Saturday Night Live

Season 15 Episode 4

Kathleen Turner/Billy Joel

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Oct 21, 1989 on NBC

Episode Recap

THE MIRACLE OF FATIMA '89: A witness orates what the American flag told her about their country. (Turner, Hartman, Nealon(voice))

MONOLOGUE: Kathleen Turner's uses a deep voice in her films to hide her squeakiness. (Turner, Jackson(voice))

PLUG AWAY: Harvey Fierstein wants to be reincarnated as a gay bee and asks guests if they would love him like that. (Turner, Carvey, Hartman, Lovitz)

DIE SQUAREN OST BERLINER: Usual panel for Hollywood Squares-like show make gameplay impossible when they defect to West Germany. (Turner, Joel, Hartman, Hooks, Jackson, Myers, Nealon)

DONHEISER: German talk show's audience members have also packed their bags for the west. (Carvey, Dunn, Christine Zander)


WEEKEND UPDATE: One-man mobile uplink unit Al Franken stands outside a NYC crackhouse; George Steinbrenner Health Watch: Phil Hartman upsets New York Yankee fans by saying that George Steinbrenner is feeling healthy today; A. Whitney Brown says that the San Francisco earthquake was no big deal. (Brown, Franken, Hartman, Miller)

EGG MAN: A man the shape of an egg counsels a woman on her lovelife and her wild son. (Turner, Carvey, Hartman)

LANK THOMPSON: I'M A HANDSOME MAN: Lank Thompson's instructional videos can help people in their pursuit of becoming handsome. (Hartman, Hartman(voice), Hooks, Jackson, Lovitz, Myers, Nealon, Conan O'Brien, Christine Zander)

555-TOON: Jessica Rabbit and other sexy cartoon girls tempt callers with phone sex. (Turner(voice), Franken(voice))

ALL ABOUT DEBORAH NORVILLE: Jane Pauley promises newcomer Deborah Norville that it is going to be a bumpy ride. (Turner, Hooks, Lovitz, Myers, Joe Dicso)


AVERAGE BLIND DATE: Ordinary persons on a blind date adore each other's unoriginality. (Turner, Myers, Nealon)

MAXWELL HOUSE: Linda Ellerbee and Willard Scott do and say anything they want on their final Maxwell House coffee ad. (Dunn, Lovitz)