Saturday Night Live

Season 32 Episode 9

Justin Timberlake (2)

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Dec 16, 2006 on NBC

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  • A pretty weak episode, but it seems that 2 minutes of hilarity about a certain box (not live, mind you) can compensate for an hour or so of dreck. Personally, I would never give a restaurant a rave review because of a great appetizer alone.

    Santa's My Boyfriend cold open - It reminded me of that Chevy song from so many years ago. OK, but not particularly funny.

    Monologue - The chipmunks were great, reaffirming my belief in Hader as the great new hope for SNL. "Bring it on down to homelessville" - Pretty good, but would have collapsed without Forte's pathetic, whimpering Santa.

    Target Lady - Never thought that was funny. Nothing to change my mind in this episode.

    Dick in Box - The most famous digital short ever and easily lives up to its reputation. Flat out hilarious.

    Barry Gibb Show - Fallon's desperate return to the screen, kicking all the way, just to make sure we don't forget him. After two box office duds, Fallon is paranoid that he will be relegated to pitching soda pop for the rest of career. Ol' buddy JT threw him a bone with the Barry Gibb show since JT himself had only a few unfunny lines.

    Dry Eyes - I appreciate trying new things, but that one certainly needed a lot more fleshing out. It might have been funnier with a more absurdest approach. Like having them cry over a ding in their new BMW or something equally ridiculous.

    Weekend Update - A pretty decent update, but Hammond needs to find something else to do.

    Hip Hop Kids - Almost DOA, but was revived when the cave monsters appeared, albeit too briefly. Hey, that was Hader again! Give him more to do!

    Elf Tryouts - Pretty lame, but gave Kenan a chance to squawk for a few minutes. If a was a writer at SNL, I'd probably give him something too just so I wouldn't have to hear him complaining about a lack of air time.

    Nancy Grace - This impression sucks. And the topic? Not the best choice for a commentary.