Saturday Night Live

Season 36 Episode 22

Justin Timberlake/Lady Gaga

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 21, 2011 on NBC

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  • Suck an egg, you manikan.


    Tonight's the season finale. This year has been a great year overall, but I'll go more into that at the bottom. Tonight's host is a very popular choice for a host, Justin Timberlake. Musical guest is Lady Gaga, who always knows how to be "out there" with her performances.

    Strauss-Kahn In Jail: The twist of this was pretty funny. Otherwise there was nothing to go on. Kenan and Jay did a great job at this sketch.

    Monologue: Timberlake obviously has to sing in the monologue, and he did a good job as usual. A song monologue is good as long as it comes very scarcely.

    Liquorville: This was another hilarious edition to this recurring sketch. I laughed at Lady Gaga's addition too. The T-bagging line was very funny too. It's always hilarious to see what popular songs they make fun of.

    WXPD News: Bill's done this character twice before, but it's still just as funny as the first time, just because of the awful politically incorrect lines he says.

    Three Way (The Golden Rule): This is a 2nd sequel to the original Special Present that aired 4 and a half years ago, and it's still pretty funny. The premise is a little less creative, but, still, it was funny.

    Musical Performance: Lady Gaga performs a piano version of "The Edge of Glory" than goes into a dance of "Judas". It was very interesting to watch this, and the choreography was good as usual, so my credit goes out to her for putting herself out there like that.

    Weekend Update: Tonight's Update was a bit underwhelming. It was not up to par with the rest of the Updates this season. I didn't really enjoy the Nicolas Cage/Bradley Cooper interview, and I feel like the Stefon joke has been overdone this season.

    Whats My Name: I'm glad to see this back. It's a really funny premise. The fact that Lady Gaga would remember all her little fans is hilarious, and the girl JT slept with but he couldn't remember the girl he had sex with.

    Merryville Love Tunnel: The same premise as the Jim Carey show, with a little twist. It was still very funny, and I laughed at some of the gimmicks.

    Secret Word: This sketch is always funny to me just because the eccentric characters that are involved in this. But, it's one of the many recurring sketches of the night. You can tell it's the finale.

    Musical Performance: Lady Gaga performs "Born This Way". A very bizarre performance, as Gaga actually pretends to give birth on stage....

    The Barry Gibb Talk Show: It was a pretty standard edition of this sketch, but I laughed at the rapture line.

    Tonight's episode seemed like your standard season finale. The writing and creativity was a little burnt out, but, otherwise, I enjoyed tonight's episode. Justin did a great job keeping the energy alive, even if it were mostly rehashed material. Lady Gaga was just as powerful a performer and out there as she was back in her first stint in October 2009.

    Most Improved Cast Member:
    Usually, I do this for a cast member who was here last year, but, I got to give this to Taran Killam. I didn't think Taran was going anywhere at the January check point, but the second half of the season, he really became the go-to man for a lot of impressions and comedy gags. I have to give him credit.

    Best Digital Shorts:
    3. I Broke My Arm (10/23/10)
    2. Pee-Wee's Night Out (01/15/11)
    1. 3-Way (Golden Rule) (05/21/11)

    Worst Digital Shorts:
    3. Relaxation Therapy (10/09/10)
    2. Boogerman (09/25/10)
    1. Laser Cats (04/02/11)

    Best Cold Open:
    3. Ask Gloria Allred (10/09/10)
    2. Embracing Civility (01/15/11)
    1. Wayne's World (02/05/11)

    Worst Cold Open:
    3. Lawrence Welk Show (04/02/11)
    2. Reid Address (10/23/10)
    1. China's Address (11/14/10)

    Best Cast Member:
    Even though this new cast is clearly becoming the voice of the show, I still have to say Bill Hader has best cast member material in him. The guy can do ANYTHING.

    Worst Cast Member:
    Well, at this point, Abby Elliott is clearly looking at getting fired. She and Paul Brittain have had very unsubstantial parts this year to the success of the show. But, maybe it'll luck out for both of them.

    Favorite Rookie:
    No doubt that it's Vanessa Bayer. Taran is awesome, but he didn't really come through until the 2nd half of the year, and Jay went into hiding after the first half of the year. Vanessa has been constant and great throughout the whole season.

    Worst Hosts:
    3. Russell Brand
    2. Robert DeNiro
    1. Elton John

    Best Hosts:
    3. Justin Timberlake
    2. Dana Carvey
    1. Anne Hathaway

    Worst Musical Guests:
    3. Ellie Goulding
    2. Eminem, Lil Wayne
    1. Diddy-Dirty Money

    Best Musical Guests:
    3. Kanye West
    2. Arcade Fire
    1. Paul McCartney

    Bottom 5 Episodes:
    5. Ed Helms/Paul Simon (05/14/11)
    4. Russell Brand/Chris Brown (02/12/11)
    3. Jane Lynch/Bruno Mars (10/09/10)
    2. Robert DeNiro/Diddy Dirty Money (12/04/10)
    1. Elton John (04/02/11)

    Top 5 Episodes:
    5. Amy Poehler/Katy Perry (09/25/10)
    4. Tina Fey/Ellie Goulding (05/07/11)
    3. Emma Stone/Kings of Leon (10/23/10)
    2. Anne Hathaway/Florence and the Machine (11/20/10)
    1. Jesse Eisenberg/Nicki Minaj (01/30/11)

    Season 36:
    Some will say season 36 was only a little step above season 35, but I beg to differ. Season 36 felt new, and funnier than last season. The four newbies along with Bobby and Nasim really made a difference in quality. Kristen Wiig, though still prominent, was a lot less used this season, which made fans appreciate her more, and made things a lot less recurring. I have a very small list of complaints this year. In fact it's not even a list. My only hope is to see Fred and Kenan leave this summer, but even if they were to come back, it would be fine with me. I don't want to see anybody get fired this summer, but, if Lorne has to fire Abby, it has to be done. She's had 3 years to prove herself, and she's gotten no where. But, other wise, this season was a great, fresh season for SNL. I'm very excited to see where this cast goes with season 37.