Saturday Night Live

Season 31 Episode 19

Kevin Spacey/Nelly Furtado

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 20, 2006 on NBC
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Live from New York, its... Rachel Dratch! Sketches include "Anderson Cooper 360," "A-holes at a Crime Scene," "Oprah's Legends Ball," "Carol!," "Fun with Real Audio" (cartoon), "Kevin and Andy Backstage," "The Falconer," "Andy Walking" (film), "Lord Phillip Sarc," and "I Do Not Agree With Many of This Administration's Policies." Nelly Furtado performs "Promiscuous" (featuring Timbaland) and "Maneater."moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Kevin Spacey is simply AWESOME

    The two best sketches were the Time Traveling Falconer and the Lord Philip Sarc "sarcasm" sketch. Kevin Spacey is HILARIOUS. I wish that the Sarcasm sketch would be located on the Internet somewhere. It is not on the SNL site. One of the best shows ever.
  • Not Quite Kryptonite

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” the Amateur Critic from Another Planet

    Scroll down for a bonus review!

    I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for three years now, and I only say that because there have hardly been any changes to the show during the time I’ve written episode reviews for this site. SNL’s past precedent can tell you that three years can often feel like eons, but instead we have a whopping twelve cast members that have been front and center this whole time, including six that have been with the show for six years or longer. This makes me all the more paranoid about sweeping cast changes between now and the beginning of Year 32, starting with Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch, who are now both involved with the upcoming NBC sitcom “30 Rock,” which just so happens to be a spoof of SNL. Those are the only two that seem likely to happen, so as much as I hate to say it, I think we’re looking towards at least one more year of Horatio Sanz.

    Our host tonight is Kevin Spacey, who did a spectacular job hosting in Year 22 but hasn’t been back since. His previous appearance was a great demonstration of his droll comic timing, but this was also a period of time where the show was invigorated by a talented and relatively new cast Even though I have nothing against the current ensemble, a unit like the one we have now has a tendency to water down the host’s abilities. The musical guest is Nelly Furtado, the ethno-pop chanteuse who has apparently reinvented herself as a Shakira-type, hip-swiveling pseudo-hip-hop singer.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Tonight on “Anderson Cooper 360,” the immigration debate rages on as Sgt. Derek Flack (KT) reports on how sweet it is that he’s on the Texas/Mexico border and not Iraq, Governor Schwarznegger (DH) stuck in an action movie fantasy, and a stereotypical New England housewife (RD) complains that the recent deluge in New England isn’t getting the same amount of attention as Katrina.

    MONOLOGUE: Keyser Soze walks to center stage, brags about his various achievements, and then sings Stevie Wonder’s “For Once In My Life” to demonstrate that he could win “American Idol” if he really wanted to. My favorite part was when he explained how to suck up to “the Puerto Rican judge that’s always drunk.”

    “Two A-Holes at a Crime Scene”: America’s hottest detached-from-reality couple (JS, KW) are the only witnesses in a car robbery, with a hardened detective (Kevin) forced to play straight man to their ego-driven ramblings. After nearly ruling them out in their last appearance, I was happy to see that they found a way to keep the A-holes temporarily fresh; Spacey’s deadpan delivery was what kept the sketch from being a complete waste of time.

    “Oprah’s Legends Ball”: The Big O (MR) honors all the middle-aged black women in big hats that inspired her in a spoof of an upcoming TV special. Despite the short length, it’s a sharp criticism of Oprah, from her constant fawning over celebrities to her tendency to step on everyone nearest to her.

    “Carol!”: It’s the same cruddy sketch as usual, except this time it takes place in a four-star restaurant and the new beau is her friend’s father (Kevin).

    SMIGELTOON: “Fun With Real Audio,” hooray! Remember a few weeks ago, when everybody was whining about how raunchy the Smigeltoon Best-of special was even though they’d been watching the segment for years with hardly any complaints? Well, here’s more fuel for the fire: various news pundits do spit takes upon hearing the Bush Administration’s half-truths. Larry King even coughs up a vital organ. Granted, it’s a little disturbing, and though the joke seems obvious I still find Bob’s cartoons to be quite amusing.

    “Backstage”: In a vague homage to “The Usual Suspects,” Samberg has an alibi for being late for the show but Spacey slowly but surely catches his bluff. The idea was adroit, but not as tight as it could’ve been.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Timbaland joins the Portuguese-Canadian R&B singer for her hit single “Promiscuous Girl.”

    WEEKEND UPDATE: If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it sure as hell isn’t a walrus- Tina is in fact leaving. The fact that she revisited her comments on Britney Spears from her first night at the WU desk six years ago was clearly a sign of wanderlust. The Whitney Houston (MR) tribute makes it feel even more obvious. Besides this jog down memory lane, we were also treated to an unnecessary second appearance by Jason’s Taylor Hicks impression, as well as Amy nearly being attacked by an alligator.

    “The Falconer”: I’ve always loved this recurring sketch, but this time around the cup runneth over into near-immortal territory; for once I was actually losing my breath from laughing at the surreal proportions of this recurring bit. Tonight, Ken Mortimer (WF) travels through time to save his beloved Donald from a hunter (MR), but a time loop increases the number of actual Falconers to fourteen.

    FILM: “Andy Walking” finds our young, gifted and Jewish hero Andy Samberg wandering the streets of Manhattan mocking people that answer his ridiculously easy trivia questions. It sort of reminded me of that “World of Scott Wainio” bit from two years ago, and that has both positive and negative connotations; the man-on-the-street schtick, no matter how you tweak it has an exhausted feel, but you can’t help but get smitten by Andy’s smug charm.

    “Legends of History”: The History Channel takes a look inside the life of Philip Sarc, the 12th century nobleman whose constant annoyance with his surroundings coined the term “sarcasm.” I going to take a guess and say that this sketch meets the interesting-concept-weak-execution quota for the broadcast.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: There are way too many backup dancers on the otherwise forgettable dance track “Maneater.”

    “I Do Not Agree With Most of This Administration’s Policies”: Following up to his recent “Living With War” CD, Neil Young (Kevin) cuts another album that critiques the Bush administration in a less-than-subtle manner. Even with the cameos from Colin Oberst (AS) and the Dixie Chicks (RD, AP, KW) this never got off the ground.

    And with that fell swoop, the 31st season of SNL is in the can; unfortunately, it had to end on a low note. The broadcast in itself was just as uneven as any other broadcast this season, though at least with cast members like Kristen Wiig, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg we now have something to look forward to in the Fall. Spacey was an adequate host but a noticeable step down from ten years ago, and with all due apologies to Nelly Furtado I’m probably just going to play her wonderful debut album “Whoa Nelly!” in a continuous loop to get her unfortunate career turn out of my head.

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed in Repeats: “Fun With Real Audio,” “Kevin and Andy Backstage,” “Andy Walking,” and “I Do Not Agree With Most of This Administration’s Policies.”

    Next Week: From earlier this season, it’s host Catherine Zeta-Jones with musical guest Franz Ferdinand. Word to the wise- I really hope she hosts again.


    And now, a retrospective of Season 31:

    Best Musical Guests:

    3. Prince

    2. Red Hot Chili Peppers

    1. Mary J. Blige

    Worst Musical Guests:

    3. Fall Out Boy

    2. Arctic Monkeys

    1. Ashlee Simpson (like you didn't see that coming again)

    Best Hosts:

    3. Alec Baldwin

    2. Catherine Zeta-Jones

    1. Steve Martin

    Worst Hosts:

    3. Matt Dillon

    2. Lance Armstrong

    1. Lindsay Lohan

    The 10 Most Indelible Moments of The Season:

    10. Maya Rudolph misses 12 episodes

    9. Ashlee Simpson redeems herself -sort of (Heder/Simpson)

    8. Horatio fills in for Tina, turns out he’s not god-awful (Carell/West, Heder/Simpson)

    7. Tina’s way-too-subtle farewell

    6. Al Gore’s cameo (Louis-Dreyfus/Simon)

    5. The rise of Jason Sudeikis and Kristin Wiig

    4. “Laser Cats!” (Lohan/Pearl Jam)

    3. The clumsy transition to high-definition

    2. “The Real Natalie” (Portman/FOB)

    1. “Lazy Sunday” (Black/Young)

    Worst Overall Episodes:

    3. Eva Longoria/KoRn

    2. Natalie Portman/Fall Out Boy

    1. Antonio Banderas/Mary J. Blige

    Best Overall Episodes:

    3. Jon Heder/Ashlee Simpson

    2. Steve Martin/Prince

    1. Jack Black/Neil Young

    This year’s individual achievement awards:

    Best show that didn’t hold up in repeats: Jason Lee/Foo Fighters

    Two words that summarize this honor: “Butt Pregnancy”

    Worst show that actually improved a little in repeats: Eva Longoria/KoRn

    2005-06 Most Valuable Player: Amy Poehler

    Least distinguishable rookie cast member: Bill Hader

    Least distinguishable third-year cast member: Finesse Mitchell

    Apparently staying until he gets his retirement pension: Darrell Hammond

    Will be sorely missed (tie): Rachel Dratch and Tina Fey

    Outstanding achievement in overstaying their welcome: Horatio Sanz

    Contact “HelloStuart” at Have a great summer, everybody!moreless
  • Weekend Update was simply hilarious!

    I always look forward to the Weekend Update Segment while watching SNL. Poking at what's occurred in the news that week just calms me down and gets me ready for a new week. This past week was making fun of American Idol's Taylor Hicks aka the Silver Fox.

    Another absolutely brilliant highlight to the episode was Kevin Spacey proving that he could be an American Idol. Ha! He spent most of the time explaining what he was going to do rather than singing his song.

    Andy walking was pretty funny, too. andy made himself look stupid when he corrected the people who got the answer correct.moreless
  • Why couldnt Donald of died?

    As you can see from my Sumary, I hate The Falconer which was drug on for too long in this episode. I liked the skit making fun of Neil Diamond. Two A Holes at a Crime Scene was my favorite skit which remind me of some people in my Class. I also saw Tina sweet ass [I know I'm lonely] in WU but the end wasnt very good.

    Season Review: It started off kinda mediocore ranging from okay to decent shows but then went to good episodes. These last two weeks were great for SNL, and this Season was a huge improvment over Last Season. Hopefuly next season will be good too. Have a great Summer everyone and long live SNL!moreless
  • Saying Good-bye to the show with a great host and a musical guest who changed her image for the worst. *Check out my season review at the end*

    Ah, we have come to a break in reviews. It is the season finale of Saturday Night Live. Meaning, I will be reviewing the entire season. But for a season finale, this wasn’t a disappointment. The host was good, the sketches were good, and the musical guest was okay. Not much else to say, so let’s begin it.


    This week’s host is two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, best known as Kaiser Souzey. He hasn’t hosted in ten years, but he did not do a bad job. In his skits, I only caught him break character once. He did very well. I wasn’t totally looking forward to him hosting, and didn’t really care either way. But Spacey did really great. In his monologue, he made fun of American Idol. I liked the whole joke about the cameras, and the drunken Paula reference. Oh, and finishing the song as a black person was hilarious. Great monologue and I hate AI. A-


    Nelly Furtado. Ah, when she first broke out onto the scene, I was really impressed. She wasn’t like others. She had a unique look and sound. Her lyrics were creative. She didn’t dance or have choreography. She was original, not a take-off of others. That was in 2001 when she was first on. Well, fast forward three years and that whole greatness of her’s disappeared. She sounds like Gwen Stefani. Yes, I am a big Gwen fan, but I like it from Gwen. And she dresses and dances like Beyonce. Sorry, but she sold out. She decided to be just like the others. Dancing, dressing sexy, those “check me out” lyrics. Unless I can be proved why this Nelly is better, I am not impressed. She used to be more of a positive role model for girls. Now, she’s kinda skanky. Her performances were okay. Though I don’t think what she did was actual dancing. She performed “Promiscuous Girl" and "Maneater.” Both were okay songs. C


    Cold Opening: Anderson Cooper 360 – This skit was funny, but I swear, does Cooper really go on about how pretty he is every show, or is this just a joke for the show? Anyway, yeah, I enjoyed this sketch. I thought it was funny about members of the National Guard in Mexico, and Fleck enjoyed it. Though, why is Arnold still worried about the Predator? Didn’t Alien beat it in that movie? I’d be more worried about people in New England. Are they really that rude? Do they all sound worse than me? A-

    Two A-Holes At A Crime Scene – Funny skit, and it keeps getting better each time. I love that to the girl, wearing sandals means you look like Jesus. I liked the cop getting pissed off at them. I wonder, are these two based on actual characters? Or, actual people, or is this just a made up thing or a stereotype? They are the last people you want near you when there is a crisis, or any normal situation. They were made for each other. A

    Oprah’s Legend’s Ball – Oprah can do anything she want, even hold a giant party with women wearing giant hats whom she respects. I loved Kenan’s Patti Labelle, and then quick change to Maya Angelou. But it seems like Finesse gets more roles playing a woman. Darrell as Travolta sounded a bit like Clinton to me. Best part of this skit was Tom Cruise and Kate Cruise-Hubbard. Seth looked and sounded just like Tommy. A-

    Carol! – No! Not her! I still don’t understand how people find her sexy? That part in her theme song. I mean, come on! How drunk do ya gotta be? And men, all men, find her enchanting too? Ha! Why does everyone fall under her spell? She eats a lot of food. I like that DILF line. This was when I caught Spacey laughing, this skit. Actually, this skit wasn’t as bad as normally. It showed a large improvement.

    TV FUNHOUSE: Fun With Real Audio – This shows just many Bush Outtakes, mainly people and inanimate objects spitting. It was funny. I loved when the eagle on the podium spit and the wall leaked of water. Great! B+

    Kevin & Andy Backstage – Andy can really make a lot with what he’s got. Kevin asked him where he was, and Andy gave him this story that sounded almost legit. Then Kevin looks around, and sees items that have the words in them. I describe it as strange and funny. I liked it. And Andy looked so cute in this. Even my mom said so, and she never said anything about him before. Best part was the Phillips wrench, though I forget what it was a part of.. B+

    The Falconer – I noticed something about this skit. The third time the falcon was shot, it fell before you heard the gunshot. I really loved this skit. I actually saw it coming, with more and more Falconers coming. There were 14 in total, more than I though. Best were Kenan and Finesse. Two of them were black! I laughed so hard. And the timing in this was perfect. They all had it right perfectly. A++

    Digital Short: Andy Walking – I was hanging out downtown today, and I thought of this skit. Like, to have Andy come up to me and ask me a question. That’d be awesome! This skit was good. I wish I was in NY for it. This shows that people in NY are smarter than those in LA, for Leno’s headlines. I pry would have given this a B+, but since Andy was in it, it gets a higher rating. I enjoyed it. A-

    Lord Phillip Sarc – So, this is the reason Stonehenge was built? Mystery solved! Nice. It was a good skit. Pretty funny. Chris is an ugly woman. God! Being the sarcastic person I am, I enjoyed. Sad to see he was burned at the stake in the end. I love this whole concept. B+

    I Do Not Agree With Many of This Administration\'s Policies – This was good I guess, but better than having a Vincent Price special, as shown in the preview? I don’t think so. I identified Andy, but do not think he looks great with short hair. Neil has a new album, and it is so “subtle.” You can’t even tell he hates the President. C+

    BEST MOMENT – There was a whole lot of Andy in this show. That was cool. Best part was that Falconer skit. So surprisingly funny! And Tom Cruise, as played by Seth, was very funny. Hard to choose just one, but I’ll say that Samberg was in a lot.

    WORST MOMENT – Man, Nelly Furtado lost her great image. She’s like the others. That was it for me.

    SURPRISING MOMENT – Hmm, Kevin was better than I thought, but most surprising was the Carol skit. It was actually funny this time. And I did not expect this to be Tina’s last show. I thought maybe Hammond, but not Fey. And I was hoping to be able to finally stop hearing “H o Must Go!” but no luck.

    SKIT AVERAGE – 3.5, A-

    SHOW RATING – 8.5/10 Sparkling Diamonds


    This is my review of the whole entire season.

    Favorite Cast Member – Finesse Mitchell

    Favorite New Cast Member – Andy Samberg

    Least Favorite Cast Member – Horatio Sanz

    Least Favorite New Cast Member – None

    Most Surprising Cast Member – Andy Samberg. I saw talent from the beginning, though some did not. But after “Lazy Sunday” he showed himself even more. He was underrated, and pry still is. But Samberg is making it.

    Best Musical Guest – Fall Out Boy

    Second Best Musical Guest – Shakira

    Worst Musical Guest – Ashlee Simpson

    Second Worst Musical Guest – KoRn (didn’t impress me)

    Musical Guest I Was So Sure They’d Have – Natasha Bedingfield, the PC Dolls, Ciara, The All-American Rejects

    Musical Guest I Wanted To See – Panic! At The Disco

    Best Host – Natalie Portman

    Second Best Host – Catherine Zeta Jones

    Worst Host – Jason Lee

    Second Worst Host – Lindsay Lohan

    Best Skit – Vincent Price’s Thanksgiving Special

    Second Best Skit – Dancer’s Party

    Least Favorite Skit – Good Morning Meth, or something like that

    Second Least Favorite – No idea. I remember the good ones.

    Surprising Skit -The Werewolf Skit from Jon Heder’s episode

    Best Digital Short – Lazy Sunday

    Second Best DS – The Real Natalie Portman

    Worst Digital Short – Close Talkers

    Second Worst – The Tangent

    I also liked Taco Town and Morgan Stanley, for commercials.

    Best Episode – Natalie Portman/Fall Out Boy (great skits, host, & music)

    Second Best Episode – Julia Louis Dreyphus/Paul Simon (great skits & host. MG so-so)

    Worst Episode – Jason Lee/Foo Fighters

    Second Worst Episode – Lindsay Lohan/Pearl Jam

    Well, time to go to next season, and see what happens. I hope all the featured are bumped up, and I hope we lean Horatio left. See ya in October!moreless

Featured Episode Clip

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Amy Poehler states that this is Tina Fey's 180th show on SNL, when in fact she was a credited writer for 178 broadcasts and Weekend Update anchorperson for 117.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Amy Poehler: Starbucks announced this week that they will begin selling books. Just as soon as the barista is done talking to her friend.

    • Detective Kelly: So what did he look like?
      Female A-Hole: He looked like Jesus.
      Male A-Hole: You, uh- you know what Jesus looks like?
      Detective Kelly: Yes, I know what Jesus looks like! So, you're saying he had long hair and a beard? (begins to write the description in his notepad as the Female a-Hole shakes her head lightly)
      Male A-Hole: Yeah, she's shaking her head.
      Detective Kelly: Yeah, I can see that.
      Male A-Hole: Uh-huh. That means "no."
      Detective Kelly: Yeah! I went to school, I know what it means! so, then why did he look like Jesus?
      Female A-Hole: He was wearing sandals.
      Male A-Hole: (nods in agreement) Like Jesus.
      Female A-Hole: They were ugly.

    • Carol: (to Amanda, about Jerry) He's a total DILF!

    • Jerry: (upon seeing Carol for the first time) Who is this enchanting creature?!
      Jim: I don´t know anything about that but this lady´s name is Carol.

  • NOTES (7)

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal include: a commercial where roaches eat head lice; a sketch where Vincent Price (Bill Hader) hosts a Memorial Day special with guests Carol Channing (Kristin Wiig) and Jack Lemmon (Kevin Spacey); a sketch about a man known for his noodles (Spacey) helping a couple (Will Forte, Rachel Dratch) during dinner; a sketch about a space crew annoyed with fellow astronaut's (Spacey) continued playing of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man"; a Digital Short involving a police officer (Andy Samberg) whose lobster claw-like hands impede eating; a sketch where American Indians (Horatio Sanz, Fred Armisen) bother with good luck charms travelers at the Denver International Airport; and a sketch about an owner of a zoo (Fred Armisen) announcing a new and improved renovation.

    • Sketches/segments not shown in the 60 minute version: the Taylor Hicks segment on Weekend Update, Nelly Furtado's performance of "Maneater", "2 A-Holes at a Crime Scene", "Andy Walking" (film), "Neil Young: I Do Not Agree With Many of This Admininstration's Policies", and "Carol!"

    • This is Beth McCarthy Miller's last episode as director; she was reportedly at fault for all the technical gaffes that occured during the show's clumsy transition to high definition that season.

    • This is Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, Chris Parnell, Finesse Mitchell, and Horatio Sanz's last episode. Fey and Dratch left on their own terms; the other three were victims of network budget cuts.

    • One of the sketches that was cut at dress rehearsal was "The Vincent Price Memorial Day Special," with Bill Hader as Price, Kristen Wiig as Carol Channing, Kevin Spacey as Jack Lemmon, and Horatio Sanz as Alfred Hitchcock.

    • During the goodnights, Tina Fey can be seen wearing a black shirt that reads "Thank You," which references her pending (then-rumored) departure from SNL.

    • During Weekend Update, Tina Fey takes part in a skit called "Women's News", in which she talks about Britney Spears' recent behavior and proves that she predicted it six years earlier by introducing a video clip where she talked how Britney Spears' will later degrade herself.

      That clip in fact came from Weekend Update from October 7, 2000. This was Tina Fey's first Weekend Update, and the clip was of a skit again called "Women's News".

      In the original "Women's News", Tina mentions how Britney Spears had hosted the previous season. She is referring to the May 13, 2000 episode. Ironically, this was reran as a Classic SNL episode later the same night as the original airing of tonight's episode.