Saturday Night Live

Season 1 Episode 6

Lily Tomlin/Howard Shore and His All Nurse Band

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 22, 1975 on NBC

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  • Lily Tomlin hosts this one with no musical guest! She is joined, however, by Howard Shore and his All-Nurse Band to sing a tune. It's a good one, for sure.

    Lily Tomlin would be the second-ever female host and the first homosexual host for Saturday Night Live. She had previously worked with Lorne Michaels on other comedy programs as well so she wasn't entirely new to him or this type of comedy.

    Host: Lily Tomlin

    Cold Open: Ford on the Phone (Chase)

    --After a humorous opening word crawl that informs us that "this is not a good impression of Gerald Ford", President Ford (Chase) proceeds to bump his head, answer the wrong phones, and then tumble to open the show.

    Monologue: New York (Tomlin)

    --Lily reads off some quips she made about New York and then does a New York cheer to get the crowd all riled up. Amusing.

    Beethoven I: Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Belushi, Newman, Radner)

    --Ludwig Van Beethoven (Belushi) has trouble coming up with a new song and doesn't eat much to the chagrin of two women (Newman, Radner). Finally, he comes up with a new number that sounds very familiar. Funny start to the trio of sketches.

    Lily Tomlin, Howard Shore, and the All-Nurse Band sing "St. James Infirmary"

    --Pretty catchy tune here from Lily and the gang. She has quite a decent voice to boot.

    Commercial: Triopenin (Chase)

    --The second repeat of the lame arthritis ad. Way to break the flow of the show.

    Jaws III (Tomlin, Aykroyd, Belushi, Chase, Curtin, Newman, Radner)

    --Hooper (Belushi) and Brady (Aykroyd) continue to investigate the strange occurences involving the clever Land Shark (Chase), who continues to stalk and eat his female victims. This one was just as good as the "Jaws II" segment and had a great fourth-wall-breaking ending with Lily to boot.

    The Clumsy Bell-Hop (Chase, Curtin, Morris)

    --Two people (Curtin, Morris) make out in a hotel room, until the bell-hop interrupts and very clumsily excuses himself. Not sure what the point of that was, but Chevy was amusing.

    Film: Edith Ann on Ice (Tomlin)

    --Five-and-a-half year old Edith Ann (Tomlin) goes skating for the first time with her dog. Cutesy, but amusing because of Lily's performance.

    Beethoven II: My Girl (Belushi, Newman, Radner)

    --Another familiar tune is composed by Beethoven (Belushi). Getting better and better...

    Gilda Radner announces that SNL will return on December 13th with host Richard Pryor and then on December 20th with Candice Bergen for the Christmas show.

    Weekend Update with Chevy Chase (also: Garrett Morris)

    --Chase takes his first swipe at Generalissimo Francisco Franco as he passed away just before this episode, then also mentions Ronald Reagan, Ford, and Wallace. Chevy also delivers a great story relating to "Peanuts" and then we get Garrett doing his "hard of hearing" bit again. Great stuff this week.

    Commercial: Spud Beer (Morris)

    --The beer to drink right after electroshock therapy and it's made from potatoes. Because really, who the hell cares what it tastes like if you're braindead? Love it.

    A Letter To Patty Hearst (Tomlin, Newman)

    --Susie (Tomlin) writes a letter to her sorority sister Patty Hearst, which turns into a song as she is writing it. Lily really makes this sketch work.

    The Muppets: "I Got You Babe" (Tomlin)

    --Ploobis and Peuta find out that Scred has a crush on Lily Tomlin, which leads to the two of them doing a duet performance of "I Got You Babe." I liked this more than the other Muppet sketches so far.

    Albert Brooks Film: The Impossible Truth

    --Already reviewed it for the first show. Suffice to say it's pretty good.

    Beethoven III: What'd I Say (Belushi, Newman, Radner)

    --For the final bit, Beethoven (Belushi) goes all out as Ray Charles, while the two women (Newman, Radner) sing along in a clever fashion. This trio of skits was brilliant.

    Hardhats Harassment Course (Tomlin, Aykroyd, Curtin, Newman, Radner)

    --A teacher (Tomlin) teaches her students how to sexually harass a man, with her example student (Aykroyd) getting more and more flustered about the treatment he gets. Pretty funny lines in this sketch.

    Commercial: Speed

    --A woman quickly explains all the things she does in a day in an advertisement for Speed. Hmm.

    50s Dance (Tomlin)

    --Lily does a spiel where she pretends she is at a 50s Dance and has the talk and the actions down-pat, but the whole thing goes on a little long.

    Lily and the cast do a Bee Scat to close the show and then say goodnight.

    Best segment: Jaws III
    Worst segment: Triopenin

    Host: Lily Tomlin - 8/10

    This is one of the early goodies of the season with Lily further proving herself as one of the best comediennes of the time. She did a nice mix of her own material and original material, while she especially excelled in the Patty Hearst sketch. Even the singing worked out, as she was able to croon fairly well on top of that. And on top of THAT, she is very good at ad-libbing when she just chats to the audience between segments every now and then.

    Rating: 7.75/10
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