Saturday Night Live

Season 26 Episode 21

Lara Flynn Boyle/Bon Jovi

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 12, 2001 on NBC

Episode Recap

CHENEY'S ENERGY POLICY: Dick Cheney's low-energy plan for the economy is similar to his own energy. (Hammond)

MONOLOGUE: Annoying audience member Keith badgers Lara Flynn Boyle over her weight. (Boyle, Adam McKay)

CORN CHIP NAIL TIPS: (Morgan, Rudolph, Sanz)

THE PHYSICAL: Medical examiners worry a patient by grabbing his crotch and asking him to cough numerous times. (Boyle, Dratch, Ferrell, Hammond, Parnell)

AUDITION FOR BON JOVI: Kyle and Sean DeMarco are made fun of by the lead guitarists of Bon Jovi. (Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora, Kattan, Parnell, Sanz)

MTV CRIBS: Robert Downey Jr. shows viewers the many facets of his jail cell. (Kattan, Rudolph(voice))

SAVE THE STARVING ACTRESSES: Lara Flynn Boyle urges viewers to help save the starving actresses of America. (Boyle)

THE SCARLET LETTER: Town elders aren't as quick to kick out a sinner with a sexual nature. (Boyle, Dratch, Fallon, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Hammond, Parnell, Rudolph, Sanz)

"MY LIFE": (Jovi)

WEEKEND UPDATE: Internet rumors of Lou Reed being dead leave him passive. (Lou Reed, Fallon, Fey)

MOULIN ROUGE: 70's pop music dominate the musical. (Boyle, Fallon, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Hammond(voice), Kattan, Rudolph, Sanz)

MSNBC INVESTIGATES: The tragic outcome of teenagers impersonating the Golden Girls. (Boyle, Fallon, Ferrell, Gasteyer, Kattan, Morgan, Parnell, Rudolph, Sanz)

WAKE UP WAKEFIELD!: Masculine physical education teacher prepares Sheldon for the prom. (Boyle, Dratch, Fallon, Rudolph, Sanz)

A MESSAGE FROM SHAQUILLE O'NEAL: Lack of voice inflection forces Shaquille O'Neal to admit that he was joking about sexual escapades. (Morgan)


THE BLODER BROTHERS AT SHOOTERS: Kip and Wayne Bloder irritate a bartender while she's watching hockey. (Boyle, Fallon, Parnell)
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