Saturday Night Live

Season 29 Episode 18

Lindsay Lohan/Usher

Aired Saturday 11:30 PM May 01, 2004 on NBC
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Lindsay Lohan/Usher
Live from New York, it's... Will Forte! Sketches include "Bush's Preparation," "Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover," "Jarret's Room," "Harry Potter," "Billy Joel's Car Ride," "Debbie Downer," "Club Traxx," "Kaitlin's Sleepover," and "The Adult Movie Awards." Usher performed "Yeah" (with Ludacris) and "Burn."

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  • Smells Like Teen Skewing

    Have You Hugged Your Amateur Critic Lately?

    Eighteen down, two to go. That's what was floating in my mind at the end of tonight's episode. I find it somewhat hard to believe that I am now near the end of my first full season as TV Tome's SNL reviewer, and while I have thoroughly enjoyed writing all these reviews, I can't help but wish I had a better and more consistent season to work with. I do believe, however, that this season can be salvaged.

    Tonight's host is Lindsey Lohan, a child actress who has made a wonderful metamorphosis into a comely young woman. I first became aware of Lohan through her work in the 1998 version of The Parent Trap and became smitten (hey, I was 14 at the time), but sooner or later I gradually put my hopeless celebrity crush to rest. She might also be thoroughbred to appear on SNL, since apparently she has never made a movie without someone who has either hosted or served as a cast member (her latest film, Mean Girls, contains four past and present cast members alone, including a screenplay by Tina Fey). Tonight's musical guest is Usher Raymond, the R&B crooner whose latest album, a smorgasbord of non-penetrating break-up songs, has hit #1 in both the US and the UK.

    And now, let's Texas two-step to the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Dubya (now played by Will Forte, "the other WF") meets Vice President Cheney (DH) at the Old Executive Office Building in DC to discuss preparations for the 9/11 hearings. Forte makes for a rather spastic Bush, writing all over his body, approving a muffin, and above all acting like a seven-year-old. But through and through, I still think Ferrell's impression was the best.

    MONOLOGUE: Lindsey walks out just barely keeping her strapless gown on, then introduces her onetime nemesis Hilary Duff (RD), setting off a chain reaction of celebs with curt feelings, going from next week's musical guest Avril Lavigne (AP) to Whitney Houston (MR) to Chris Parnell. Dratch portrays the former Lizzie McGuire as a jealous dolt, and that recoups the whole skit for me.

    "Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover": I don't have any tattoos, but it is an awesome idea.

    "Jarret's Room": Jarret and Goby announce that they're being pushed out of their dorm, which may or may not mean the end of this recurring sketch, and further goads rumors of either Fallon or Sanz leaving at the end of the season. Nonetheless, in this edition of the faux web show, we meet a pot-smoking robot (voice of WF) and the dorm's newest (and equally drug-addled) resident (Lohan). They're not going to let this die in peace, will they?

    "Hogwarts Academy": It's the first day after summer break, and my oh my has Hermoine (Lohan) grown up. She's developed so much, neither Harry (RD) nor Ron (SM) can pay attention to Lord Voldemort's latest machinations. I only saw half of the first Potter film, but even I'll admit that Horatio was dead-on as Hagrid. As for the sketch itself, it was played for cheap laughs, but even I got in on the action, so to speak.

    "The Chaperone": Four girlfriends (Lohan, TF, AP, MR) are taken to Russell Simmons' house in the Hamptons by a drunken Billy Joel (HS). Along the way, he hits several objects, including a mailbox that won't get off the dashboard. Making fun of current events (and Joel's historically bad driving) is one thing, but making him croon (or mangle) his most memorable songs takes this bitter lampoon over the top.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Usher, with a little help from Ludacris, some fancy footwork, and a mini-staircase that resembles an Ikea coffee table, pump up the #1 hit "Yeah!"

    WEEKEND UPDATE: Jimmy flubs, and an audience guy gives him a hard time, prompting a rare ad-lib. Otherwise, this was an unspeakably weak "Update," with a strangely half-hearted read-through by Tina, a flimsy commentary by a GED student (HS), and worst of all, jokes that were rehashed from earlier this season.

    "Debbie Downer": Judging from the musical intro, somebody wants this to be a recurring sketch. The premise is, a cheery situation is rained upon by a detached pessimist (RD). Of course, she doesn't stay emotionless for long, as everything she says makes the other actors break character and crack up. The strange thing is that both Jimmy and Horatio were in this sketch, and along with Freddy they probably did the least laughing. And yes, I laughed too.

    "Club Traxx": Remember that vaguely politically-charged recurring skit about Eurotrash dance music from last season? Well, it's back, and now it's covering lesbian pop stars in the form of D.A.D.I. (RD, Lohan) and their lecherous manager (CP). It put a smile on my face, but everybody knows that t.A.T.u. (and spoofing it, for that matter) was so last year.

    "Slumber Party": The spirit of Gilda Radner lives on in a lower-middle-class teenage spaz named Caitlin (AP), who's hosting a slumber party where only one other girl shows up (Lohan). Undaunted, they refocus their amusement on her beleaguered stepdad (HS). Basically, what we have here is a group of great characters in a below-average sketch.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Usher stands on the table again, crooning the ballad "Burn."

    "17th Annual Adult Film Awards": An abbreviated yet cheeky awards show spoof hosted by Ron Jeremy (HS) with special guest Darrell Hammond. Tell me- how did he change his shirt so quickly?

    For the first time in ages, I actually had fun watching this episode. From a distant point of view, it was uneven and maybe a little cloying, but it was a pleasure to watch. Horatio Sanz was in nearly every sketch, but his cracking up actually made me snicker for once. The one-two punch of Lohan and Usher, despite being figureheads in what was a rare team effort by the cast, kept this episode from becoming monotonous. And were the heck was my main man Finesse?

    Sketches That Will Probably Be Removed for Repeats, If You Can Find 'Um: Update, "Slumber Party," and "Adult Film Awards."

    Next Week: Snoop Dogg (a three time musical guest) handles hosting duties for the first time, with the aforementioned "punk" princess Avril Lavigne as musical guest. Will it be kismet?

    "HelloStuart" is actually a pseudonym for famed recluse writer Thomas Pynchon, which is awesome if not for the fact that that is a bold-faced lie. He doesn't have a tape of tonight's episode, but he will chat with you at sma17kc@netscape.netmoreless
  • Amazingly funny.

    Great, great episode!

    - Bush cold opening

    The cold opening with Bush and Cheney was hilarious! Will and Darrell are excellent!

    George Bush: I'm George W. Bush and I approve this muffin.

    - Hogwarts sketch

    A Harry Potter sketch about how Hermione comes back from summer holiday, and well, let's just say she's matured (if you know what I mean).

    They brought in most of the male characters. Ron, Harry, Fred & George, Hagrid and Snape. It was awesome, super funny!

    - Billy Joel driving car sketch

    An awesome skit featuring Maya, Tina, Amy, Lindsay and Horatio. It was soooo funny, expecially when it went wrong. A mailbox thrown at the car got stuck on the hood, and you couldn't see anyone inside the car - so Horatio had to break character, lean out of the car window and knock down the mailbox. All the girls in the car started laughing, and Amy had trouble keeping a smile off her face for the rest of the sketch.

    This is live TV at its best! :D

    - Weekend Update

    ... was brilliant as usual, very high standard on this episode. All the jokes were really funny. Here are some examples:

    Tina Fey: A lawyer in the Philippines is arguing that cocaine that was found in his client's rooster's cage belonged to the rooster and not his client. He may have a case because when the rooster took the stand it would NOT shut up.

    Tina Fey: President Bush and Vice President Cheney met privately Thursday with the 9/11 commission in the Oval Office. As per their agreement, they were allowed to appear together, the meeting was not electronically recorded and they were not under oath. Also, no one was allowed to look at them, talk to them or ask them any questions.

    Jimmy Fallon: Michael Jackson pleaded not guilty to a Grand Jury indictment charging him with child molestation, adding that if he is guilty of anything, he's "guilty of loving too much... and, maybe a little child molestation."

    - Debbie Downer

    My favorite! It was a total train wreck, everybody laughed their way through the sketch, but it was SO funny! You have to see it!!

    Overall, there were actually 3 screw-ups. All of them funny, though :)

    - In the Billy Joel scene (see above)

    - During Weekend Update a guy from the audience tried to get Jimmy to talk to him, interrupting in the middle of a news segment. Jimmy saved it by saying "I hate when my father gets drunk."

    - In the Debbie Downer scene, no one could hold themselves and they all started laughing hysterically a lot of times :D

    Aw, the fruit of live TV!

    This episode is SNL at its best!moreless
  • Saturday Night Live funny episode

    Saturday Night Live

    Lindsey Lonham/Usher Host

    To me this was one of the funniest episodes since Will Ferell was a cast member.

    Abounch of my favorites were Debbie Downer. Very funny Rachel Dratchs best charcter ever.

    The Harry Potter scence was funny too not the best but still funny.

    The other ones were ok. Funny but not as funny as these two.
  • Double L's only good hosting

    Sadly there wasnt a Recap and I dont rember everything fom an episode 3 years old. This was a decent episode and showed the reason Lindsay Lohan became popular in the first place. Seeing her gigantic bahoolies in the Hermoine outfit, I know my dad enjoyed that part a lot. LL wasnt the cookie cutter crack whore then and now she is so please die LL.

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    • Tina Fey: A lawyer in the Philippines is arguing that cocaine that was found in his client's rooster's cage belonged to the rooster and not his client. He may have a case because when the rooster took the stand it would not shut up!

    • Tina Fey: The National Censor for Gay and Lesbian Rights this week honored Sharon Stone, citing her unending support of gay and lesbian haircuts.

    • Tina Fey: President Bush and Vice President Cheney met privately Thursday with the 9/11 commission in the Oval Office. As per their agreement, they were allowed to appear together, the meeting was not electronically recorded and they were not under oath. Also, no one was allowed to look at them, talk to them, or ask them any questions.

    • Announcer: Live from the Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada - it's the 17th Annual Adult Movie Awards. Featuring appearances by: Ron Jeremy, Jenna Jameson, Phil McCracken, Urethra Franklin, Betty Balzac and the Betty Balzac Dancers, Jeremy Piven, Dick Petersworth, Dick Prong, Dick McFeelie, Dick Vhanes, Dick Spitz, Dick Rod, Rod Dick, Bill Maher and "The Teabaggers", Dick "The Penis" McPherson, Jimmy Kimmel, Rusty Tailpipe, Krystal Ballz, Tawny Kooter, Rumple Foreskin, Misty Britches, Mary Hole, Saturday Night Live's Darrell Hammond, and Maggie Gyllenballs.

    • George Bush (upon taking a bite of a muffin: Mm-mm. I'm George W. Bush and I approve this muffin.

    • Girl #2: Pay attention to the road, mister!
      Billy Joel: You don't need to worry about that. I'm an excellent captain. I also wrote this little diddy. (sings) Bottle of red, bottle of white... (stops singing and once again turns to the backseat) Actually I got a bottle in the backseat probably.

    • During Weekend Update:
      (Indiscernable shouting from audience)
      Jimmy Fallon: "Sorry sir, I can't take your questions right now. I hate it when my dad gets drunk."

    • Jimmy: "Why are you even here?"
      Jorge: "I'm looking for Pepe!"
      Jimmy: (refering to the shouting before) "I think I just saw him in the audience..."

    • Hermione: (discussing her summer break) ...yes, but nothing really happened.
      Ron: I, uh, I see a few things that might have happened! I mean, wow!
      Harry: (jabs him) What Ron means to say is that you look very nice, Hermione.

    • Hagrid: I'm going to the woods to tame my dragon.
      Harry: Ahh... you got a new pet?
      Hagrid: Uh, no.

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