of him when he dances....and his name is Justin also. He was born before I really new too much about the singer! Good luck Justin on your career!
  • Hilarious.

    Many know Justin Timberlake for his singing, but his SNL performance this time around was hilarious, helped out of course by the hilarious sketches written for him.

    "Homelessville," featuring Timberlake dressed as a Cup O' Soup, was rather funny, as he was able to rearrange some famous rap songs to make them about soup, all the while moving around in what had to be a burden of a costume to do anything in.

    "Dry Eyes" had its moments, the best when Timberlake's character had to stare at the camera to avoid crying. I always love the "Target" sketches; I thought Timberlake's character was a little lame, but Kristen Wiig was at the top of her game once again (plus, I loved the pronunciations of the word "urnaments" (as she would say)). "The Barry Gibb" talk show is always funny, and Jimmy Fallon's line of "I'M BARRY F'N GIBB!!!" was the height of the sketch.

    And, of course, I can't forget about "D*ck in a Box." It was another SNL Digital Short that was cleverly written, acted out perfectly, and it was rather catchy. No wonder it took the nation by storm after it's original airing.

    Overall, Timberlake did a find job as host and musical guest of SNL. The sketches, specifically in the first half of the show, were hilarious and he was great in all of them. Here's to another Timberlake-hosted SNL. Well done and well written.
  • Give it on up for Homelessville!

    Exactly why I watch this series. It is the reason SNL has existed for over 30 years. Justin Timberlake is a classic SNL host – he gets it! One of the top 10 hosts SNL has been lucky to have. I would have to guess the writers love having this guy on the show. Has already made a name for himself with great characters (dancing soup cup and Robin Gibb) to name a few. Looking forward to his next appearance.
  • What can I say about this episode

    What can I say about this episode? It was awesome!! The skits were hilarious, Justin acting was great(even when he flubbed a little bit but kept going without laughing much), and I loved his performances. All the skits were great, especially the “Homelessville” skit because for some reason when you put Justin Timberlake in a stupid suit(can of soup and omelet) and make him sing songs the results are always funny. The other skit I loved was the “Target Greatland” skit. He was acting like such a moron and I couldn’t get enough of it; every time he came on and said something I couldn’t stop laughing especially when he was talking about leaving cheese bread in the microwave. I would mention how much I loved “Dick in a Box” but any person who saw the episode should already know how great the skit was and there is no need for me to say it. To wrap this up, this was another great episode from Justin Timberlake and I hope he keeps coming back and delivering consistently funny skits for years to come.

    However, as much as I loved the episode, I can not give it a ten because I think he should have left Cameron Diaz at home, and got someone else to introduce him.
  • A little late.

    Hosting Justin Timberlake/Justin Timberlake. Sorry for being a little late. to me next to AB/CA funnuiest episode. I actually laugh out loud more than zero times.Not a big fan of his music that can be why i wasn't sure if i would chech this episode. The skecths were mixed one or two were funny.
  • Justin Timberlake as musical guest and host, was a thrill to watch!

    Normally I don't watch SNL because it just isn't funny. But I was intrigued because Justin Timberlake was going to be on the show and his last CD was a surprise hit. I thought that it was mostly entertaining. He is definitely a big multitalented star, he is a great singer and a good actor. Some parts of the show I could've done without, like Santa's My Boyfriend and that weird cry gameshow. The skit with Barry Gibb was overdone, I think that Jimmy Fallon is funny, but that skit just ran way to long. And also, who cares about Nancy Grace? Those skits are really lame.
  • Pretty good episode. And the return of Fallon-mania! :)

    What can I say? I'm a die-hard Jimmy Fallon fan. So when I saw the logo for the Barry Gibb Talk Show, I spazzed out. It was automatically a 10 in my book. But excluding that sketch, and all of the Fallon-ness, this episode was rather good.

    Santa's My Boyfriend was a great opener, and all of the sketches were good. I did think the D*ck in a Box sketch was funny at first, but it drug on a little too long in the end. I was glad at the return of the Mascot character played by JT, as I thought that was great the first time.

    A great ender to the 2006 portion of SNL. :)
  • Best episode of the new season so far. I had to select "they did this one already" just because it does fit what happened in the show best. It's not an insult.

    Usually we complain when we see something repeated on TV but it was a good thing for this season of SNL. A now "veteran" host/musical guest with seasoned sketches that were already proven funny were repeated (Barry Gibb/Homelessville) and I didn't mind. I just needed to laugh and this show delivered. I'm still singing *bleep* in a box to myself. :) Justin's enthusiasm for the show already puts me in a mood to laugh. He's really comfortable hamming it up for the camera and it makes sketches like Hip-Hop Kids work when it would otherwise be lame. Whether people like his music or not, there is good chemistry with him on the set and the musical comedy works well with him, too.
  • Blah.

    I'm at a loss for words. I'm going to try to squeak out a review. The cold opening of the ladies around the Xmas tree saying Santa is their boyfriend. The monologue was somewhat amusing with the Alvin & the Chimpmunks singing bit. Then another verse of the Omeletville sketch of being in a costume & singing for money. They did another Target sketch, which just isn't funny unless you've never seen it before. SNL Digital Short:"Dick in a box". I don't know, but I found it dumb. I'm sure I would had laughed at that if I was a teenager back in the day. <p></p> Another Barry Gibbs talk show sketch with former cast member Jimmy Fallon reviving his role. Seems like Jimmy was hyperactive for that sketch. He seemed a little camera-starved. Probably spent months rehearsing since he has nothing else to do with himself. After watching it, I was like, "why is the audience so excited? Nothing really happened at all". What is with the audience these days, eh? <p></p> "Dry Eyes" gameshow, based on who can not cry the longest while being given personal history as the material. Another one-joke sketch. WU was boring, as for pretty much of the rest of the episode. I don't understand why SNL likes JT so much. Maybe too many people who watch the show like his crappy music. JT seems to like doing the show, but he's just not that funny at all.
  • Best Episode of the year

    The opening bit was OK, the monologue was cute with Alvin and the chipmunks but Justin Timberlake shines on SNL in the skits and this episode did not disappoint. The dancing cup of soup skit was funny with him just dancing in the funny soup outfit, top notch comedy just from the silly costume. The target sketch was OK, Justin's stupid employee character is way better than Dane Cook's idiotic portrayal, they should really put a rest to the Target skit. The **ck In A Box Digital Short was the best one since Lazy Sunday from last year, very very funny and that Wiig chick was superhot in it. You can't have Justin Timberlake host without a Barry Gibb talkshow and it was still funny and well done. Jimmy Fallon came back to be Barry Gibb and was funny as always in the role. I wasn't too fond of the rest of the sketches in the show, each one was poorly written, had a few laughs buy nothing worthy of this show. Weekend Update was funny but still they need to replace Seth, he cannot deliver a funny line without being smarmy. The Nancy Grace bit was about 3-4 minutes too long, ever how long it was, that was too long. This episode barely beats out the Alec Baldwin one for best of the year, the beginning was worth the 90 minutes.
  • It's the end of the first half of 2006-07

    I got this crazy feeling that Jimmy Fallon will cameo.

    Cold Open - Santa's My Boyfriend - This song has Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, and Maya Rudolph singing about Santa being their boyfriend.

    Monologue - Justin Timberlake sings "The Christmas Song" with the Chipmunks (Fred Armisen, Andy Samberg, Bill Hader).

    Homelessville - Will Forte tries to raise money for the Salvation Army while Justin, as a Cup of Soup, raises money for Homelessville in this sequel to Omeletville.

    Target Greatland - Kristen is back as a cashier in this recurring sketch while Justin is some sort of stock guy. Once again, she pisses off her customers (Will Forte, Maya Rudolph).

    SNL Digital Short - D*** in a box - Andy and Justin perform some R & B in this music video short.

    The Barry Gibb Talk Show - Jimmy Fallon is back as Barry Gibb while Justin reprises his role as Robin. Guests on this sketch included Thomas Friedman (Fred Armisen), Sandra Day O'Conner (Kristen Wiig) and President Jimmy Carter (Darrell Hammond). Carter seems to be EVERYWHERE I look these days.

    Dry Eyes - Bill Hader hosts this game show with Justin and Fred as guests.

    Justin Timberlake sings "My Love."

    Weekend Update with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers - Darrell Hammond makes an appearance as Lou Dobbs.

    Hip Hop Kids - This weird sketch featured Timberlake, Jason Sudeikis, Amy Poehler, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and Kenan Thompson.

    Christmas Elf Auditions - A recurring character not being played by the original person who portrayed them the first time. Shelby Hastings is now played by Timberlake and Kenan Thompson reprises his role as the step-mother.

    A Holiday Message from Nancy Grace - Amy Poehler as usual. Lots of focus on teh Duke Lacrosse scandal.

    Justin Timberlake sings "What Goes Around Come Around."

    December 23 - rerun of Jack Black/Neil Young
    January 13 - Jake Gyllenhaal/The Shins
  • Bring sexy back to SNL. No, not Justin Timberlake. Andy Samberg!

    This can be described as a broadcast I knew I would like, but didn’t want to admit because I don’t like the music. I cannot stand the music in fact. But I had a feeling the host would be good. Having said that, I will keep this short and sweet and start my review.

    HOST: This week’s host was pop star Justin Timberlake. Like 2003, he was funny in the skits and did prove to be a good host. His monologue was great. I was dreading him saying he wanted to sing an Xmas song, but when it turned out to be my favorite Xmas song from childhood, by Alvin & the Chipmunks, I was good. I approve of that one hundred percent. Justin was a good host. I’m sure he’ll be back for a third time. A-

    Serving double duty, JT was also the musical guest as well. I cannot stand his music. I didn’t like him in N*SYNC and still don’t like him now. He performed “My Love” and “What Goes Around, Comes Around.” I heard the second song on the radio last night. He is a good performer, but the music is bad. I’ll be nice since it is the holiday season. I really wish he’d stop being a musical guest. C-


    Cold Opening: Santa Is My Boyfriend – The lovely ladies of SNL are performing a song about their new guy, a truly amazing guy. At first I thought it’d be JT, but it turned out to be jolly old St. Nicholas. This was weird really. It was a weird song about doing kinky things with Santa, role playing in a way. While I have made this joke many times before, couldn’t they of anything better? B-

    Homelessville – From the beginning, I felt this sounded familiar. The look and feel reminded me of Omlitville. And I was right, same guy. I liked JT’s character, and his dances to Salt N’ Peppa’s “Shoop” and the 69 Boyz “Tootsie Roll.” Those are songs from my childhood too. I liked when JT’s song stopped suddenly. This skit was really funny, and much better than the first time it was on. A-

    Target – Recurring skit, with Kristen as that weird lady who works at Target. Why do Target employees get this whole “white-trash” stereotype? It’s not true. JT’s character was dumb and creepy and had bad lip trouble. He seemed like the type who would kill someone. This skit was pretty good. B- Digital Short: C*** In A Box – Andy sounds black. How does he get his voice so deep? I had a feeling what this would be about from the beginning, but this was not one of my guesses. I really liked the end when they got arrested. Ya gotta think: last year this time it was Lazy Sunday. Now, we have this. I like LS better, but that had to grow on me, this not really, but that isn’t really a positive thing. But it was funny and perverted, and it was all Andy was in. A-

    Barry Gibb Talk Show – Third time seeing this skit, and my mom told me to mention that this skit had her laughing so hard she had tears in her eye. I enjoyed it I guess, but I was still hung over from the digital short with Andy in it. Barry’s voice has trouble staying in one range. Jimmy cannot do a kick properly. I had to mention that. But this skit was pretty funny. B+

    Dry Eyes – This was a game show where you were given a situation and couldn’t cry. I like the concept. I loved Justin’s face he made when he tried not to cry. And Fred’s character was great when he started balling. This made me think of my neighbor Danny. When Justin went “Sarah!” I went “Nicole! Why’d you leave me Nicole!” because Danny can’t get over a girl that dissed him in late August. Funny skit baby! A-

    Hip Hop Kids – I would just like to say that when I think hip hop and SNL, I think Andy Samberg, so where was he? This skit was about hip hop kids who solved problems and tried to keep kids on track. They solved their problems by dancing, but apparently JT’s character couldn’t figure out that the vibrations from the beats and the dancing was causing rocks to fall. I saw JT mess up a few times. The skit was good, maybe not the cannibalism scene, but the rest. It was clever and funny, and only missing Andy. A-

    Macy Elf Audition – The character played by Kenan was also in the Jaime Lee Pressly episode, and it was rather funny there. Seeing Justin in drag made me realize he isn’t an attractive woman, or man really. I suppose this was funny, though could have improved a bit. Mostly, JT’s character auditioned for the role of an elf at Macy’s, and didn’t get it until his mom, Kenan’s character, disgusted them. B-

    Nancy Grace Christmas Special – I have to admit that I zoned out during this skit. I heard something about an exotic dancer and killing a person in a creative way. That was what I remember. I do believe I laughed a bit though, so it couldn’t have been that bad. B-

    The skits were good. And I really enjoyed that Alvin & the Chipmunks song.

    I’m somewhere between JT’s music or the fact that Andy wasn’t in more than twice. JT is a young host, and normally that might mean Andy gets more screen time. One of the other. SURPRISING MOMENT:
    Why wasn’t Andy a hip hop kid? And why didn’t they go skating at the end on the ice rink? I love watching that.

    Skit Average – 3.4/4 B+

    Show Rating: 8.5/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    We return live in January with he whose name I cannot spell and they whose band I have never heard of: Jake Gyllenhall/The Shins. So I’ll see you I January.