Saturday Night Live

Season 4 Episode 13

Kate Jackson/Delbert McClinton

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Feb 24, 1979 on NBC

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  • Super Limo!

    The southern accented Charlie's Angel star Kate Jackson hosts and southern rocker Delbert McClinton performs. Also this is Belushi's infamous sweaty, hoarse, bloated performance show

    Cold Open- Fred Silverman's Office I - Fred Silverman (Belushi) gives the Charlie's Angels girls (Kate, Gilda, Jane) assignments for destroying NBC's television line-up. Belushi is definitely hoarse here but he's still giving his all.

    Monologue- Kate mentions how she was tour guide for NBC some years ago then is interrupted by a tour guide (Tom Schiller) leading a tour and is asked annoying questions from two tourists (Brian Doyle-Murray, Jim Downey). The questions asked were pretty funny.

    The Nerds and the Nurse- A sick Lisa is upset over Todd's affection for a new girl, Enid's nurse (Kate). The ongoing story is what keeps these sketches fresh, so for that, a big thumbs up to Rosie Shuster and Anne Beatts.

    Silverman's Office II – Silverman continues his disastrous scheduling for NBC; meets Tom Snyder (Aykroyd) and Kate backstage. Yeah, he's still hoarse.

    The Child Psycharist – A 6-year-old child psychiatrist (Laraine) evaluates a family's mute daughter, Collette (Gilda). Great concept and the performances by Gilda (in her mute role) and Laraine as the psychiatrist were great. Delbert McClinton performs his soulful take on "B-Movie Boxcar Blues", which was also performed by The Blues Brothers a few months earlier.

    Weekend Update- Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello) speaks about the weather in the Vatican and UFOs; Roseannne Roseannadanna comments on the treasures of King Tut exhibit.

    Andy Kauffman- After a one year absence, Kauffman stops by to sing, play congas, and yodel with backing accompaniment (members of the SNL band). Maybe it should've been a longer absence; filler.

    Fred Silverman III – Silverman once again tries pitching his bad ideas, this time Garrett is pitched "Super Limo". Thankfully, Garrett didn't except. Bad Cabaret for Children- Garnell (Aykroyd) showcases a vaudevillian cabaret for children, horrifically performed of course. These are always great. Also, Belushi looked like he was giving it is all here.

    Delbert McClinton fires another bluesy number out of his arsenal-"Taking About You"

    Mr. Bill Goes on a Diet (film) - The claymation figure is destroyed and mutilated while exercising.

    The Coneheads at the Movies- In what would be the final installment of the oblong-head shaped martians from "France", the family (Aykroyd, Jane, Laraine) goes to see a Sci-fi film, only to be thrown out after Beldar smokes a joint courtesy a moviegoer (Belushi). A fun end to great characters, even if slightly anti-climatic.

    Overall this show was good. Belushi, despite illness, pulled through in all his appearances. With the exception of Andy Kauffman's useless appearance, I have no complaints. 7.5/10
  • Kate Jackson hosts, with Delbert McClinton as musical guest. Andy Kaufman sings a yodeling song to an African drum rhythm, as well as playing a couple of drums as well.

    With the opening skit of Charlie's Angels being asked to help Fred Silverman(John Belushi), head of ABC's covert operations as well as NBC President, Kate Jackson hosted this episode.

    Kate plays a nurse Todd(Bill Murray) has a crush on, crushing Lisa Lubner. Mrs. Lubner(Jane Curtain) tries to help the situation.

    "Bad Cabaret For Children" is as bizarre as it sounds! It's almost a parody of Cabaret, but with pre-teens and younger as it's period-dressed audience. It ended with the promise of "next week"'s version of a B.C. version of Dumbo!

    Bill and Kate were parents to a disturbed daughter(Gilda Radner), who was taken to see a therapist. The therapist turned out to be a kid as well(Lorraine Newman)!

    Delbert McClinton sang "Somethin' Just For You" and "Tryin' To Get A Message Through."

    Andy Kaufman, decked out in a Hawaiian shirt and white pants, comes out to a row of five drummers who have a good solid beat going. Andy steps up to the mic and starts singing about how he loves yodeling! He then, of course yodels, but the effect is cooler than it sounds written-down. It was fun, and one of the drummers looked like he was close to cracking up. What was really fun was when they took a turn singing the verse!

    Father Guido Sarducci was a special guest during Weekend Update; he was there to talk about the weather.

    The Coneheads took a trip to their movie theatre. John and Kate are movie-goers who are there to see a triple bill of SF movies, including The Day The Earth Stood Still. Beldar smokes a bit of weed(!) and becomes obnoxious and hungry as a result.

    Overall, not the strongest episode, but an entertaining one.

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