Saturday Night Live

Season 30 Episode 20

Lindsay Lohan/Coldplay

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 21, 2005 on NBC

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  • Double L is back again? [Recap used for skit information]

    Okay I am tierd of Lindsay Lohan using her media whore power to get everything. Her second time hosting was the worst one. Bear City yet again was annoying but the porn thing made it kinda funny. Woomba was weirder than when they aired the "Canis: Cologone for Dogs" ad which had a dog doing a guy. Boring Monolouge italian family showed how much LL sucks at acting. I hope after her 3rd time last week she wont come back again.

    HARDBALL: Chris Matthews interviews Michael Isikoff and Condoleezza Rice on the issue of media information's ethics. (Forte, Hammond, Parnell, Rudolph)

    MONOLOGUE: Lindsay Lohan learns from her future self that she will be a total wreck in years to come if she doesn't change her habits. (Lohan, Poehler)

    WOOMBA: (Dratch, Fey, Poehler, Rudolph)

    AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL: Three final contestants pose for Tyra Banks and fashionable panel for grand prize. (Lohan, Dratch, Fey, Mitchell, Poehler, Rudolph, Sanz)

    BRITNEY & KEVIN: CHAOTIC: Uninteresting Britney Spears and Kevin Federline make out for the camera. (Dratch, Meyers)

    AT THE MOVIES: Upset Star Wars fans miss out on premiere and are forced to watch "Monster-In-Law." (Lohan, Armisen, Dratch, Forte, Hammond, Meyers, Mitchell, Parnell, Poehler, Riggle, Thompson)

    DIVERTOR: Superhero causes other distractions via celebrities to change attention from presidential and political calamity. (Hammond(voice), Poehler(voice), Thompson(voice))

    APPALACHIAN EMERGENCY ROOM: More hicks receive strange injuries and a cheerleader looks for a job. (Lohan, Armisen, Dratch, Hammond, Meyers, Mitchell, Parnell, Poehler, Poehler(voice), Rudolph, Thompson)

    "SPEED OF SOUND": (Coldplay)

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Manly lesbian couple display signs of marriage dispute in their conversation; Mexican president Vicente Fox's apology to Al Sharpton only leads to even more backhanded racial jokes from the both of them. (Armisen, Dratch, Fey, Poehler, Rudolph, Thompson)

    PRINCE SHOW: Complaining Wanda Sykes and the dense couple of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are interviewed by soft spoken Beyonce Knowles and oddball Prince. (Lohan, Armisen, Forte, Rudolph, Thompson)

    ITALIAN FAMILY: Mobster's girlfriend destroys all valuables in his hangout. (Lohan, Armisen, Dratch, Forte, Hammond, Parnell, Riggle, Sanz, Sudeikis)

    "FIX YOU": (Coldplay)

    MR. VOINIC & THE BABYSITTER: Babysitter has depressing conversation with love-starved father of children she just watched. (Lohan, Parnell, Rudolph)

    BEAR CITY: An athropomorphic ursine gets caught watching porn by his furry mother.
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