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Season 32 Episode 6


Aired Saturday 11:30 PM Nov 18, 2006 on NBC
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Live from New York, it's... Jason Sudeikis!

Sketches include "The Second Vietnam War," "Young Douglas: Hypin' the Claszics," "The Bitchslap Method," "The O'Reilly Factor," "Booty Bidness Workwear," "Superhits Studios," "Pool Watch," "Hair Transplant," "Olivia Cruise Lines," and "Old Friends in a Diner."

Ludacris performed "Money Maker" and "Runaway Love" (featuring Mary J. Blige).moreless

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  • If only someone saw the irony...

    A Review by “HelloStuart,” Amateur Critic and Proud Chicago Bears Fan

    After the jaw-dropping awe following the last two live broadcasts, some people are starting to wonder if SNL is on the brink of yet another comeback. As impressed as I was by the Laurie and Baldwin broadcasts, they could be attributed to both actors being strong hosts; we could quite easily see another snooze-fest on the scale of when Jaime Pressly and John C. Reilly did the honor. Besides, it’s way too early in the season to judge the show from the broadest view possible.

    This week’s host and musical guest, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, is the first person to do double-duty since Year 30. I don’t doubt his acting abilities (even if you hated “Crash,” you have to admit Luda held his own), and he’s probably one of the wittiest rhyme-makers around today, but I’ve made far more flattering comments towards even worse hosting choices, so don’t consider that a harbinger for tonight’s broadcast.

    And now, the sketch-by-sketch analysis:

    COLD OPENING: Suds doing Bush? What the heck? Granted, his impression of Dubya isn’t as dry and over-calculated as say, Darrell’s, but I’m going wait and see on this. Tonight, our faux president returns from an abbreviated tour of Asia to announce that he stumbled into a second war with Vietnam.

    OPENING CREDITS: “Loo-DAY-cris”? Do we need to give you a dictionary for Hanukkah, Don?

    MONOLOGUE: Chris differentiates the use of his real name compared to his stage name, which awkwardly segues into an appearance by his old buddy from Atlanta, Rick “Ric-diculous” Barnes (KT). I would assume from the bored look on Chris’ face that he was just as bored by this as I was.

    “Hypin’ the Classics”: Second-tier rhymer Young Douglas (Luda) touts pop standards by the likes of Harry Connick Jr. (JS) and Dolly Parton (AP) in a sketch whose strong presupposition was numbed by citing too many examples.

    “The B****slap Method”: There’s no need for marital counseling when all you have to do is give your loved one a long hard slap to the face, or so “Doctor” Archibald B****slap (Luda) and his assistant (MR) suggest. After the premise was revealed, you could see the rest of the sketch coming from a mile away.

    “The O’Reilly Factor”: Tonight on the Factor, Billy Blowhard attacks his old nemesis Luda by boycotting his new label Def Jam; problem is, Bill doesn’t know the definition of “boycott.” Also, Fox News legal expert Anthony Brooks (Luda) throws his two cents in on a news story that Bill never bothered to read beyond the headline. Yes, it’s brutal, but everyone knows he’s an easy target.

    “Booty Bidness Workwear”: Okay, I’ll admit- this mustered a chuckle from my increasingly furrowed brow. The gag is that Ludacris wants to sell power suits with whory messages to women that want to show their party prowess during the working week. This was a thin premise that was well-executed, so say the least; Kristin actually pulled off the Jackie Onassis-type pink suit with “Bi-curious” written in gothic lettering.

    “Superhits Studios”: Ludacris is absolutely convinced that stuck-in-the-90s rapper Blizzard Man (AS) is the next big thing, much to the dissatisfaction of his producer (KT) and two record company suits (MR, JS). Take away Luda and the recording studio and replace it with two wannabe ‘80s headbangers, and voila! A complete rehash of that “Jon Bovi” sketch from last month!

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Luda rolls out his current single “Money Maker.” Damn, those were some sexy shorties!

    WEEKEND UPDATE: It sure as heck took awhile, but it seems that Seth Meyers is finally getting the hang of WU. Outside of one deliberate clunker (resulting in an amusing Bobby Knight impression by Suds), his crop of one-liners were noticeably stronger than Amy’s. The guest commentaries were the usual hit-and-miss affairs; John Mark Carr’s (BH) admission to killing Nicole Brown Simpson felt preheated and flavorless, while the editor for “16 ½” magazine (MR) was simply implements the anorexic teen girl stereotype while discussing the importance of selflessness during Thanksgiving.

    “Pool Watch”: On a new CW show, two inner city lifeguards (Luda, KT) are too obsessed with their bling to assist in the rescue of a drowning swimmer. Now which black stereotype is reinforced here- the one about not being able to swim or the one about over-accessorizing?

    “Hair Transplant”: A seedy, underhanded faux surgeon (Luda) is so obsessed with Elton John’s hair that he succeeds in switching his own mane with a naïve white guy’s (WF). Though it tried to make up for its stupidity by being weird and oblique, you could see straight through this ruse.

    “Olivia Cruise Lines”: Yay, more stereotypes! This time around, Luda’s a ship captain on a lesbian cruise, fully intent on scoring with a bisexual woman. Not unlike some of the other sketches that aired this evening, another thought circling in my head that this sketch should’ve been cut after rehearsal.

    MUSICAL PERFORMANCE: Mary J. Blige comes out of nowhere to provide Luda some assistance on the ballad “Runaway Love.”

    “Old Friends”: Two old grouches in a diner (DH, Luda) reinforce the geezer stereotype of complaining about new technology and the way things used to be. This sketch was absolutely dying until Chris ad-libbed to point out that Darrell’s mustache was falling off; even then, this wasn’t worth salvaging.

    All in all, I would say this was a weak broadcast; the loud thud I heard wasn’t completely unexpected, though I’m sure a lot of people who unrealistically raised their expectations were incredibly disappointed. I won’t deny that Ludacris was a decent host, but at times he seemed to be overtly smug and he could’ve done a far more superior job with sketch selection. It seemed that the same three actors appeared in nearly every sketch; Kenan, Maya, and Suds were all featured very prominently, and though they’re nowhere near the same league as Carvey, Hartman, and Lovitz twenty years ago, they did a capable job of handling the lion’s share of sketches this evening.

    Sketches/Segments That Will Probably Be Removed in Repeats: The Suds-as-Dubya cold opening, “Hair Transplant,” “Olivia Cruise Lines” and “Old Friends.”

    Next Week: An encore presentation of that delightful Hugh Laurie/Beck broadcast.

    In Two Weeks: Matthew Fox with “musical guest” Tenacious D.

    “HelloStuart” is a writing minor at Illinois State University. Feel free to send your questions and comments at
  • Who wants some of the ***** slap method?

    Well at first I thought this was a decent episode, but then I looked over and wow... this is why I don't like Rappers to act, they just over ******fyed [sorry for using that word, all I could think of] it. I would like to say now that Chris did a good job in the acting [I have not seen "Crash" so I won't judge him on that] they just wrote it bad.

    COLD OPENING: Sudekis is actualy a good Bush, not as good as Ferrell but it did sound much more like Dubya than Forte's impersonation which is more of the mannerisims of Bush. But yet again, just dumb war jokes.


    MONOLOGUE: Chris talks about his real name which is a little bit entertaining, then Kenan or "Rick-Diculous" comes out and proves why I hate rap.


    “Hypin’ the Classics”: Young Douglas comes out and remixes some classic hits of today, I must say that I particulary enjoyed Sambergs brilliant impersonation of James Blunt which gave me the points for this one.


    “The ****slap Method”: In this little video we see how you can help your life with ****slaping. It was okay but... eh went on too long.


    “The O’Reilly Factor”: I like the factor, and I like how ignorant Fox News people are always portrayed by SNL [wait till CNN gets it]. But this was embarrasing, how couldnt Billy know who Ludachris is. 5

    “Booty Bidness Workwear”: This one improved it a little bit, I liked the expressions of the castmembers [Kristen did a good job] and I liked how stupid the writing was on the shirts. Only thing missing was Velvet Jones with his "How to be a ho at work" book.


    “Superhits Studios”: Another Jon Bovi... nuff said.


    WEEKEND UPDATE: Seth is getting the hang of WU. John Mark Karr's lines went to long and the little bimbo dumbass editor od "16 ½ Magazine" just annoyed me.


    “Pool Watch”: On this crap pile of a new CW Show [what else now that UPN is down and all it has is crappy Soaps], all that this one did was show that black people put on to much bling... god I just lost 100 IQ points for saying that word.


    “Hair Transplant”: This was pointless, Ludaeachris is so obsessed with an Elton John doo that he had to swap hair with a little craka ass whitey. Serriously what the hell happened?


    “Olivia Cruise Lines”: You all know hom much we love seeing ***** and horny black men trying to turn em ;). Sadly this one was a stinker for me and it just got tired pretty fast, thank god he got knocked off the boat.


    “Old Friends”: Other than the little adlib about Darrels stache falling off this one bombed for me [gotta love live TV].


    Feel free to send PM's or Emails to my Yahoo Email "" to comment on this review.moreless
  • Shake ya money maker . . .

    I suppose this was an episode I was looking forward too. I figured the host and music would both be good, and since my fav Andy Samberg was in the promo, I figured he must be on the show then. That wasn’t totally true, but I still enjoyed the show. Having said that, I’ll start the review.


    This week we have a combination host and musical guest of rapper/actor Ludacris. As a host, he did well, though he mostly played the same character, himself a few times. His monologue was entertaining. He told the difference between being Ludacris and Chris Bridges. For instance, he is Chris Bridges when he gets pulled over by the cops, and when the black cops pull him over, he is Luda. In the rest f his monologue, he was joined by old friend Ricdiculous. I figured that was coming, but the antennae on the cell phone was like 5 feet tall. Pretty good monologue. And as musical guest, he was entertaining. He performed “Money Maker,” featuring a back track of Pharrell, and “Runaway Love,” featuring the talented Mary J. Blige, making her second SNL appearance this year. I liked him in both roles. He did well. A- (for both)


    Cold Opening: The Second Vietnam War – Well, we have another new President Bush, this time by Jason Sudeikis. He has the voice down better than Forte, but is a little dry. Bush is talking about Asian countries, mentioning Australia as one. But mostly, we are going to be back at war with Nam. Yes, again. And we lost last time. From this I learned that if Nam attacks us, we are screwed. This skit wasn’t annoying or funny. It was decent. B-

    Young Douglas: Hypin’ The Classics – Luda plays, surprise!, a rapper. He plays a hype man for singer songwriters like Harry Connick Jr., Barbra Streisand, and James Blunt. During Streisand’s “Memories,” Douglas says, “Uh, oh, she’s recollectin’ yo!” And for James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful,” Douglas says, “That a*s!” Andy played Blunt, and does look like him, but in a more paranoid form. Not to mention, his voice isn’t as high pitched. This was a really funny skit, a little long, but funny. A+

    The B****slap Method – This is a way of counseling. Luda plays a man who has come up with a new method of improving your marriage – B****slapping. Interesting idea. Kinda funny too. B+

    The O’Reilly Factor – Okay, so O’Reilly has no idea about Def Jam records, and exactly how many people who watch the Factor actually listen to rap? O’Reilly calls for a protest of Def Jam if they have Luda on their label, and Def Jam is not afraid. In the end, Luda’s character makes fun of Ludacris. Very cool. He says he will protest the rapper. Pretty good skit. B+

    Booty Bidness Workwear – Hey ladies, do you wish you could wear those shirts that you go clubbin’ in to work? You know, the ones that say, “Naughty,” “Tasty,” “$lut,” etc? Now you can! Ludacris has created a clothing line which features workwear with all those sayings on them. It’s an interesting invention that I’m sure would sell. B-

    Superhits Studios – This was a brilliant skit! Luda is working on his new album and brings in a rapper, Blizzard Man, who resembles Snow, the dude who did “Informer” in the early 90s. Luda is way excited about this guy, but his rhymes leave a lot to be desired. He raps like he is white in very obvious raps about drinking expensive champagne, riding in hot cars, hanging with voluptuous women, etc. Everyone hates it, but Luda is totally into it. At the end, they make the record, and it soars to #1, of the least bought albums, right ahead of the Bing Bong Brothers. And if you are a Lonely Island fan like me, you’ll know that that’s a Lonely Island parody of the Ying Yang Twins. And this makes me believe that Andy, Jorma, and Akiva (Lonely Island) wrote this skit. I loved it. Best skit of the night! Extremely funny! A++

    Pool Watch – When they announce sexy lifeguards, I was praying that Andy would play a sexy life guard. Please! But no. In my perverted mind he’s a sexy lifeguard. He’s just sexy. But on to the actual skit. Luda and Kenan play ghetto lifeguards and never save the people they have to. Luda spends too much time keeping his wardrobe looking fresh and the drowning woman died. Too late. And in the next episode, when the lifeguards have to give mouth-to-mouth to a man, they end up pushing him back into the pool. Funny and clever. A-

    Hair Transplant – From this skit I learned that people in the ATL are big Elton John fans. Big surprise. Forte plays a man who is WAY too trusting. He is getting a hair transplant and gets Luda (the doctor)’s hair, while the doc gets his. Forte has Elton John hair, which the doc wants. This skit was pretty good. The ending was alright I guess. B+

    Olivia Cruise Lines – Olivia is a cruise for lesbians, and Luda plays the captain hoping that he’ll hook up with these ladies. This skit wasn’t too impressive, and I figured it out as soon as it started. It did have a few funny scenes though. B-

    Old Friends In A Diner – This is a skit where old men are complaining about modern tech and times. The best part of the skit was the end where Darrell’s mustache is falling off and after he says something to Luda’s character, Luda says, “I know your damn mustache is falling off.” Then the skit ended. It was clever and funny. A-


    Don announced Ludacris as “Lu-day-cris,” when is should be “lu-duh-cris.”


    That skit where Andy played the rapper was my favorite part. That was extremely funny.


    Why wasn’t Andy a sexy life guard? That was the bad part.


    I don’t think I was expecting Luda’s improv at the end of the last skit. I don’t know what else was surprising really. Oh, when the editor for \"Sixteen 1/2\" shouted FALL OUT BOY! That was unexpected.

    SKIT AVERAGE – 3.5/4 B+

    SHOW RATING: 9/10 Sparkling Diamonds

    Next time we return live with LOST’s Dr. Jack Sheppard Matthew Fox and musical guest Tenacious D. I am hoping, praying for a LOST parody.moreless
  • Bling bling bling

    Ludacris hosted in the annual SNL pandering Hip Episode to the rap world. Sudeikis takes on the Bush impression, which I thought got the job done. It’s not that big of a deal and it’ll get us through the next 2 years. Forte’s was just awful.

    We all understand the basic jokes of the alter ego names, the B*tchslap, Hypin' the Classics, and Booty Bidness Workwear, that lifestyle of being & looking like a slut. But this is all just nausea, inappropriate, tiresome and just play dumb. Since when has bragging about being a whore or being violent been such a good thing? It just seems like the same thing over and over. Superhits Studios sketch pretty much wrapped up rap music in a nutshell. We had the inevitable O’Reilly Factor sketch, which I admit, I was sad that Ludacris didn’t break into some loud profane tirade against O’Reilly. I would have loved to hear the MF word on live network TV, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Wondering if Bill himself tuned in? (probably was too busy sorting through all his fan mail). And once again, Bill O’Reilly was made to look like a complete idiot. I’m starting to get déjà vu watching this show in general and especially this sketch.

    Pool Watch, Hair Transplant and Olivia Cruise Lines all seemed like half-assed throwaway sketches. Nothing really was remarkable about any of these. It was pretty much basically one-joke sketches. Old Friends in a Diner revived another SNL bit of the fake-mustache-falling-off-the-actor-and-everyone-is-so-amused. Honestly, they can’t find some good adhesive after 32 years? Hell, rolled-up masking tape would work just as fine. Weekend Update had its typical bits, tho included a Bob Knight coming out and screaming at Seth for his obvious lackluster accomplishments on WU so far. Suffice to say, Seth still isn’t gelling at the anchor desk. Notice that I like to review things all out of order. This show had plenty of original (weak) writing that came off as mildly amusing, but definitely a let-down from the previous two weeks and end their live November shows with a whimper.moreless
  • Not great but the 2nd best episode of the season(not counting The best of Darrell Hammond)

    Boring, long unfunny opening, not a great debut for Jason as George W Bush. The monologue was lame, most of the sketches were poorly written and not funny. This week they gave Seth Meyers a lot of top notch jokes for Weekend Update but as previously, Seth cannot deliver the lines. He comes off as smarmy and gets very few laughs. I am not a fan of rap so Ludacris as the musical guest was not one of my favorites. The best sketch of the night was the last one where the 2 old guys rambled on about how things are today as opposed to the old days. Darrell's mustache fell off mid skit but it didn't distract much as the writing had fell off at about the same time his mustache did. All in all a weak episde but for this season, it's the 2nd best one so far, which tells you how weak the episodes have been this season.moreless

Featured Episode Clip

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • During Weekend Update, Seth Meyers refers to Dancing with the Stars champion Emmitt Smith as a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Though it seems very likely that Smith will be elected someday, he won't be eligible for induction until 2009.

    • In the opening credits of the original broadcast, Don Pardo mispronounced Ludacris' name twice. The correct pronunciation is the same as the word "ludicrous", whereas Pardo pronounced the host's name as "loo-DAY-cris." In repeats, the credits were re-recorded with the correct pronunciation.

    • Darrell Hammond's moustache falls off during the "Old Friends" skit, prompting Ludacris to ad-lib and bring an awkward end to the sketch.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Seth Meyers: Senator Trent Lott, who was ousted from the Senate leadership four years ago because of remarks considered racially insensitive, won election Wednesday as the Senate Minority Whip, though Lott was disappointed to learn this doesn't mean he gets to whip minorities.

    • (Barbra Streisand is singing "The Way We Were")
      Young Douglas: Uh oh! She's recollectin' yo! Goin' back to 1973!

    • Seth Meyers: In Kentucky, four people were shot by BB guns outside a Best Buy as they waited in line to purchase the new Playstation 3 in yet another disturbing case of nerd on nerd violence.

    • Amy Poehler: General John Abizaid, the top U.S. General for the Middle East, told Congress this week that he remains optimistic that we can stabilize Iraq. In addition, Abizaid says he still has high hopes for Brad and Jennifer.

    • Anoosa Rosenfeld: Like, Nicole Richie is so generous, I could see the generosity sticking out of her!

  • NOTES (5)

    • Sketches cut in the 60 minute version: Bobby Knight segment on Weekend Update, "O'Reilly Factor," "Poolwatch," "Lesbian Cruise Ship," and Ludacris and Mary J. Blige's performance of "Runaway Love."

    • Sketches cut after dress rehearsal include: a sketch where a group of turkeys (Maya Rudolph, Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen, Jason Sudiekis, Ludacris) run for their lives as they try to escape gunfire; a Digital Short where an actor (Andy Samberg) shows omnipotence in a movie trailer; "Hip Hop Whodunit"; and a parody of CD box set infomercials, where a new collection of Country holiday hits is advertised.

    • The NBC rerun replaces the live "Poolwatch" sketch with the dress rehearsal version. In the live version, the dead body near the sketch's end was played by Fred Armison; in dress rehearsal, it was played by Will Forte. Also, "Bobby Knight" (played by Jason Sudiekis) during Weekend Update where he yells at Seth Meyers for a bad joke, is cut.

    • Ludacris is the fourth rapper to host SNL; the other three rappers to host SNL were Hammer, Snoop Dogg, and Queen Latifah.

    • With this episode, Jason Sudeikis becomes the fifth actor in seven years to portray George W. Bush on SNL.


    • Anoosa Rosenfeld, the character Maya Rudolph plays during WU, is based on Seventeen Magazine's editor-in-chief, Atoosa Rubenstein.

    • At the end of the "Superhits Studios" sketch, the 3 artists listed below Ludacris and Blizzard Man on the "Least Bought Albums" chart are all references to The Lonely Island. In second are Bing Bong Brothers album "Wait (You Guys)", followed by Zanzabar's album "Incredibad" and The Party Anderson's "Dougie A R.I.P." The Bing Bong Brothers were the subject of a Lonely Island short film. Incredibad is actually the name with which The Lonely Island released music under, rather than an album, and "Zanzabar" as well as "Wait (You Guys)" were used as names for songs rather than an artist or album respectively. The Party Andersons was an alternate band name with which The Lonely Island released one song.